How did you arrive at your political views?

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by Heisenberg, May 30, 2008.

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    I've been wanting to start a thread like this for a while and figured why not now? I'm curious how everyone came to their current views on politics?

    Me? I guess I would describe myself as fiscally conservative and socially liberal. In an ideal world, Libertarian would match me perfectly, but being a 3rd party which does a miserable job of promoting themselves, it's a wasted vote.

    So then it becomes a question of which do I value more? Do I value fiscal conservatism more? There really isn't a party in power right now that values that anymore. So that really goes out the window at this point. If we're going to spend ourselves into more and more debt each year, I'd rather it get spent domestically.

    Do I value social liberalism more? Does it really matter? There's only one party in power that seems to value that as much as I do.

    So where does that leave me? Democrat. I guess.
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    Divine revelation, of course.

    In the same boat as you, but I place much more emphasis on economic conservatism as to social liberalism, for purely personal reasons (I'm a straight white guy with a reasonably high earning potential).
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    Is this sarcasm?
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    my parents tried to give me values they shared and i put that against how i saw the world around me.

    bp taught me the rest. : )
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  6. iceberg

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    now i'm pretty sure that was sarcasm.
  7. BrAinPaiNt

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    Boredom and the need to argue about topics and things that will probably never have any direct effect on me...but mostly...boredom.:D

    I too am more fiscally conservative while being social liberal. I think many have freedoms and rights to do things but are down trodden or put out because of others views on what others view as acceptable or natural. I also am very anti racist because I think I live in an area that is very racist on an everyday basis.
    Luckily for me my parents were never racist and looked down on that aspect of things. Very lucky in that aspect as much of what keeps racism alive is kids growing up with parents or family that are racist and it just becomes natural to follow suit.

    Concerning fiscal responsibility I have a real problem when it is preached while at the same time the people doing the preaching are spending like drunken sailors at a cat house. I have a problem when it seems they give a tax rebate check and instead of preaching responsibility it seems they want to motivate people to use the money on uneeded things in order to stimulate the economy.

    An example of this was a thread 3-5 months ago when someone asked what everyone would do with their rebate check. The wide majority talked about getting stereos, speakers or some type of entertainment things. While only a handful talked about using the money to pay off some bills. I would think the responsible thing would be to pay off bills instead of just blowing the money. However everyone is entitled to use the money for what they want. I just found it odd.

    But boredom and the occasional need to argue a great deal is why I am active in the political zone for the most part. However it bores me sometimes with repetition in some arguments and I will go some time without getting into it before I can go back to it.
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    Man, I wanted one of those rebate thingys! :mad:
  9. Cajuncowboy

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    How did you arrive at your political views?

    I'm a reformed liberal.

    I know, hard to believe ain't it???
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    I started paying attention to politics when I was 16. So I have 28 years of observing that neither party really make any difference despite all their promises. Brought me to my political views that neither party cares enough to do anything. Especially if it means working with the other party to accomplish something. I like policies and people on both sides of the coin. I dislike policies and people on both sides of the coin.
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    Partly from my father who was pretty conservative but still a Democrat. Of course its pretty much illegal to be a conservative democrat anymore.
    My mother is somewhat conservative but still a democrat. She is much more liberal then my father was though.
    I studied history at an early age and then went to the University of Iowa where the liberals already were in control of the history and Poli sci departments in the late 70's. They were teaching back then that the cold war was all the US's fault and that the communists were just misunderstood and we were the bad guys. I knew that was BS and started arguing with them untill they threatened to lower my grades. I tried to do to the dean but he refused to do anything. Left with no choice I basically shut up and toed the line- BUT I hated it and began to hate them. I think that is pretty much when I became a hard core conservative.
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    Jimmy Carter pretty much ruined any chances of me being a democrat and I was just a little kid.
  13. SuspectCorner

