How do the Cowboys determine the 30 players that come in for visits?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by xwalker, Apr 17, 2014.

  1. xwalker

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    How is the list of 30 determined?

    They said last year that they have about 120 players on their board and that in previous years they had about 240.

    This years list of 30 has 1st round picks all the way through very late round type picks.

    I can understand how guys like Donald make it on the list because he is a high probably for the 16th pick, but I don't know how they determine all of the mid to late round types.

    If their draft board is 120 players, then they have to choose not to bring in 90 of them. If there are 5 to 10 of the local visit players on the board, then that number would be about 80.
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    Just because WE (and I'm including myself) have players slotted at a certain spot dosent mean they dont have the player a lot higher. See Fredrick from last year.
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    They do tend to focus on certain positions based on need. There are a lot of DL in for visits this year. Last year, they brought in OL.

    Logistics probably plays a role in who visits as well. Players can only visit with so many teams.
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    I recall that sometimes we've had players we liked who didn't visit. I believe D. Ware never came in. If I recall Jerry said that after meeting with him at the combine they felt they knew all that they needed to about him.

    So not coming in may also reflect our staff feeling they had enough time with the guy already - or in Ware's case feeling like you wanted to talk a bit more with a more questionable character you were considering for the pick
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    I would imagine what kind of connections our coaching staff has to a particular school would play a part in it as well. If JG or some other coach has a trusted source at a school they might not feel the need to bring that player in because they got enough info already.

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    They also may not invite local players that they like, but have had opportunity to scout previously.
  7. xwalker

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    These seems like logical answers.

    Some players are probably more obvious than others in terms of scouting them. They probably want to look at 1st rounders even if they are "obvious' and then look at later round picks that have questions like level of competition, character, etc.. It's probably obvious on film what a mid round guy like Kareem Martin can or can't do because the level of competition was high.

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