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    I recall a preseason game at TS versus the Chicago Bears. And mind you, this was about the time the Bears were the best team in football, in the mid 1980s.

    There was what seemed to be a minor scrape which quickly escalated into a nice little fight. Our defense was on the field, Randy White included. You know how it is, those football scuffles - guys pushing, maybe a swing or two. But mainly you see players and refs trying to seperate the instigators.

    I don't really remember who started this thing or who else was involved. All I know is, The Manster ripped a Chicago helmet off some poor guy's head. Then he started swinging the darn thing at 'em.

    And no one, not even a ref, dared go near #54 until he was ready to leave the field. After all, he had been ejected by this point.

    But he received (and deserved) a standing ovation as he went up the tunnel.
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    When I head to the game against the Skins next month, I'm making it a point to visit his restaurant to meet Randy White, my all-time favorite Cowboy. Thanks for the post.
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    It took me the longest time to realize it, but the heir apparent to the legend of Bob Lilly, and Randy White is.....

    on the other side of the ball, Larry Allen.
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    White also practiced martial arts, which he said helped him figure out angles and leverages he could get on offensive linemen to get them off balance, and in his conditioning.

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