Honest Question about Vandy and kickoffs

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by FLCowboyFan, Sep 20, 2006.

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    Think about this for a minute. If Vandy can kick a 50 yard field goal that travels 5 yards past the goal post, why can't he kick off.

    If you place the ball on the 35 and he kicks off, the same kick would be goal post high on the 15 yard line and should travel at least to the 10 yard line in the air. People say his kickoffs are low but if he simply kicked his kick offs like he kicks field goals, he would be just fine. What am I missing? getting it down to the 10 is very similar to every kicker in the leauge.
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    It's a different type of kick.
  3. pancakeman

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    This is the Finger Effect - you haven't heard of it? A good placekicking holder can flick his finger just at the moment that the kicker's foot makes contact with the ball that adds distance to the kick. A good holder's flick can add 8-10 yards to a field goal try. Kickoffs - off a tee - don't benefit from this effect, obviously.
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    Hang time is the difference...you need a kicker that can kick it HIGH and LONG at the same time so that the coverage can get there. Unlike a field goal where the ball needs just enought height to get over the top of the defense and some speed and accuracy to make it through the crossbars...

    It's a completely different kick...

    Besides, kickers ARE NOT football players...witness Sushimnonads, or whatever the hell his name is, could not tackle the RedStink on that 100 yard kickoff return!

    In other words...kickers SUCK!!!
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    And you expect us to believe that - right?:laugh2:

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    But not having a good one can keep you out of the playoffs or help get you kicked out after you get there.
  7. 5Stars

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    Very true....hopefully the Boyz have one now...we will see...
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    I'm fine with Suisham kicking off. I really don't like it that we have to carry 2 kickers, but I'd rather have the opposing team starting at the 20 than at the 30-45 yard line.
  9. FLCowboyFan

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    Thanks 5 stars! pancakeman, that is funny, stupid but funny :D
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    Go listen to the interview on DallasCowboys.com with Vanderjagt.

    It makes you think twice about Vanderjagt.

    I know kicker's are flaky but this guy is walking a very thin line in being in the doghouse of Parcells.

    I had doubts about him before he signed and listening to that interview just confirms what I was thinking before....I don't trust him.
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    ...kick out of the game completely if it bothers you so much.

    If you want a tackler then ask one to kick a ball. Could you imagine what Bradie James would look like kicking off a ball. He'd be lucky to squib the thing 35 yards and avoid a major groin pull.

    If tackling is so important to you then why weren't you crucifying Deion Sanders and saying he sucked or hanging over Bledsoe's or Aikman's neck. From what I have seen of those three players neither of them can tackle.

    Sure as dog crap I'm certain neither of those three can kick.

    A kicker is a specialized position that shares nothing in common with any other position and the body type needed to be successful hinders most other players save the QB.

    That's the reason why in the 40s and the 50s in the NFL and college QBs often punted and place kicked. No one else from the offence or defence kicked.
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    I think I heard the interview you're talking about on the ticket ticker when I was in the car a couple hours ago. I was wondering if there was a thread on this...

    Anyway, the gist of the interview was that in practice, when BP wants him to practice kickoffs, that Vandy isn't going full bore on his kicks. Vandy said that "(paraphrasing) this thing with Bill will probably come to a head. He wants me to kickoff full power in practice, and I won't do it. In a game though, I can get the ball deep."

    Obviously he's being blunt, but I was a little surprised by his arrogance... I don't know why.
  13. ka0tik

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    confirms, hes an arrogant bastid.
  14. Smith22

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    Once an arse, always an arse, at least in his case.
  15. Ben_n_austin

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    Exactly, I hope that Vanderjagt turns up the heat and gets it done. I think he can. With kickers, it is hit or miss, but 'hitting' has a lot to do with confidence.

    I think his leg is there; and at the beginning of the season, I felt like he was struggling because of something mental.

    The good thing is, he seems like the kind of guy that can get past that. Afterall, he's a kicker. They're accustomed to the verbal abuse an snide remarks of them 'not being football players'.

    Like you said, a kicker can make you or break you.

    A kicker's life on the team relies upon the relationship with that team. All is well as long as the kicker is hitting, but once he misses in a big game like Vanderjagt did ... I can kind of imagine the detachment he experienced having cost his team such a great deal.

    Hopefully, the separation anxiety subsides and he returns to previous form. I'm pulling for him.

    Our team really needs him, too.
  16. tunahelper

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    Hang time lowers your distance on KO's.
    You cannot comprimise hang time.
  17. Jarv

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    I wish I could watch McBriar try at kickoff just once...Just out of curiousity...

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