How Bad Have Tony Romo's Defenses Been?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NeonDeion21, Apr 10, 2014.

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    It's funny when people mention romo in 07. Wasn't this his first season as a full time starter? It's not like he was a 5 year starter at this point.
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    That defense is the thing that brought Wade on board too. With wades knowledge of the 3-4 and Merriman looking so good in 2005 it just seemed to make sense to have him profile the guy picked right before Merriman.
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    I just threw up in my mouth.
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    And so has the offense. No one side is totally to blame.
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    That wasn't actually a 9 route to begin with. That was an adjustment both players made after Tony had to move around under some pressure. It wasn't that he stopped on the route, it was that he wasn't quite on the same page with Tony when the route broke down, and that hesitation killed him.

    For the record, PC also had a drop on a 3rd down conversion and a bobble on STs in that game.
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    It is not my intent to suggest you specifically intend to use the stats to justify one player. I realize I left that impression and apologize.

    However, you have a following that use your information to do the very thing I claim. Which is to absolve Romo when he makes a fatal mistake in a game.

    Regardless of how poorly the defense plays, if the game comes down to a turnover in the last minutes, that was a game that had the potential of being won except for that turnover. We have seen in the past the best team not always win. or the worst team have a shot and pull it off, or fail when they had the game.

    No matter what transpires on the field for this team, Romo is sacrosanct. Clearly the Jets opener a few years back he threw to pick that cost the team the game. But fans argued here about the defense and special teams.

    I see his games and understand his contribution. But I will not sugarcoat his play.

    I freely admit the defense has cause a great deal more problems. I don't need stats to come to this conclusion. Nor do I need to review numbers to decide for myself what is what. You put a great deal of stock in them. I do not. And my generality, as you claim, is still right.

    because - and this is important.

    The numbers used to decide the offense is better also obscure the one fact that cannot be obfuscated.

    When a player on this offense turns the ball over and that is the lynchpin of the loss, all the other numbers go out the window.

    Your specific give hope to the argument it isn't Romo's fault when he throws for 300+ yards, but then turns the ball over at the most critical time in the game. Somehow the defense is laid bare at this point when without that turnover, the game very well, and in most cases would have been a W.

    I don't need a degree in aerodynamics to understand the plane is flying, or falling out of the sky. Or to support the crash was due to something it wasn't.
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    Hope somebody knows the Hymlick maneuver for you,bro.
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    That's a true statement.


    For the first couple of years after that draft Merriman was well above Ware.

    Thank goodness we didn't pick him.

    Could you imagine taking Merriman and then drafting Bobby Carpenter?

    The fan base would have turned over in their graves.
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    Ideally, you'd want the analysis to inform your opinion, and not the other way around, so I'd worry less about people's motives and look at the soundness of their arguments. If you're bothered by someone's argument, point out the flaw. They'll either make sense or not -- no matter what motivated them.

    If you're bothered by someone's argument but you can't point out the flaw, then it's time to adjust your opinion. After all, it's not what or who you believe, it's what makes the most sense. I hope my following would agree.;)
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    You have the safety and the CB beat with nothing but end zone in front of you and you pull up - why?

    Where do you think the QB is going to throw it? Underneath the coverage?
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    He was expecting the inside release, and the route was supposed to be into inside/outside coverage with the ball fit into that hole at the top of the route. When the safety gave him the outside, he paused at the top of the route, unsure if Tony had seen it. Then he took it upfield, but he was too late at that point.

    At least, this is what he said on Irvin's radio show when it happened.
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    Buffalo game in Buffalo I believe.
  13. Szczepanik

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    Big Ben is a prime example of a QB whos success has thrived on his defense.

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