How good could the draft go before our pick?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Cowboy from New York, Jan 29, 2005.

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    What I'm asking is, assuming we stay at pick #11 what is the best way for the first 10 picks of the draft to go which would maximize our prospects and options.
    I made what I thought was the best way for the draft to break in our favor, this isn't what I think is going to happen but just the way I think the teams ahead of us COULD go with some amount of luck for us. If there is a better breakdown for us let me hear it.

    1. San Francisco- QB Aaron Rodgers
    This one seems like it will happen, at this moment, and we aren't looking at QBs in this draft.
    2. Miami-RB Cedric Benson
    Again, seems like it will happen and while we need quality depth at RB we need too many other things to take an RB in the 1st.
    3. Cleveland- QB Alex Smith
    I think the Browns will trade down but for the purposes of my post, let's assume this happens as there is some chance the Browns could do this.
    4. Chicago- WR Braylon Edwards
    This is one of the picks ahead of us that I just can't see breaking in our favor. I'd like to see all our options kept open by seeing both Mike Williams and Edwards fall further down the board but I can't see Chicago doing anything but taking a WR
    5. Tampa Bay- RB Cadillac Williams
    Tampa does need help at RB and Williams had a good Senior bowl with Gruden present.
    6. Tennesee- OT Alex Barron
    This team is going to lose a lot of players due to being over the cap including, I believe both their tackles. If they want to try and convince Mcnair to return they'll need this guy.
    7. Oakland- DE Dan Cody
    I searched around draft sites and this the guy the Raiders could pick here that we would want the least considering others have them taking Derrick Johnson or Mike Williams
    8. Arizona- RB Ronnie Brown
    Green loves offense and they need an upgrade at RB (sorry Emmitt)
    9. Washington- CB Antrell Rolle
    They going to lose Smoot.
    10. Detroit- S Thomas Davis
    They have to go defense after so many offensive drafts, right?

    So there it is, if it went this way that would leave us with an option at WR (Williams), options at LB with Derrick Johnson and Merriman and all the defensive lineman are still on the board and the corner position is so deep that PacMan Jones could be in this top 10 with Rolle somehow and there would still be a lot of options out there.
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    The best the draft could go is an early run on QB's! If Two go real quick their might be a run to get the 3rd. Love to see the Big 3 RB's go ahead of us. Brown, Williams, Benson. The OT goes top 10 - Barron as they always do. Thats 7

    That leaves 3 ahead of us -

    Williams - WR
    Clayton - WR
    Edwards - WR

    DJ - LB
    Rolle - CB

    We could get a shot at 2 of that group

    Tier - Drop off options or tradedown

    Thomas Davis
    M Jackson
  3. Avery

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    I think Nors is pretty much on target. The big key will be the three RB's. I have little doubt that Rogers and Smith will both be off the board. Barron will be as well. Williams and Edwards are both likely gone as well.

    That's 8 of the first top ten picks going to offense hopefully. I don't think another QB will sneak into the top ten. Detroit is pretty much a lock to go defense with Rolle, Jones or Davis being the targets.

    I see it shaping up like this:

    1. 49ers - Smith
    2. Dolphins - Benson
    3. Browns - Rogers
    4. Bears - M. Williams
    5. Bucs - C. Williams
    6. Titans - Barron (Rolle, DJ a darkhorse)
    7. Raiders - Brown
    8. Cardinals - Rolle (possibly Pac Man, would love a RB to be available)
    9. Skins - Edwards (real crapshoot here, Pollack/Merriman/James could also be an option. Don't discount CB either. A very interesting pick.)
    10. Lions - Davis or CB (DJ an option as well if BPA approach)

    That leaves us some great defensive options left on the board. If DJ is there, I call the pick in and celebrate.

    We're in a great position this draft as the upper echelon prospects are on O. Outside of WR, we're not likely to expend a high pick.
  4. ghettogandhi

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    Derrick Johnson at 11 would be great-
    then I would pray either Troy Williamson or Shawn Merriman are there at 20.
    and then give me Chris Canty at 42 and we have three playmakers added to the defense. two speedy backers and a de

    I still believe Roy Williams was the best non qb player in the draft last year- this year we dont have that sort of super stud offensive prospect in this draft-
  5. Woods

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    If the draft went this way I'd try to trade the 11th pick for the 15th-17th pick, and get an extra 2nd or 3rd.

    I'd take Merriman with that pick.

    Then, with the 20th, I'd trade down to the 24th-27th, pick up an extra 3rd or 4th, and take either one of the top WRs, or Spears, or Hawthorne at DT, or one of the top remaining CBs.

    I'd use the extra 2nd/3rd and the additional 3rd/4th (that we gained by trading down) for depth at either RB, DT, or at Safety.

