Houston residents: Timewarner out COmcast in

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    Plus Comcast carries the NFL Channel (not that it effects me I have satellite) Might effect my internet I have Earthlink but it is over Time warners cables.

    Houston residents will soon have to think of other options for cable and Internet.

    Time Warner

    Time Warner Cable will leave the Houston market by early next year and be replaced by the nation’s largest cable television provider, Comcast.
    Will the 790,000 local cable customers see any difference in this new service? Not likely.
    Besides offering cable TV, Comcast also offers digital phone and high speed Internet service like Time Warner.
    So what should Time-Warner customers expect to pay for Comcast services?
    11 News called Comcast’s Atlanta offices and got its price list for services assuming you purchase complete packages.
    Time-Warner sells Digital Basic Cable for $50.99.
    Comcast's price is higher at $58.25.
    The Internet?
    Time Warner offers Roadrunner for $39.95.
    Comcast’s version will cost you $42.95.
    Both offer digital phone service for $39.95.
    After making a public statement Wednesday morning, Time Warner Cable Houston spokesman Michael Bybee said he had to be "tight-lipped" because this change is still in its preliminary stages.
    But in a statement, Bybee said “Comcast has a strong reputation for providing the very best in products and services to their customers.”
    Comcast and Time Warner jointly owned a 50-50 stake in the Houston cable service and the Kansas City service. But under the agreement, Time Warner managed both of them and had its name on both cities cable providers.
    Comcast decided to dissolve this partnership, an intention a spokeswoman says the company always had.
    Under the terms of the agreement, whichever stakeholder triggered the separation, the other one got to take first pick over the properties.
    Time Warner chose to keep Kansas City.
    Comcast gets Houston.
    Comcast will also pay an estimated $600 million dollars to Time Warner to close the deal.
    "We're thrilled that we will add Houston, a top 10 market and one of the fastest-growth regions in the U.S., to our footprint," Vibha Agrawal, a spokeswoman for Comcast in Philadelphia told 11 News in a statement.
    "We look forward to providing Houston consumers with our advanced digital products and services once the transaction closes," she added.
    Providing it passes government approval, Comcast will officially take over in late March 2007.
    Time Warner customer shouldn’t get their first Comcast bills until that happens.
    So, what do current Comcast customers think about the cable company?
    In a J.D. Power and Associates survey Comcast ranks below Time Warner and the industry average.
    The chief complaint was that Comcast doesn’t offer telephone service in all its markets.
    A spokeswoman told us it hopes to in Houston.
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    I'm a Direct TV guy anyway....

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