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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by k19, Jul 29, 2005.

  1. k19

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    I was just wondering how addicted to The Boys some of you are. Not all of us live in the DFW area (even though I go back every third week or so)
    or even in state so we arent as priveledged as some of you on ease of news and information.

    I subrscibe to cowboys plus, espn insider, thanks to Directv for Sunday Ticketand the NFL network. I don't think I could live without NFL Radio. I have sirius in all three vehicles as well as at home. I just wired it up here at work as well since the IT Nazi's wont let us stream, the Ticket no longer has their alternate feed, and DFW ESPN Radio seems to be almost a constant replay when I tune in.

    SO I guess I'm a serious addict. What about the rest of you. How badly do you need your daily Boys fix and how do you get it.

    One more thing. Does anyone outside the state get Dallas Cowboys Weekly? I was thinking about getting it but I don't know if its worth it becuase of the mail time to GA.
  2. dmq

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    I guess I would say I have an addiction. Good thing I work for the government and have lots of time to get on this site.
  3. jksmith269

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    I subscribe to insider, the Ranch report, and sunday ticket

    I wish there was a cowboys radio station that was available on the net.

    I even listen to 103.3 during the day waiting on cowboys news.
  4. ndanger

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    I had the Cowboys weekly back in 91 thru 95.I only live 130 miles from Tex. stadium so naturally recieved them Quick. You can get just as much right here without the subscription.I will say however ,It was bonus memorabilia for those beautiful S.B. years.
  5. Hostile

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    I recently was lucky enough to get back an old Ford truck that I sold. Sold it way too cheap and regretted it.

    1969 4 x 4 with a 390 engine. Gas hog.

    The guy who bought it never put the title in his name and abandoned it. I got it back for $4.00 it cost to re-acquire title. I am currently prepping it for a Dallas Cowboys themed paint job. Still in primer mode right now. The truck is going to be Cowboys Silver as the primary color.

    Picture a Cowboys star hanging in mid air and the truck hitting it so that it drapes all over the truck. There will be a leg of the star on each of the front fenders, the main body on the hood and roof, and the top leg or point going down onto the bed cover. The side arms or legs will drap down from the front of the roof onto the doors.

    The interior of the truck is going to be Cowboys blue. The door panels are going to be made of cherry wood with the Cowboys helmet laser carved into them. Still thinking of how I want the upholstery to look. If anyone has ideas please PM me and I'll consider them.
  6. WoodysGirl

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    Our tax dollars hard at work... :)

    As far as being addicted, I guess I would say I'm plenty being that I spend a LARGE amount of time trolling the internet for Cowboy tidbits.

    Don't listen to radio as much in the offseason. I do watch Mike and Mike on ESPNews in the morning. And NFL Live, Playbook, and any other football show I can find. Down here, they've got Fox Sports Southwest and they cover the Cowboys quite a bit. Seems like more than any other team in the region.

    However during the season, when it's time to watch the game. I post up on my lounge chair with my laptop and I'll listen to the game on the internet feed, while watching it on TV if it's showing down here. Plus I'll be on here posting on the game thread as well as chatting on ESPN Game day chat.

    I'm also subscribed to a number of news and regular websites, some because they had a cowboy article and some just because I'm a news hound.

    I got the HD package on the big TV, but I'm still debating Sunday Ticket. I'm cheap. :)
  7. k19

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    Hos I definitely want to see that when its done. Make sure you take some inprogress shots of the resto.
  8. Cbz40

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    Blah I just troll here to pass time at work ......That's me
  9. k19

    k19 Active Member

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    Morning Pops. Hope you've taken care of that ticker in the offseason. The ride begins in just over 24 hours :D
  10. Eddie

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    I'm in NY ... and I'm poor. No Satellite tv for me.

