How do you solve a cat problem?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Cajuncowboy, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. jnday

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    The owners have been warned. A shotgun will solve the problem if the owners don't.
  2. Cajuncowboy

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    How many times do I have to go out of my way to clean cat crap from my yard and drive way? How times do I have to shovel a blue jay or cardinal from my back yard? If I call animal control to remove an animal from my property I get a bill for the call. So, I think that I have been the bigger "man" by NOT killing these stupid animals already over the last year. Add to that the the other "man" didn't seem to take me seriously.

    I'm not going to get saddled with a bill just because they can't keep their cats in the house.
  3. Idgit

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    It invites significant hassle, and requires hurting the animal when it's the neighbor who's the problem. It's not like issues with these neighbors are going to go away if you shoot their pets.
  4. Faerluna

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    Did you see my suggestions to them about enclosures? Or any of the other suggestions I provided (some of which are minimal cost)?

    And for the record, killing a companion animal is illegal in Tennessee.
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    I think you can buy subsonic .22s for backyard plinking, a lot quieter than the crack of the high velocity .22 shells.
    I never lost a bird that wasn't on the ground. I did make the mistake of putting my humming bird feeder too close to the porch railing and had to mount it in the middle of roof where they couldn't ambush my birds.I hauled off many a cat from my place back to town.
    I have never seen a cat that doesn't dig a hole first and cover it up when it gets through. Sounds more like a coon,they will climb a tall tree to crap in my deer blind.
  6. Cajuncowboy

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    Only if you are caught. And trust me, I won't get caught. But that said, I gave the guy a warning. It's not up to me to go out and spend money to fix HIS problem. And indeed, it is his problem. And it isn't about the cost but the hassle to fix HiS problem.

    On another note, the other neighbor called me tonight and said he was sorry for the problem I was having with their cat.

    He said if I saw the cat again to call him and he would clean up the mess himself BUT he doubted it would happen again. He would keep the cat controlled.

    That's probably going to be the difference between a live cat and one that will run out of it's seven lives quicker.

    And you should read what you posted a link to closer...

    (b) A person is justified in killing the animal of another if the person acted under a reasonable belief that the animal was creating an imminent danger of death or serious bodily injury to that person or another or an imminent danger of death to an animal owned by that person.
    A person is not justified in killing the animal of another if at the time of the killing the person is trespassing upon the property of the owner of the animal. The justification for killing the animal of another authorized by this subsection (b) shall not apply to a person who, while engaging in or attempting to escape from criminal conduct, kills a police dog that is acting in its official capacity. In that case the provisions of subsection (a) shall apply to the person.

    I consider them my birds and they pose an imminent threat.
  7. Idgit

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    Does this guy who's pet you're intending to target have kids by any chance? I sure hope not.

    Cajun, it sounds like you've already made up your mind re: how you intend to escalate the problem, but, for the record, if it's not clear already, I think it's a really, really bad idea to kill a neighbor's pet over something like his disrespectful reaction to it pooping in your driveway. There are many better ways to handle this problem, whether they require more effort on your end, or not.
  8. Cajuncowboy

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    He doesn't have any kids at home. They are all grown and gone.

    But I have talked to him about it and he doesn't care to keep track of his cat. My neighbor diagonal from me has a cat and he has the same problem with this neighbors cat. His cat is always inside but he hates the fact this guy lets his cat run all over the place. He showed me where he came out one morning to see the cat was sitting on the hood of his car and scratch marks all over the hood. he told me he told the guy about and he was just as big of an arse to him as he was to me.

    If he doesn't care enough about the cat after knowing what is going to happen then he won't view it as any big lose.
  9. Cajuncowboy

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    On a side note, before I off this stupid feline, I am going to try and see if the chemical boundary option works. If it does then fine. Other than that I really don't care about this cat.
  10. Muhast

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    lololol just wrong.

    To Cajun, how do you feel about getting a pet cat? If the cat clearly prefers your driveway and back yard, why don't you just take the cat, make it an inside animal? What is the neighbor going to do? Complain to the cops about an animal he neglects and lets run wild? Cats are instinctual and will use a litter box, so one solution could be to just adopt the cat, keep it indoors. That solves the driveway issue, your bird issue, and the issue of your neighbor neglecting the cat.
  11. davidyee

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    ...for me.

    Why is the feline crapping on your driveway?

    I have never in all my years seen a cat defecate on concrete when dirt is nearby. Nearby means like a couple hundred yards not feet.

    I have seen males mark with urine, but just defecating outdoors on concrete seems suspicious. Have you seen it perform the dirty deed? If so, something is seriously wrong with the animal.

    As for the birds I suggest a cat collar from Walmart with the jingling bell. I use them for my four cats and it does wonders to warn the birds as my cats crawl in stealth around my yard.

    BTW, our cats are not let outside unless they are on a leash. It's winter up here in Canada so we don't even let them outside.

    I only suggest the collar because it seems you are prepared to do the admirable thing and resort to other measures. Ones that will use your time, effort and money. Maybe purchasing a cat collar and coaxing the cat to come to you with some food or treats will allow you to gain the confidence of the cat and allow you to put the bell collar on him. The birds will thank you.

