How are these stats?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Rack Bauer, Apr 23, 2006.

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    4 tackles, 2 tackles for loss, 1 forced fumble, 1 pass deflection...

    I started my first game ever as a NG yesterday (saturday) and put up those numbers. Had another FF, but it was right when the ref blew the whistle (it was on one of my TFLs).

    Playing a new position (i've always been a FB or LB) has injected a large amount of FUN back into the game for me. I was starting to get bored, but I'm fired up right now.

    Thing is I think I'd be a better 3 tech than a NG. As a NG you have to lock up the OL. I'd do better if I were allowed to avoid them and chase QBs. :D
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    I am not impressed.

    The scouts say this Rack player tends to be lazy at times and plays good at times. Also heard reports that he is a dirty player who farts on his opponents while tackling them.

    :p: ;)

    On a serious note, Congrats on having a good game.:starspin
  3. Zaxor

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    impressive :)
  4. Rack Bauer

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    Well you got half that right... unfortunately it's the "Lazy" part.

  5. Yeagermeister

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    According to Kiper he also takes a lot of plays off

    And projected him as an 8th round pick :D
  6. Juke99

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    Dallas Morning News:

    This Rack fella had a break out game at NT but after some investigative work, it was revealed that the reason he had so many TFL in the game was due to his prior mental conditioning as an offensive player.

    It seems, while playing offense, Rack was told to "go long" by the QB on every offensive play.

    While playing his new position, NT, he instintively did the same thing on every defensive play, ie, "went long" and occasionally ran into the opposition's ball carrier or QB as he ran past them shouting "I'm open I'm open".
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    Very cool Rack. You're getting to do what a lot of us wish we could.
  8. Rack Bauer

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    Back when I was a Sophomore in HS I was put @ DT as punishment for missing a tackle in practice......

    I didn't make a tackle but I recovered a fumble.....

    You think YOU were playing outta position.....ha!!......I was like 119 lbs that season.......:eek:

    I gained a few lbs and became a decent cb/ fs hybrid.......I also punted enough to play semi-pro until a severe Ankle injury jacked me up for 3 months............I just coach now..........I've decided to make a career outta this now.....

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