    In any case, it's fun to play GM for a day!
  6. junk

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    Am I the only one who doesn't want DJ at all? A LBer who doesn't like to take on blocks and by most accounts is quite bad at it. A pursuit LBer at best?
  7. ghettogandhi

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    derrick johnson equals derrick brooks= thats definitely fine with me
  8. ghst187

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    My concern with DJ is that he's not much different than the player we already have in RW. They're about the same size and have similar roles. Teams will run right at DJ because he can't take on blocks. He's awesome at pursuit, rushing the QB, and overall making plays but he'll get eaten alive when teams run right at him. RW does a better job of taking on blocks IMO.

    I really think (quite ironically) the key to who falls to us at 11 will be based on which direction the skins go. They need a WR, DE, and CB. Gardner is leaving, Smoot is likely leaving, and they need a passrush. I think they would like to take Edwards or Mike Williams in the first and that's what I expect. There's also a good possibility that they fall in love with a DE and get him. They need a corner though pretty badly if smoot leaves but maybe they've had their fill of U of Miami DBs and/or think they can get one in the second round.
    Right now, I think their pick is the biggest enigma but will have a lot to say about who we can pick because we have the same needs.

    Also, I'd like to see the raiders pick up a RB via FA because (stay with me here) if one of the top 3 RBs are available then the Cards probably take the RB (Brown, Williams, Benson) and leave all the CBs on the board.
  9. Nors

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    He went around 17 and had similar knocks and went on to a 110 tackle season.

    From what I have seen he is an athletic playmaker. Something we don't have at LB today. Imagine a draft of DJ, Spears and in 2 add a Hawthorne or TE Heath Miller/Alex Smith!

    Big TE/WR's are the hot trend in the NFL.
    Especially with new interference rules that negate a CB's ability to battle these bigger players.
  10. Bobo

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    Keith Bulluck has the same rap on him coming out of college as DJ. It also looks to me that DJ has a frame to add more muscle, which should help.

    As for the draft predicitions, I'd be suprised if the Titans took a OT at 6. They'll probably have to draft some, but I think they'll go with the philosophy of only taking skill players early.
  11. Q_the_man

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    I see Detroit either going OL or LB not Davis at S. That's way way to high for Davis....
  12. jimmy40

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    Yes, you are. If all that crap was true nobody would even be mentioning him as a first round pick, much less top ten.
  13. junk

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    If its not true, why is it posted on EVERY scouting report regarding Derrick Johnson. Somebody must have seen him having problems taking on blocks. When I watched him, his big plays all seemed to be pursuit type plays.

    I couldn't see him playing anything but weakside, which is fine, Dallas does have a hole there, but I am still leery of a linebacker whose main knock is that he can't/won't take on blocks.

    I can't say that I would be ecstatic about taking him at 11.
  14. Rack Bauer

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    Thomas Davis a top 10 pick? You really are dreaming aren't you? :D

    He's good, but he won't go that high. Scouts aren't even sure if he'll be a safety or a LB in the NFL.
  15. Nors

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    Kid is a very, very good football player. Don't be confused about moving him to LB, He's only 230 and carries a Roy Williams reputation as a hitter. But fact is he runs more like a corner and can play true FS.

    He's off the board at 20 and if not may have a star - Woodsons replasement and would solidify the center of field. Add DJ at #11 and suddenly its a very dangerous neighborhood for RB's and Wr's!
  16. Nors

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    Thomas Davis
    S, Georgia
    War Room analysis
    Strengths: Led team in tackles in 2004 with 73. Had a monster season in 2003 with 138 tackles and 4.5 sacks. Big, strong, tough and very physical. Superb athlete and big hitter who covers plenty of ground. Has tremendous potential.

    Weaknesses: Is a bit raw. Has minor durability concerns because of a 2004 knee injury.

    Bottom line: With his talent and potential, Davis should be one of the top safeties drafted, maybe as high as Round 1.

    Dan Pompei analysis
    Is a fast, aggressive, physical prospect. Has good measurables with a feel for the position. Is tough.

    Davis, a junior, has decided to leave school early to enter the NFL draft, his high school coach told two newspapers. The Macon Telegraph and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Davis told former Randolph-Clay High School coach Jim McFather he will enter the draft.

    "The first thing he said was, 'Coach, I'm gone. I'm going to go pro,' " said McFather, who now coaches at Schley County.

    McFather said a knee injury Davis sustained this season influenced his decision.

    Todd McShay, a draft analyst for the NFL scouting service Scouts Inc., said Davis could be the top safety picked in April's draft.

    "I think he'll be somewhere in the top 10 to 20 picks in the first round," McShay told The Associated Press. "Obviously he has some room to improve in his range and recognition skills, but he's so athletic. He hits like a train and is all over the field."

    Davis is a two-time All-Southeastern Conference pick.

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