How good is/was Mike Jenkins?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by hra8700, Apr 11, 2013.

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    All of the above is true.

    If we were going to play pure man coverage then neither Carr or Mo have shown themselves to be as good as Jenkins although by the end of last year Mo was getting close.

    Jenkins always struggled in run support. He was fine at tackling WRs in the secondary. So if you want a finesse man cover corner and let the other players handle the run more then he can be a great asset to have. That is how we used him in 2009 and he was good. I never thought he was as bad as the numbers suggested in 2010 because he was the only Dallas CB who was getting close to balls. The problem was there was very little help in coverage from the Safeties (Sensy and Ball) or the ILBs (Brooking and James) and this allowed teams to take some liberties against him. The other thing is that we hung our corners out to dry with the blitz early in the season but none of our blitzers was ever coming free. This put the CBs in a bad spot and they got taken advantage of. You could still see th ability there in him that season. I thought he was very good in 2011, better than 2010 but not quite as good as 2009 and the main issue there was injury. 2012 is incomplete because he didn't get to play CB much and he is not well suited to slot CB. When he was out there you could still see the coverage skills.

    I think the Raiders got the biggest bargain in FA. They get a great cover corner for 1 year at $1.5M. Meanwhile Jerry has to give up two high picks or spend $50M to get guys who may not be much better than him. This is why we struggle so much - horrible personnel/cap decisions time over time over time. The GM just doesn't learn from his mistakes which is unfortunate because he would be Mensa great by now if he did.
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    Up and down.

    Nothing great overall but not horrible.

    Decent player but lots of wasted ability.
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    Agreed. One just has had a much better ability to stay healthy, and that's a big part of it.
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    If Jenkins plays like a great cover corner then he'll be demanding that $50M plus next year.

    Good players get paid. To Jerry's credit, he didn't pay Jenkins based on what he potentially could do, but instead went out and got a guy who was doing it.
  6. gimmesix

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    No, he's not here because he wasn't able to show if he could recover his 2009 form because of injuries. Despite fans' belief that he's soft based on one or two plays, Jenkins has shown that he's willing to stick his nose in there. Don't know why people like to ignore that.
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    He is a solid player. He is def a starting caliber CB, however I completely disagree with any of you who think he is as good as Claiborne or Carr.

    The Raiders got him for a bargain, and after this year, I think he'll earn significantly more money.
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    In 2009 he was quite good. Outside of that he has been garbage. 1-year wonder, he's not the first in the NFL. Glad he's not on our team anymore.
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    He had one very good season and was indeed over rated by Cowboys fans.

    End of story.

    Fred Smoot had 2 good seasons.
  10. mmillman

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    Never liked his game, too soft
  11. 4lifecowboy

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    Thats what it boils down to. the main reason i was against trading up for Mo.
  12. Little Jr

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    On a scale from 1-10 I give him a 5. If not for the 200o9 season id give him a 4 at best.
  13. Sarge

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  14. big dog cowboy

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    Gotta love the off season.
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    I think he was worth the risk for the Raiders.

    Talent wasn't an issue for Mike Jenkins. A lack of a sense of urgency was Jenkins' problem. The USF coaches told the Cowboys this and that if we 'stayed on him', he would be a good player for us. The one year we did that (2009), he had a fantastic year. After that, Wade went back to being Wade and he had a horrible 2010.

    With Garrett in charge, the sense of urgency came back and he played pretty well except he hurt his shoulder. He actually gutted it out quite honorably since the shoulder injury.

    For me, he was very good in man-to-man and a solid zone coverage corner. But, he had real issues with tackling. He seemed to be much more willing to tackle, but his shoulder injury made that an issue. If the shoulder heals, I think he's a good pickup for the Raiders. If it doesn't, it's not a biggie for them.

    He's another player that had the talent, but we didn't do a good job of developing him. In this case, it was an issue with a player with work ethic issues and a coach who could not set the tone for the team from a mental perspective.

  16. MichaelWinicki

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    Jenkins gave one very good season.

    Two ho-hum seasons.

    And two poor seasons.

    Overall, maybe a slightly below average corner.
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    The market dictates that bad players get 1.5 mil.

    He was decent man cover guy, but other than that...awful. Good riddance.
  18. Yeagermeister

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    Jenkins was the reason for the trade up. The team needed a second corner and they couldn't count on Jenkins being healthy.
  19. TheCount

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    How are you judging when we stayed on him and when we didn't?
  20. The Natural

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    Brandon Carr got 5 yr/50 mil last offseason. A guy like Sean Smith is another good young corner but got 3 yr/18 mil this offseason. Teams weren't forking out the cash for CB's like last year. You dont have to badmouth the guy, thank him for his contributions and wish him well at his next stop.

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