Holding anyone?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Seven, Nov 17, 2005.

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    I remember the replay where Furgeson was called for Hands to the face.

    In the replay it was clear that he was being mauled by the center. The center had a hold of his facemask and was shoving him backwards. And then Furgueson reached out, as he was falling backwards with the Center all over his facemask, and pulled the gaurds facemask.

    He appeared to be double teamed byt the Center and Guard and he was obviously not the original initiator of the hands to the face. I remember that call being aggravating.
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    To tell you the truth, the cowboys have been getting held all year long, and it's rare it gets called, the fact that we havent committed a penlaty in two games is very surprsing.
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    We have "committed" penalties in each of the last two games.

    Vs the Cards the penalties called were declined. Vs the Eagles we had 4 penalties and a few more declined.

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