Hope you beat the Gmen

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by GBpack10, Jul 9, 2013.

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    Hey Dallas fans nothing but love for the Cowboys from Packer nation. Hope you guys beat the Giants. We both hate the Giants so that is one thing we have in common.December will be a fun game playing you guys in your new stadium. God bless you guys.
  2. Nation

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    Thanks, bro. I hope you beat the GMen too.
  3. Joe Rod

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    I would like to jump on this hope wagon myself! :)
  4. perrykemp

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    Your avatar is pure art.
  5. erod

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    Not only will they, I'm expecting that opener to be rather one-sided.

    Not only are the Giants in decline severely defensively, Dallas will have the benefit of unveiling a new defense (and offensive playcaller) that night. The Giants get to be the guinea pig.

    Dallas by 17.
  6. DFWJC

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    And I don't care what the margin is, just want Dallas to get the W.
    GB too.
  7. Idgit

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    I'm kind of feeling that way, too. Obviously, we're way before camp, injuries, preseason performances, everything. But my gut says we're going to open really strong again against NYFG.
  8. bigdnlaca

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    I think we should stop this talk. It is the first week of the season and the Giants aren't the Jags of last year. They maybe on a decline but so were the Cowboys after a 6-10 season. Not many people gave the Cowboys a shot to beat the Jets on a Sunday night opener and that game came down to a fg. I do think it will be a Cowboy win but they do have a better coach than the Cowboys. He will find some kind of way to keep the game close imo.
  9. Wheeltax

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    Right back atcha. Nothing like a classy opposing fan. ;) We Dallas fans don't get to see many of those.
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  10. TheCowboy

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    I hate New York. That is all.
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  11. Califan007

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    Embarrass NY on opening weekend...we'll do the same to Philly *thumbsup*
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  12. Sarge

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    Your avatar is disturbing.
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  13. DenverBroncosFan83

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    We go the Giants in the second week of the season. Don't worry we will destroy that flashy soft team in their house.
  14. Ntegrase96

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    That's a pretty cool avatar ya got there.
  15. DenverBroncosFan83

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    Ah thanks man! Pretty sweet avatar you have as well!
  16. bklyn1028

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  18. DenverBroncosFan83

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  19. jobberone

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    Love your avatar


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