How about Constanzo and Watkins?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by gimmesix, Apr 19, 2011.

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    If what Matt Mosley said is true about the Cowboys looking to trade down, what if Dallas hedged its bets along the offensive line and ended up with Anthony Constanzo in the teens and Danny Watkins somewhere after that after trading back up.

    Both players have shown some ability to line up at guard or tackle, so that would give us two shots at replacing right tackle, with the loser being trained at guard.

    Of course, Dallas might could accomplish the same thing by taking Constanzo and getting James Carpenter in the second without a trade up.
  2. fishspill

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    I like the general idea, and I'm a Watkins fan (don't care much about the age issue), but the more I see Castonzo the less I like him. I'd say substitute another guy but that ruins you premise. Unless it's Carimi, he could be the guy that is that swing player. I could go for that.
  3. gimmesix

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    That was the problem with the premise. I almost came back and changed it to Carimi, but then I read that he struggled when asked to play guard.

    I'm not sold on Constanzo by any means, but he just fit the premise if we traded down. Solder definitely isn't guard material, and I don't know if there's much difference between him and Constanzo. (I'm assuming in this that Smith, who also wouldn't fit at guard, would be gone already ... otherwise you just draft him at the trade-down spot, and you still could take Watkins to hedge your bet and compete at guard.)

    Maybe Sherrod?
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    I can't say I've heard much on how Sherrod would translate at guard, I do know that when I watch Sherrod and then watch Castonzo, Sherrod is the better player and I don't think it's close. I know I'm an amateur, but I don't see why Castonzo gets so much love, especially compared to Sherrod.

    I'll file it under "I don't know what I'm talking about" and "I'm the one that sees the emperor has no clothes" and then return in a few years to see which was right.
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    This is exactly a scenario I was thinking about.

    If this team wants to revitalize and stabilize the offensive line quickly, I can't think of a better situation.

    I think it's possible to trade down from #9 to the Rams' #14(getting their 3rd rounder in the process) and still having a chance at Castonzo. If by chance he's gone you still might get Smith or at the very least Carimi ( a fine third option).

    You would then have the ammo to trade from your second rounder to Seattle's pick #25 (as they are heavily-rumored to want out to recoup the 3rd round pick they traded away.

    I think Watkins is a 'plug-and-play' candidate for either guard spot, but better suited for left guard, between vets in Free and Gurode (heck then may yet bring Kosier back).

    And I think Castonzo, Smith, and Carimi can play the right tackle spot as rookies, injecting youth into a sorely ageing line.

    You could take care of not one, but two of your offensive line needs in one round and have the rest of your draft picks for other needs.

    You may even be able to land Stefen Wisniewski in round 3 for guard/center!

    Think of the influx of youth, intelligence and work ethic you could get in just one draft!
  6. supercowboy8

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    I dont like it because I do care about the age issue. Why draft a guy this early if he is only going to play 5 years when I caan get a player just as good that can play for me for even longer. Also Trading back up for Watkins would be a dumb move. If you want a OG just wait for the 2nd or trade up into the bootom of the 2nd and get one.
  7. supercowboy8

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    there are several college OTs that are projected as OGs in the NFL. Watkins, Rackley, Cannon. Franklin. and Ijalana.
  8. garyv

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    in reality if Sherrod was better than someone would rank him higher. These Scouts do this full time and in my opinion I have to trust the fact most see Costanzo as the #1 Tackle even over Tyron Smith.
  9. ThreeandOut

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    A Costanzo/Watkins combo makes sense if Costanzo replaces Columbo at RT and Barron at swing tackle. If Watkins doesn't start at OG this year, he could still be one of the seven OL's on the game day roster because of his ability to play OT and OG.
  10. Chocolate Lab

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    Totally with you.

    And you know what, sometimes we amateurs do get it right...
  11. visionary

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    trading down with our 1st (to early teens) and picking up 2 OL with our first 2 picks makes so much sense it is scary.

    any combo of:

    smith/costanzo/carimi/pouncey (with our first)


    would make a lot of sense

    i would alomst rather go with pouncey at 14 and then carpenter/ijalana in second
  12. StarHead69

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    Anthony Castonzo 6-7 /311 5.2 (40) 4.4 (SS) 29 (VJ) 8 (BJ) 28 reps

    Derek Sherrod 6-5 /321 5.1 (40) 4.6 (SS) 28 (VJ) 8 (BJ) 23 reps

    Not a lot of difference based on combine results. From what I've read, Castonzo is considered a plug-n-play Tackle with upside whereas Sherrod needs a little work and wears down in games due to conditioning issues.

    Personally I would be happier with Carpenter/Cannon/Hairston/Reid. At least one of these guys will be there at #71. And we need a RIGHT TACKLE.

    The top-10 is for QB's / elite LT's, and Defensive Studs.
  13. AsthmaField

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    I think Sherrod might be the better left tackle, but Castonzo will be the better RT. Particularly if you are talking this season.
  14. AbeBeta

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    i like Watkins -- so long as we actually play him inside -- we too often get guys projected to play inside who were college tackles and try them at T first
  15. fishspill

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    I respectfully disagree. If we're talking in terms of the usual speed DE on the QB's left and strength DE on the QB's right, I'd say they should be swapped in your scenario. From what I've seen, Castanzo has a lot of trouble getting pushed around, Edwards in Minny would kill him. I think Sherrod would stand up better there. Castanzo has quicker feet than Sherrod though. But Sherrod has better balance and locks onto guys better despite being more slow footed.

    I've caught up on Castanzo some this week and can say I like him more than I did, but I still like Sherrod more. Especially at right tackle.
  16. jswalker1981

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    I wouldn't mind a trade down, draft Pouncey, and then trade up to get Sherrod. And it probably wouldn't cost much to move up to get Sherrod.

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