Honoring Veterans on Veteran's Day

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Cajuncowboy, Nov 11, 2012.

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    First of all I want to say thank you to my fellow Americans who served to keep this country free and safe. Some have paid the ultimate sacrifice and as many know, some are still paying it.

    With that said, A WWII vet passed yesterday and while most don't know his name, he was a person who, had his commanders listened to, would have changed the face of the war. This man was a friend of my dad's and they served together during the war. I listened to many of his stories, retelling of his moment at the cross roads of history. This was the man who would have changed history...

    RIP Joe Lockard


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    Happy Remembrance Day. Thank you to all that serve(d) When to the Cenotaph and did a fly over after O' Canada. That was my first fly over, very cool.
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    This should be sticky-ed in the Fanzone
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    there was a whole mindset of the Japanese would not dare or they were too smart to take that kind of a risk.

    That is what allowed Pearl Harbor to happen

    No one listened because they would not believe it would happen
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    Your more than welcome. I would gladly do it again.
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    R.I.P. Mr. Lockard.

    You might enjoy this article CC, honoring the 3 guys at the Opana mobile radar station.

    Arguably, the attack and damage on Pearl would have been lessened, but by the time that initial wave was spotted, none of those ships, especially the big, WWI-era battleships and destroyers were "boilered-up" and weren't going anywhere.

    Fighter-class aircraft at Pearl was insignificant compared to what was in the air for Japan and whatever could have gotten airborne, likely would have been decimated in short order. After all, the Japanese were expecting resistance and a good portion of their aircraft were fighter-bombers, whose first assignment was to take-on any American aircraft. Only when they realized they were encountering none, were they free to attack static aircraft and ships.

    Pearl Harbor and "Battleship Row" would still have suffered devastating damage. Loss-of-life would of undoubtedly been lessened, but numbers still would have been significant.

    To say history would have been "changed" is a bit of an overstatement. "Altered" would probably be more accurate.

    Regardless, those solders did all that could have been expected of them and must have lived with a terrible burden afterwards.
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    He had said the attack would not have been prevented. However, one of the things he had said was that there was a procedure in place that had they heeded the warning that many of those who died would have been able to get off the ships instead of being buried with them.

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