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    Read them off the back of a cereal box.
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    My views are based on my life experiences. My father was in the military, and I joined the Navy after high school. I was honorably discharged and have been a civilian for quite some time working as an accountant. I have a lot of respect for those people who serve in the military, because of my time there. My time in the military has made me a little bitter towards the older democrats in Congress due to their history of voting against pay raises for the military while voting themselves huge payraises, since their paychecks that were 10 times greater than those lower ranked enlisted guys weren't enough to live on. :rolleyes: I was also a little bitter about the fact that people on welfare in Virginia at that time were making more money for doing nothing that I was working 80+ hours a week in the Navy. Bill Clinton had the guts to actually take on his own party to fix this issue.

    From working in the military and doing a couple of accounting internships with the government, I was stunned by how inefficient the government was. At a county board of education office, I was stunned to see them using computer equipment that was over ten years old. Most tasks were still done by hand. The first company that I worked for was able to accomplish these same tasks using one-fifth the number that this government office was using. I also learned how promotions were handed out in the government system. These promotions were based more on seniority than merit.

    While in the Navy, I saw how inefficient the unions made the big shipyard in Newport News. The shipyard let the union have whatever they wanted, since they would simply pass these costs onto the military. The shipyard also had considerable influence over the city, state, and federal government. The only govenment agency that the shipyard and the Navy actually feared was OSHA and the NRC.

    Being an accountant, I am irked by the fact that Congress cannot balance the budget or keep accurate financial records. A company that cannot control its expenses and run itself efficiently will not stay in business very long. A corporation that cannot keep acceptable financial records will be shutdown by the very same federal government that cannot accomplish this same task themselves.

    My main view of government is that they should only provide only certain necessary services - military, police, firefighting, infrastructure, etc. Socially, I do not believe the government should have the right to legislate morality to adults. You should have the freedom to do what you want as long as it doesn't interfere with the government of the rights of other citizens.
  15. ScipioCowboy

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    Here's my take:

    As we go through life, many of us pass through various political phases while maintaining a core set of beliefs that shape a constant underlying political identity.

    In high school, I was a staunch Republican, an unreptenant political ideologue who supported all party-sponsored legislation and positions. In my mind, Republican was synomymous with good and Democrat with bad. Thankfully, my post-high school and college years brought with them a new wisdom, revealing the utter ludicrousy of my position; there were good and bad people on both sides of the political fence.

    I eventually decided to reevaluate my core values. They were undoubtedly Christian, and I desired to be as Christ-like as possible. But what exactly did it mean to be Christian? And how would I implement Christian values in my political life? These were questions I needed to answer myself, independent of a political party or any other group.

    This journey of self-discovery was quite liberating. Fiscally, I moved closer towards the political center: I actually came to support labor unions; they have faults, but the country would be a far worse place without them. I became more open to the prospect of universal healthcare, though I have yet to encounter a proposed system I would support. I oppose most free trade and any other policies that encourage outsourcing. I now wholly support and understand the logic of imposing certain regulations on big corporation.

    I remain very conservative on certain social issues such as abortion and gun control. I despise the Patriot Act and any other form of legislation that would make it easier for the government to spy and track citizens.

    This past election marked the first time I voted for mostly Libertarian candidates.
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    Whaaa....Your only 44? And all this time,I thought you were much older,and perhaps much wiser....Someone I could take life lessons from. I am soooo disappointed,and.....Naw,forget it. It's time to move on...The world is full of nothing but upstart kids!
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    Well, I'm pretty sure like most people my political views are a reflection of my values and life experience. I reject any party affiliation because political parties are self-perpetuating, power-hungry, soulless monsters. But if I had to choose affiliation I'd say the Libertarian Party mirrors my philosophies and values most closely.
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    Fruit Loops I'll bet.

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    Silly capitalist - Marx is for kids! *

    *and no, I'm not really a Marxist...
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    I just hate paying extortion/taxes to murders and thieves, errr I mean poli-tick-shuns....:mad:

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