How Bad Will Garrett Be in 2013?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CowboyMcCoy, Jan 6, 2013.

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    I love Seaworld, bring it back!:bow:
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    To get fired.

    Here's the way I'd look at it. If we let him team and I mean no team will jump to sign him as a coach for anything. Maybe Princeton college.

    But I think they already have a successful coach in place.

    He's done at this level. It's merely how long Jones is going to make us all twist in the breeze waiting for the hangman's noose to curl.

    :starspin RedBaLL ExPreSS:starspin
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    bringing up facts will not help when addressing the "Garrett Faithful"

    the mantra is "Believe, Hope, have Faith"

    you do the math
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    Not to mention many foolishly blame Romo.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    It will drive some people nuts. But I think we iron out the kinks next year.

    DEZ came on strong. That Bond with Romo is STRONG!
    Murray - will be a monster

    I see us 10-6 or better. If Murray wasnt out for most of year we would have finished 10-6 with:

    1.) all other injuries
    2.) Garrett's poor decisions *
    3.) players lack of knowledge of plays, reading defenses and execution

    Does that burn the HATER's up? Me seeing 10-6 or better?

    * that was for the Red Hate - I wasnt serious. I think he is making great strides. Its just slowly taking to the field. The progress is there... IF YOU WANT TO SEE it!
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    I reserve all judgement until I see what he does with a quality O-line and a healthy defense. The working conditions for him are pathetic. This team needs FREEdom from these god-awful bums in the trenches. They have COSTAs dearly.
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    Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame, on me, fool me three times, shame on me, fool me four times, shame on me, fool me five times, shame on me............fool me ten times, shame on me..............fool me fifteen times, shame on me.
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    If history holds true next year will results should fall between 9-7 and 7-9.

    Here are some numbers to consider when coming up with this.

    Since 1996 (year after last superbowl win)

    Our record is 128-128 for a 16 year average of 8 wins at .500

    Since 2007 (Jason's start here as OC)

    Our Record is 55-41 for a 6 year average of 9 Wins or just over .500

    Since 2010 (HC for 8 games first year)

    Our Record is 21-19 Now since it was only a half a season for the first year I took to 8-8 seasons and one 5-3 season. I took the half year at HC (8 games at 5-3 ) and doubled it to 10-6 (which is generous to the HC and this team).

    So although the official record is 22-19....for the purpose of averages I changed the total to 26-22 which averages out to 8.6 wins per year average...heck I will go one step further and make it 9 wins per year average.

    So for a 16 game span (no matter who the coach was) we are a 8 wins per year average team.

    For the last 6 years where Garrett has been OC or HC we are a 9 wins per year average team.

    For the 2.5 years with Garrett as HC (and oc but not the same as above) we are a 9 (rounded up) wins per year average team.

    I am going to stick with the numbers. 9-7 to 7-9 record with about 8 wins being the norm.

    We can talk about how this team is going in the right direction and that will result in a better record. We can talk about how this team is headed in the wrong direction and how that will result in a worse the end of the day we only have history to rely upon and until one way is proven seems like another average season is in store.
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    Garrett was the biggest mistake ever that Jerry has ever made. Worst than letting Jimmy go. We could have had a quality coach such as Pete Carroll, Harbaugh or even Shanahan here. Watching the Skins vs. Hawks game shows how good of a coach both are and how they use their players skills on both offense and defense.

    Garrett doesn't do anything like that. He just doesn't know how to get the best out of his players. He doesn't have a feel for the game. He got his head coaching position based on his reputation as being a backup to Aikman, and nothing more.

    If Garrett is coach next year, expect more of the same mistakes, like icing our kicker. His playbook is woefully out dated and really should have no business coaching and NFL team. He should go back being a QB coach.
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    Can we feed you your lines for creating the narrative when Garrett disappoints again next season?

    I suspect this thread is a parody of one created last season, entitled "How great will Jason Garrett be this season?" You might remember it because it was filled with offseason hype, inane comparisons of Garrett to all-time great coaches, and his supporters spouting the EXACT same lines they are spouting this season, just one year removed from last year's guarantees like this;
    Or some others, again where you and other Garrett guys dropped the exact same excuses and guarantees and promises that things are changing (based on absolutely nothing) and were surprised that noone wanted to believe those empty promises.

    A year later, another season of ineptitude and you're still surprised people aren't buying what you're selling re:RJ. Maybe it's time to look in the mirror and evaluate why you believe the things you do despite all the evidence to the contrary that mounts year after year.
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    If he wins 11 games, will you promise not to post anymore?
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    Classic thread.
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    in 2013? Garrett won't be as bad as this thread, that's for sure!
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    The sad part is he was right. They were wrong.

    Hopefully he's not right in 2013, or we don't get to find out because RJ's been replaced.

    All I know is there is more evidence to support CowboyMcCoy's position in these threads than the ones that absurdly compare Garrett to all-time greats, promised us that absolutely nothing (including injury) could derail our 2012 season, and guaranteed that we'd finally see a payoff to keeping red around in 2012 with absolutely nothing to support that stance.
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    I agree. I predicted 10-6 with a healthy squad and 7-9 with key season-ending injuries. I was not too far off.

    My reasoning was that this team needed a lot of luck and a healthy Romo to win more than nine games. They went into the 2012 season with a lot of serious questions concerning WR depth, safety, d-line and o-line. Nothing has changed.

    I think Dallas needs to address the o-line and d-line in the first two rounds; a blue-chip DE would be preferable followed by a guard in round two. Safety also needs to be addressed followed by WR and RB.

    I think they can be a good football team in 2013 but they need to address their flaws and hope they stay healthy. I predict 12-4 with health and 9-7 with serious injuries.
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    Let's keep this thread on the topic of maligning our own head coach, and less involved with the subtle jabs at the tedious Hos v. Superpunk, CowboyMcCoy, et al. Please.

    We all know where the jabs end up: with people getting infractions and then complaining to me via PM about how unmerited they were despite the advance warnings and me ignoring the PMs for hours because I'm grouchy about having to treat a board full of adult men like they're actually teenagers.
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    Some of the members on this forum act like five-year-olds - a dozen times worse than even a teenager.
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    So far you are the only one who has taken it there and hopefully it will stay that way.

    What I want to know (from anyone who is feeding us the same lines that they tried last offseason and were wrong on - I honestly do not care who it is - in this instance it's rcaldw) is what they are basing their current promises and assurances on? They promised/assured the same things last offseason, said there would be nothing that could stop it, and were wrong. Now they're advocating keeping the status quo, and guaranteeing/promising the same things as last offseason. That's the point of bringing it up. It's the same token guarantees and "I'm just sure it will work out if we give Garrett another year" posts that were made last offseason, so it merits pointing that out. If you don't think it's a legitimate criticism to ask those questions I'd be interested in knowing why.

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    He will be worst cos he is out of his depth, as you said the team needs an experienced coach, and someone who knows the game i.e jon gruden:laugh2:

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