How did you become a Cowboys Fan?

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by DA FAN, Oct 5, 2005.

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    It's an easy answer for folks that live in Texas, but what about out of state?
    You became a fan watching the games on tv?
    Did/do they televise all the games out of state?
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    i live in philly and get asked this question all the time.

    My dad likes to watch football but never had a favorite team, just likes to see good players play, so he was a fan of staubach and then later montanna. so, when i was a kid in the 70's he would call me into the room when the cowboys would be on tv and they had a really exciting offense then, compared to some of the other teams that were more of a grind it out run the ball team. so the eagles werent that good then and my dad would pretty much change the channel when they were playing, and i ended up just watching cowboys games whenever they were televised.
    then when i started wearing a cowboys jersey to school i'd get a bunch of crap from eagles fans, so that just made me defend the cowboys more and pretty soon i hated the eagles too. so the cowboys were the first team i ever rooted for and i just stuck with them, and all the arguing with eagles fans just reinforced things until it was ingrained in me.
  3. ·[A]koN·

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    Well I live in Illinois, i have them annoyin bears fans. But the reason I started to root for the cowboys was b/c of a friend that visited the Family. He was a boys' fan and he would always talk me about them. Obviously at the time he was much older than me. Now i'm 17 but i was round 8-9 when i actually began to watch football and especially the cowboys when on tv. I guess that, and the star on the helmet , aikman...emmitt, and all that...comes in also.

    I really dont get to see them much, only when for some miracle reason they get televised in my area. (Other then MNF, SNF)

  4. Swanny

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    I think i started to like them because when i was younger i liked stars alot and that star on that helmet is incredible
  5. dal0789

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    I started to like them when I was 4, when my aunt was watching the boys vs. redskins,she told me how much better the cowboys were and why why they were better.Also at that time the skins still played at r.f.k and that was hard cause i lived across the street from it,now it figues when I moved a couple years ago fed-ex is put up 4 blocks from my house.
  6. Gordon

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    I'm in Jets/Giants country, go to college about 5 min away from Giants stadium.. I became a Cowboys fan through a video game. It was either Tecmo Bowl or Tecmo Super Bowl, I don't really remember. Regardlesss, it was the game made the year after the Cowboys 1-15 season so they were awful. My brother and his friends, who are 3 years older than me, and Giants fans, used to make me pick the Cowboys so they could whoop me. I believe that was the year after the Giants SB win too. Anyway, I was 5 or so at the time, and that was the first taste of football I got, and the rest is history.
  7. NeOn_KoWbOy_88

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    I grew up in the 90's but i started to watched football in the early 90's so they were the IT team and i never stoped liking them, love at first site :)...and the bears and the surrounding teams always suck
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    Im from DC but pops hated the Redskins. He told me I could root for anyone except the skins and I picked the Cowboys.

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