How Bout This Guy at Corner? Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Teague31, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. Teague31

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    CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Tennessee State: Long, rangy, athletic, and he looks like a football player the way he hits and goes after the ball. I think he'll be a first-rounder.

    from the sounds of it, he was great at the Senior Bowl. his cousin is the guy in SD. maybe we can rectify the carp pick.
  2. batman36

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    I'd like to see him as a Cowboy. I think he's gonna be very solid, if not spectacular over time.
  3. CrazyCowboy

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    gotta like the last name......reminds me of the one who got a way
  4. trueblue1687

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    Good raw skills, but from a SMALL program. He'll be a project that will take some time to develop. Tn State is just a shade above a community college.
  5. MichaelWinicki

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    Norsey has been pimping this guy. He's been shooting up the draft boards. A very possible first-rounder at this point.
  6. speedkilz88

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    There are a lot of interesting prospects at corner. Cromartie has probably put himself in the second round with his senior bowl work, he could move to the first with an exceptional combine.
  7. TVMan

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    I hope "Too Tall" doesn't come knocking on your door for that comment!

    DRC did not play football until he was a SR. in High School. Thus, the reason he wasn't recruited by D1. He is a project that has improved his draft status to round one easily.

    His agent is Eugene Parker. That might ring a bell.

    He was and is being tutored by Deion.

    I'd be plenty happy with this "project" with either of our 1st round picks.
  8. ArbitraryCowboysName

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    Watched the senior bowl practice all week, he really impressed me.
  9. AmishCowboy

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    The Porter kid from Indiana looks good to, McKelvin and Cromartie have moved up past Cason. So somebody will be there when the Cowboys pick.
  10. jterrell

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    He looked awfully good.

    Very good closing speed, big enough to be physical. Much more physical than Porter was.

    He was aces yesterday.

    He is a definite first rounder if he can run a solid 40 time and he will.

    CB rankings:
    1. Mike Jenkins--Best overall package of size, speed and ball skills.
    2. Aqib Talib--Great size and dominating presense with aweseom ball skills, a step slow.
    3. Leodis McKelvin--Man coverage skills galore. A bit small.
    4. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie-- Big, skillful player who needs to be more physical. Has tons of upside. dominated spare WRs at Senior Bowl.
    5. Antoine Cason--Good man cover guy with great speed. Smallish.
    6. Reggie Smith--Great raw athlete. Not as smooth at Cromartie.
    7. Tracy Porter--Wonderful coverage skills but very slightly built. Teams will try to run at him. May end up nickel corner with slot man coverage.
    8. Justin King--Great speed and solid size but needs refinement. Probably a zone, cover 2 type CB early on but could excel in that role to make Pro Bowls.

    CB are hard to rate because there are so few dominant WRs this year.

    I expect 5 or 6 to go round 1 as this is a pass happy league.
  11. jterrell

    jterrell Penguinite

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    yesterday he looked like the big school guy... he dominated that game. they couldn't run or throw to his side. All those USC guys finally stayed away from him, lol.
  12. speedkilz88

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    The senior bowl telecast listed Cromartie as 6-1 (1/2?) 183, so tall and lanky would probably be the better description rather than big.
  13. DaBoyz73

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    If it's true that he is being tutored by Deion, I would have no problem taking him with our 22nd pick in the first round.
  14. khiladi

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    His brother speaks with Deion on a weekly basis...
  15. marchetta

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    Deion also tutored SD's Cromartie, and Devin Hester, while they were at Florida State and Miami respectively. So, Deion knows talent and potential when he sees it. He doesn't "waste" his time trying to develop players unless he sees that they have the attributes to be dominant players and not just good/adequate players.
  16. Oh_Canada

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    Take him and don't look back...this guy takes Henry's job half way through the season, unless they decide to move Henry to FS altogether.
  17. DaBoyz73

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    Mike Nolan stated yesterday at the senior bowl that Deion talked about Devin Hester's ability and Mike lead me to believe that Devin did not have the skills that Deion saw. I guess Deion was right after all.
  18. DaBoyz73

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  19. jterrell

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    6'1" and 1/2 at 183 is big for a cornerback. That is an official weight not the junk you usually see released by teams or agents. He is 183 but hasn't been in big time strength programs. He has great overall ability and played big yesterday. He simply went up and took the ball away at the highest point from Lavelle Hawkins who was the best WR on the field yesterday.

    Those questioning Cromartie should stop. He looks eerily similar to his half-brother. He is a solid starter.
  20. DaBoyz73

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    Just image if we drafted him and he played like he did yesterday, I getting excited just thinking about the thought of having him on our team.

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