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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by SDogo, Aug 29, 2009.

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    Round 1: OT, Selvish Capers, West Virginia

    Round 2: WR, Mike Williams, Syracuse

    Round 3: DE, Rahim Alem, LSU

    Round 4: OG, Brandon Carter, Texas Tech

    Round 5: Traded to Denver for OG Montrae Holland

    Round 6: DT, Cam Thomas, North Carolina

    Round 7: RB/KR/PR, Brandon James, Florida
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    I like the way you think

    I seriously think we need to draft a player who could actually swing between OG and C in this league

    so kind of rules out Brandon Carter for me

    I have to read up on your other picks other than Carter, Selvish and Williams
  3. SDogo

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    I think we need to walk away with a play maker at WR and depth along the OL and DL.

    Selvish is real athletic OT. Formally a TE until his Sophomore year. Although he will never be the 330+ pound mauler you think of when you think OT, he is one of the stronger players in this draft and could easily as 15 pounds to his frame and play around 310-315.

    Williams is a little of a unknown although he could slip into the first round with a big season. He was suspended as a JR after a great Sophomore season so people have sort of forgotten about him. He has great size and speed combination

    Alem is a prototypical tweener right now. A little to light to play DE and a little to heavy to play LB but has great quickness and speed and I believe he could be a full time DE or OLB at the next level with the right coaching. He had 8 sacks and 11.5 tackles for a loss last season and is on the Bendarcik and Lombardi watch list this season.

    Cam Thomas is simply a big old spark plug we need at NT in this defense. About 6'3" close to 335 from all reports but the impressive part is he ran a 5.01 at spring practice and is very athletic.

    Brandon James is a undersized RB but one of the top returners in the nation. He is a all SEC media and coaches first team returner. He averaged 23.1 yards a kickoff return last year and 28 as a Sophomore. He also averaged 14.1 yads per punt return with 2 TD's last year.

    I had some other return options that get me a little more excited but this year it seems most of the elite returners are also first and second round prospects at their given position. CB A.J. Jefferson would be my top pick but I cant see Dallas drafting another CB high and WR Mardy Gilyard would be my other but I have the feeling unless this season is a disaster he will be long gone before we are on the clock.
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    james would have to find another position to play

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