    It's back to the sports bar for me. I already told my wife to leave me alone for 3 hours on Sunday. Not too much to ask. :)
  11. Cbz40

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    Thanks.....Had a great summer good buddy.......I'm ready for some football.
  12. LaTunaNostra

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    Addicted..are you kidding? :)

    PS, I get Weekly, K-19.

    There isn't any news in it you can't gt elsewhere, but I enjoy the "Ask Bill" section, and of course Dale's articles.

    Because mostly interns write for it, I want to support it.
  13. k19

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    Heck no. You were the inspiration behind this thread. I was thinking about how many other were as addicted as we were. After all it seems like you, WG, and myself are always posting the first bits of morning news bright and early M-F :D

    I think I may go ahead and get it. Whats the mail time for you to get it up your way?

    I'm telling you you HAVE to get NFL Radio on Sirius, its the poop
  14. Cbz40

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    You can't kid a kidder LT.......I know you hate football..... :lmao2:
  15. LaTunaNostra

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    Ha ha. Longer than it will take a 305 pound Spears to get out of Tuna's doghouse. But they have a speed option...a first class mail I think.

    I never bothered to upgrade...the basic info is on the DCW website and I read that as soon as it's posted. By the time the print version arrives, I just scan it for articles by Dale and pictures of Terry...then it lines Fergy's (the guinea pig) cage that weekend..

    I'm thinking about it. :)
  16. TheSkaven

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    I am addicted but wouldn't pay - most of the news on the pay sites (like Scout and Cowboysplus) are just regurgitated from other sources anyway. I am writing my own news search engine now that will bring all the Cowboys news from all the newspapers in the country onto one page. I'll let you guys know when I've finished it. :)

    I do pay for NFL Sunday Ticket and the HD package. The ticket is required, as I won't miss a minute of any actual Cowboys game.
  17. k19

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    Beware its addictive. I bought it mainly because stations here in Hicksville suck and we were taking alot of road trips fpr the wifes cancer treatment. The idea of not having to change stations, giving the kids things to listen to and what not was the main reasoning. Now I listen to it all day at work and in the cars. One receiver went to two and now to 3 (one portable and 2 hard wired in the vans)

    It’s neat when Reeves talks to old Boys and they reminisce about the good ole days and the afternoon blitz is pretty good. I like Kirwans inside on salary and contracts.
    They also have Carl Banks on quite a bit and its cool listening to him tell Tuna Stories. Obogue was on the other day telling his underarmor story and some Tuna Tales as well

    One more selling point is they brodcast the games live and have seperate stations for the home and away team for every game.
  18. Jarv

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    Def. want to see the progress on the truck Hos...

    I did Cowboys weekly for years in the mid 80's on until this internet thingy (Thanks Al started. Took 10 days to get here in the NE. Almost went postal on my mailman a few times, thats a switch, eh.

    Mid 90's got DirectTV/NFL ticket going, goodbye sports bars.

    Thought I was screwed this year, I have a home based computer/IT business in a building in my back yard. The Cablevision cable modem in crucial to my business, so I have one modem in the house, one in the shop...and lots of TV's on cable (Plus an apartment I built in the house). Thought I was going to have to subscribe to DirectTV to get the ticket this year. But, to my surprise, when I called them to sign up they never asked (Maybe grandfather clause ?, maybe next year I'll join Adbutcher in FTA). They took my money already, paid in full right off the bat. So I guess I'm in.

    My biggest contract is with Fox Broadcasting, they bought DirectTV, I was greasing (Coffee and bagels) some of the engineers I know there in NY, glad I didn't need to ask for the favor.

    Got Jersey's, blankets, mugs, shot glass's and the sort.

    Family and friends know, 3 hours a week for 16 weeks, don't bother me, call me or ask anything from me.
  19. LaTunaNostra

    LaTunaNostra He Made the Difference

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    19, I am sorry to hear your wife was in cancer treatment. I hope the remission is complete, and forever!

    See, Carl Banks telling Tuna stories, I could get into that. :)
  20. JPM

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    I'm an addict and this place is my crack.

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