How good is jordan palmer...?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by locked&loaded, Jun 15, 2006.


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    One of the things that has kinda made me wonder about this kid is his maturity. Just always seemed like he was on the verge of getting himself in trouble. Is this a miss conception or is it a real concern for the young man? Any other feed back on this player would also be appriciated. I am very interested in him as a possible QB prospect for us.

    Many Thanks Bear.
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    It's not immaturity at the point where he's a malcontent or he's going to get himself into trouble. It's immaturity where he can be one to take something very lightly when it should be taken seriously. Such as practice, or eating right, or being diligent in staying in shape. He's still a college kid, i guess.

    If Carson Palmer = Troy Aikman, then I'd say....

    Jordan Palmer = Danny White. The talent is there, just needs a few years to grow into the position as a back up.
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    Yeah, he looks pretty good to me, too... mebbe that's why he's the C-USA preseason offensive player of the year...
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    Y'know, I've never read anything about him having maturity issues until these last coupla days, but in a few of the interviews I've seen, he has come off as slightly arrogant, which might be a maturity issue...

    I'm pretty sure he's never been in any real trouble, though, and his coach, Mike Price seems to be fond of him...
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    Carson's Senior year is what made him, before then he was a maddeningly inconsistent QB
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    I believe the same thing....

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