How Bout That O-Line Baaabbbbyyyy!!!!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by THEHEREAFTER, Sep 19, 2005.


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    Hey.. I'm sick just like everyone else. The O-line protected but I don't think Parcell's should have given JJ a blow right after the T-New Pick? Hey, we've dominated the skins without much success against the rest of the league. As bad as I wanted to stick it to the foreskins, I'm now somewhat relieved. Yes, we had the game in our hands but what's done is done and we need to beat SF. The haters will hate as they have much amunition but I'm proud of the way we fought. Glenn or Williams... ? I can't pin everything on those guys... REMEMBER what goes around comes around and we've celebrated on many a Sunday from BS crap just like what the skins just got. What I see is a real football team that can go places... let's not get too down on ourselves!
  2. Reality

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    Yeah, I was real happy with the OL play tonight. Definitely something to be excited about.
  3. Martice

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    To keep Drew sackless is an accomplishment in itself. Job well done by the 'O' line.
  4. Sifillest

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    yea the oline gave me a tremendous boost, am im excited with all teh time drew upset about this loss, since many of my closest friends are skins fans......but this game will probably be their highest offensive output of the season, and we almost shut them out...and im still pleased,regardless....i still feel we are a playoff caliber team, whereas the skins will toil away at the bottom like was a nice showcase for us on both sides of the ball until the last 3 minutes....we play san fran next correct?
  5. CowboyBlog

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    They only rushed four and played coverage all night. Being sackless was not really an accomplishment.

    Bledsoe had to throw a lot of balls away or in uncatchable places.
  6. CalCBFan

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    The reason Drew was sackless was the 2ndary was blanketing our WRs. Peerless Price was a waste of $$$. We're not going anywhere in January except home...
  7. CaptainAmerica

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    Bingo! They didn't come after Bledsoe as we obviously thought they would.
  8. TheHustler

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    Too many penalties on the OL. 2 holding on Flozell (deserved or not), holding (?) on Larry and false start on Rivera.

    Those are our pro-bowlers, they can't make those mistakes.
  9. vicjagger

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    The run blocking s*cked! So did Bledsoe's passing except for the flea-flicker to Glenn.

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