    I noticed you referred to the cat as "stupid". I have known you as a member of this board now for many years. I don't believe you have in your heart the will to just shoot another animal for the transgressions of his/her owner.

    It's not the cat who is stupid, but rather your neighbour. You aren't allowed to shoot him so please consider passing that privilege to the cat.

    It's really up to you in the end, but I would like for you to consider not shooting the animal.

    As one of the masters of God's creatures maybe you can find another way. The cat shouldn't suffer for the sins of the master.
  12. davidyee

    davidyee Maple Leaf

    3,795 Messages
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    The $0.59 tuna from Walmart works wonders for any cat. But that is the problem. You may end up trapping more than just your intended target.

    Trapping is obviously time, effort and some monetary expense in gas, but it may be easier on the conscience.
  13. BringBackThatOleTimeBoys

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    Somehow this thread has become very long without addressing Cajuncowboy's neighbors biggest crime: I'll bet some of these cats are NOT fixed! :mad: :mad: :mad:

    Millions of homeless dogs and cats are put down in the US because a few people like the neighbors in this thread let their four-leggeds roam unneutered. It costs millions if not billions to taxpayers for pounds all over the country to round up and put down. Every Saturday at pet stores like Petco and PetMart, they invite dog and cat rescues to adopt there because of such neighbors that let their pets breed in the streets.....spend untold hours pulling critters out of the pound, paying vet bills, getting them to chill so a decent adopter can pay $75-150 to bring a loving pet home (that's just to cover expenses)

    Homeless pets also invites cruelity since they are often a nuisance.

    So many problems are because a few being irresponsible. People driving distracted or drunk. Parents that impulse buy a cute kitty or puppy, then let it roam the streets a few months later after junior is bored.

    In a few hours, I most likely be in a setting like Cajuncowboy will be, someone may speak we are more important than a sparrow, yet God values a sparrow. Or roaming pets.
  14. a_minimalist

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    From now on collect the crap and at the end of the week throw it over onto his driveway. If it happens to hit his house or be it. If it happens to wind up in a burning brown bag on the front of his be it.

    Sounds like you'd be asking for trouble by killing the thing. It also sounds like you're trying to justify the killing and the legality of it when it seems like it is in fact illegal. I don't think many people will buy the whole "they're my birds" argument. They're wild birds.
  15. WPBCowboysFan

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    Uh, no confusion, just using a general phrase that has a meaning to reply to her "bigger man" remark.

    :banghead: :bang2: :bang3:
  16. Faerluna

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    Seriously, Cajun, are you really a preacher or is that just your schtick? Because coming to a message board for some kind of tacit approval to kill when it's very clear that "thou shalt not" is pretty unnerving. (Or do we apply that sort of thing only when it suits your purpose?)

    I'm sure that you'll find a way to reconcile it within your conscience because, as Idgit said, it's pretty clear that the decision has been made.

  17. jnday

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    Don't let them shame you Cajun. Do what you have to do. Some of these solutions will cost too much in time or money and they still might solve the problem. As a general rule, pet owners should keep their animals at home if they want them. This owner does not care. I have a stray cat at my house now that I am going to take care of and I won't feel guilty in the least.
  18. Hopeuhavechange

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    Well, another thing you can try is contacting animal control and filing a complaint. Document the cat in question and present it with your complaint. Now, my local problem cats roam, or are allowed to roam at night, and AC will not respond to this issue since it's not worthy of afterhrs emergency response. So documentation is vital.

    I actually have a lot of experience with this very issue, and using dogs to chase roaming cats off your property does work in practice. I suppose you don't have dogs, else this would have already occurred to you. I don't endorse harming any animal intentionally, even cats which are pretty far down on my favored list. OTOH, wild defenseless birds ought not be preyed upon by DOMESTIC animals- who by definition belong in their domiciles while being fed commercial diets...the belief that pet cats trump wild animals is absurd imo...anyway, next, if I were you, I'd contact the presiding authority to remedy the situation, but don't be shocked if you meet blank stares and tin-ears. If so I think you can dissuade the cat from play-hunting on your property by making it VERY unwelcome and fearful without actually harming it as I've mentioned. Use your imagination or borrow mine if you need it. However, it's a process (with three phases) and takes some patience/repetition. Further new cats bearing fresh, irresponsible owners routinely move in in every neighborhood, and you must be vigilant, this I know. Also the whole bells on the collar thing doesn't work. I've had neighbors satisfy their conscience by putting these on their cats to no avail. Birds do not associate the sound with a predator.

    And lastly, since you've spoken with the owner already and he's aware of your position...and the cats turns up missing or harmed...or...well, are you prepared for the consequences? People are frequently attached to their pets-- even cats. ;) It's a joke, people. Best to cover all bases. Good luck.
  19. Faerluna

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    I wish I could report you to any appropriate authority. Make no mistake that I would in a heartbeat.

    What if the animal someone wanted to kill was your dog? Would that matter to you or any of the others so eager to kill cats?

    On another note, I'm saddened that activity like this is openly discussed on this board. Not only illegal, but morally reprehensible.

    What's next? We talk about how child abuse isn't a crime unless you get caught, since the kids deserved it? Or maybe rape?
  20. Cajuncowboy

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    You think that refers to animals?


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