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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by silverbear, Mar 11, 2005.

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    I just bumped a player WAAAY up on my draft charts-- Jordan Beck of Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo... a 6-2, 235 pound OLB, he ran the 40 in 4.45 seconds at his Pro Day workout... combine that with the 4 ints he grabbed this past season, and I just finished reading that some scouts think teams might want him to shed a few pounds and move to safety... the consensus on him on most draft websites is that he's a likely 5th or 6th rounder...

    After reading that, I think I'd be happy if the Boys nabbed him in the 5th round... he seems to have the speed and cover skills to play FS, and of course he hits like a linebacker, LOL...

    I also found 2 late round OGs who intrigue me-- Mike Erickson from Nebraska, and Ike Ndukwe from Wisconsin... Erickson caught my eye when he ran a sub-4.85 second 40, at 305 pounds... I found myself wondering why he wasn't playing defensive tackle, with that kind of quickness... Ndukwe is a 325 pounder who runs the 40 in 5.25 seconds or thereabouts..
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    Most LBs that shift to Safety usually got to Strong Safety, not Free Safety cuz it's closer to what they do at LB anyway (except they don't have to deal with taking on 300 lb lineman every play). I'm sure he'll make an excellent SS, but we need a true Free Safety. I wouldn't be opposed to drafting Josh Bullocks in the second round.
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    Everything you say is true, Rack... however, a 4.45 40 suggests enough speed to play FS in the NFL, and 4 interceptions (from the linebacker position) suggests some strong cover skills...

    I like Bullocks too...
  4. Rack Bauer

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    There's plenty of LBs that run 4.4's in the NFL that can't play safety. It's not all about speed. In fact "Speed" is just a small part of it.

    Robert McCune ran like a 4.5 or so and there's no way in hell he'd even remotely come close to being a serviceable safety.

    It's all about instincts, lateral quickness, the ability to play in space, and the ability to change direction.

    Now, I wouldn't be opposed to getting this guy as a SS in the 5th round to back up Roy, but I would never count on him being a starting FS in the NFL.

    What do you think of Josh Bullocks? I'm hearing a lot of good things about him. He seems to be the ballhawk type safety we need that would allow Roy to play in the box.

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    I hate Singleton. I wouldn't mind looking at an OLB to replace him. This guy might be somebody to consider. Nice speed to size ratio and he probably has the all important prerequisit. He can probably play ST.

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    From everything I've read in Nebraska newspapers, Josh Bullocks actually ran in the low 4.4's rather than in the high 4.4's to low 4.5's. Just take that, FWIW.

    But about Erickson, don't look too much into it. The guy is predominantly a run-blocker, and not that extrordinary at that, either.

    You'll see tons of physcial specimens with great 40 times come out of Nebraska, but it doesn't mean anything. Nebraska just has one of (if not the most) rigorous training programs in all of college football. Dave Kennedy, the strength and conditioning coach is world renowned with what he does with players at the collegiate level, preparing them for the NFL.

    Erickson will be lucky to be drafted, and isn't worth much of a look. The numbers look nice, but the production isn't worthy of much.

    However, if you're looking for a late round sleeper off Nebraska's team, I would definetely look at Ira Cooper. However, he will probably go undrafted, but he's the type of low risk-high reward players you love to get in the later rounds.

    Also, about Bullocks. I wouldn't call him a ballhawk type safety. His numbers feel off dramatically this past year after Bo Pelini left. Josh thrived under Pelini's cover 2 style of defense that allowed him to roam center field and just read and react to passes. However this year under Kevin Cosgrove and a more man style coverage, his numbers declined quite a bit.

    Bullocks would be the type to thrive in an defense ran by Lovie Smith, who's defense is similar to that of Bo Pelini.

    Josh is also a very good tackler at the FS position, but nothing spectacular either.

    Josh can literally be one of the best FS in all the NFL in a couple of years provided he is on a team with a semi-decent pass rush. All he needs is a defense that allows him to roam and actually play like a FS, rather than just trying to cover the slot receiver one-on-one which isn't his forte.
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    Interesting. That's the first I've heard that Josh Bullocks could be simply average on the wrong style defense. I know, without a doubt, that a pass rush is critical with the ticky-tack pass interference rules they have now. Like I've said before, pass rush first, then Josh Bullocks.... and then... scheme so your personnel's strengths are maximized. Putting Roy in a standard cover 2 would decrease his effectiveness, so creativity will be important.

    Good analysis, I appreciate it.
  8. silverbear

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    Simply, I think he's the best FS in this draft... I'd have no problems at all with the Boys drafting him...

    Of course, that means there isn't a snowball's chance in Hades that they'll ever actually pick him... LOL...
  9. silverbear

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    BigWillie, that was some really interesting input, and I appreciate it... and I'm not generally the kind to make "attaboy" posts...
  10. InmanRoshi

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    Any defensive back would have his INT numbers go down in a man to man style. Bullocks is hardly unique in that aspect.

    As far as Beck goes ... Coakley ran close to a 4.4 in his heyday. I don't think he could have ever played free safety.
  11. silverbear

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    The thing is, it's the scouts who are apparently projecting him to safety... that didn't come from me... this suggests that they think he has the skills to make the switch, though they would want him to drop a few pounds...

    My take is that even if he doesn't have what it takes to make it at FS, he might make a terrific backup for Roy at SS... while being a solid contributor on special teams... I also wonder if we could find better value in the 5th round...

    I've gotta say, I really enjoy these kinds of threads... I am a true draftaholic...
  12. BigWillie

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    I should've been more clear with what I said about his numbers.

    It wasn't so much his numbers that were affected, as it was just his play in that style of defense, period.

    Now don't get me wrong, Bullocks is an average joe when it comes to man coverage, but he isn't someone who you would want to stick out there play after play either expecting him to cover any slot receiver whoever it may be.

    As someone said above, he is more the ballhawk type if you allow him to roam, read the QB and WR and just react. If he's allowed to be in that style of defense, you can/will see one of the better FS' in the NFL, but that is a major if.

    Although if the Cowboys must be inerested, and I would really love for him to come here and prove everything I have just said wrong.
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    I know nothing about this Beck guy other than his size and workout #'s. But those #'s look excellent and his size is ok for a Will. If he looks like a good LB, keep him there I say and maybe he'd be a good Coakly replacement (if the 4-3 stays).

    Small school guy, not much press, hard to say what round he'd be. 2 may be early, 4 may be too late.
  14. silverbear

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    Beck is currently projected as a 5th or 6th rounder on most of the boards that offer value charts... but that may have been before his exceptional Pro Day workout, players sometimes shoot up the charts after doing something like that...

    Looking beyond his numbers, we have learned that he had 4 ints last year-- a pretty high total for a linebacker-- 135 tackles, and 6 or 7 sacks... sounds like a versatile, all-purpose kind of linebacker...

    Then again, we have to temper our enthusiasm, because those numbers were run up while playing for Cal Poly-SLO, which isn't exactly on a par with USC... but those workout numbers suggest he might be able to carry his game over to the NFL, in spite of the huge step up in talent and speed he'll face...
  15. Future

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    Good point about it not being all about speed. Dexter Coakley I think was faster than Woodson in his prime. Who would you rather have playing safety?

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