Holmgren goes to work for Browns

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Duane, Jan 5, 2010.

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    BEREA, Ohio (AP)
    Browns president Mike Holmgren has begun his first day of work at the team's facility, where he is expected to meet with coach Eric Mangini.

    The team said in a release that Holmgren, who was recently hired by Cleveland owner Randy Lerner to fix his NFL franchise, would be available to the media at 4 p.m. The release did not mention if Mangini would attend.

    It is not known when Holmgren planned to have his face-to-face talk with Mangini, who had an eventful first season as Cleveland's coach.

    The Browns started 1-11 but won their final four games, a surge that may save Mangini's job. The winning streak is Cleveland's longest since 1994 and it may have shown Holmgren that Mangini has the Browns pointed in the right direction.
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    I wonder whom Holmgren has in mind, as one of the first things he said that he'll do is hire a General Manager. Perhaps he will consult his old friend Ron Wolf.
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    Ron is already 70+ so I'm not sure if he'd take a full time GM job. It'd be interesting if he took a supervisory role like Parcells has though.

    As far as head coach goes I'm thinking Mangini did enough to stick around one more year.
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    Yeah he managed to win four meaningless games that pushed the Browns out of the top pick. Good job Mangenius. I would be shocked if Holmgren does not pull the trigger on him.

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