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    I couldn't hear the audio to the game yesterday so I don't know if they talked about it, but what the hell was the tackle on Witten?! If that wasn't a "horsecollar tackle" then I really don't know what is. I was watching the game with a bunch of guys (none were Cowboys fans) and they all said the same thing. My friends and I all feel the rule is stupid, but if they have the rule they should be calling it in obvious situations like that.
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    The announcers claimed it was fine because the defender grabbed his shirt rather than his shoulder pads. Not sure whether that was the correct explanation or not. In FOX's pregame show, they had a segment that indicated that the "horsecollar" is fine, provided that the defender establishes contact with some other part of the receiver's body first (say, by grabbing his arm before reaching for his collar). I believe the play in question might have fallen within this exception to the rule.
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    I have a feeling if that was Roy doing that same play there would have been a penalty.
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    I have to agree. What kind of crap was that. It was such a blatant horsecollar tackle.
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    Refs don’t seem to be enforcing it. I also noticed a closeline in the Patriot game that went uncalled.
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