How is it Zimmer's fault?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by joseephuss, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. joseephuss

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    Seriously. Give me some legitimate reasons.

    The complaint I hear so often is that he is passive. Dallas was blitzing on that last drive.

    That he is predictable and the offense always knows where the blitz is coming from. Shanle blitzing from the linebacker spot went in untouched and forced an intentional grounding on that last drive. Seems like Seattle didn't know what was coming.

    How is it Zimmer's fault that Glenn couldn't cover a scrub wide receiver and had to interfere with him drawing a penalty? It was an easy coverage. He had the sideline to help him out and it was a deep fade pattern. It has to be a perfect pass.

    The defense obviously has some issues to correct, but to just say that Zimmer is the only reason the defense gave up the TD drive doesn't make sense to me. And it is not like some are even willing to give him credit for the way the defense is playing the rest of the game. With no help from the offense the last two games, the defense has played tremendously. Yet that is overlooked. It just amazes me.
  2. Doomsday101

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    For some sense is not a factor in what they are saying. When you lose everyone needs someone to point the finger at. This defense has come a long way in a short time and will only get better
  3. Waffle

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    There is a significant group of people who play Madden non-stop and participate in Fantasy Football leagues that now think they have all the answers.
  4. VirusX

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    :lmao2: oh good lord isnt that true?!
  5. Hollywood Henderson

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    Its a fact that as long as zimmy/campo have/were here, we get leads and play decent for 3 quarters...

    I have seen so many leads fall faster then anyone should expect...

    I saw someone say something like 18-20 losses now that we have the lead with very little time remaining...Yet, we hardly ever see a big defensive game winning play.

    Its not just blitzing, heck anyone (DC) can blitz...You can have a very fast car & lead a race for almost the whole race, but not have a clue how to drive it to finish first.
  6. dbair1967

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    I dont know that its all Zimmer's fault...all I know is we have seriously upgraded the talent here, coaches have changed over and the scheme has changed...he is the one common denominator and the one huge flaw we've have had since he's been here has been collapsing in the 4th qtr

  7. Seven

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    It comes from people who preach diversty, but in the same breath put limitations on it.
    For some, you could dip yourself in chocolate, roll over in nuts and they still wouldn't be happy.
  8. AmishCowboy

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    Yeah, on Hannan's TD, I saw Newman Blitzing, so he wasn't holding back, It's just bad on that last series when Seattle's 3 and 4 wr's are getting open and making great catches!.
  9. kartr

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    Fair points all, but, 16 points against the Giants and the four offensive turnovers and just 10 points against the 'Hawks and 13 points against the Redskins really puts a strain on a defense to have to win by themselves.
  10. gbrittain

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    What really bothers me are those who blow off the collapse of the defense late in games.

    The rationalization is the defense should not have to do it all by their self. Understood.

    What about a game where both the defense and offense are playing a very good game, but so is the opponent.

    Does anyone here have any confidence that our defense wont collapse with the game on the line?

    I can not say it enough, but what the Dallas D has done against San Diego, Washington, NY Giants and Seattle has to be fixed and not blown off because the offense had a bad game.

    This is what is called a trend and it is not a good one.
  11. dbair1967

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    sure I guess you can say we arnt scoring enough...but great defenses dont blow games when they have a chance to close teams out...we had a 13 pt lead at home vs a team that hadnt scored a single td in 115 minutes of football...we gave up 2 in less than 5 minutes...we gave up 24 pts and 400 yds to the worst team in football...we gave up a tying td on two plays covering 50+ yds of the field to the Giants, and gave up an 81 yd drive for a tying score this past week

    good defense over the total picture, but bad defense when we needed them to step up the most...they blew it...the goal is to score more pts than the other team, and we were in positions to win the Wash, NYG and Seattle games with our supposedly "great" defense on the field, and the defense caved

  12. Ashwynn

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    I think the young players are just not consistent enough YET. Its a very young defense in the fact our front 7 is sporting rookies all over the place, all 11 (53 really) are learning a new system. Picking up the nuances of the scheme is really not a piece of cake either, it does take time. The younguns and the old ones too are learning to play right now. Conservative, dumbing down, not over loading your it what you want. When they get it, they are going to take off, add more looks, stunts, blitzes and all the other gaps, cutback lanes, zones and whatever else you have. Then they can spend more time on plays and not on the playbooks, When it becomes second nature for Ware, Spears, Canty, Burnett and Glover, Ellis and Ferguson, and the secondary is primes and ready.....look out.

    This is the first steps of a really really good defense. Look at how they are playing now with little to no idea of the big picture. harken back to the dark days of 88-89-90-91. See a similarity. A sucky team, taken over by a good coach, good to great drafts, perging the roster of no-talent bums and then teaching your system to the players. We were marginally better in 90 then 89, a little better in 91 then we were in 90 and 92, we figured it all out and you remember the last game we played in the 92 year, they gave us a little trophy for winning it, and we wone it in a monster way, no doubt. And pple feared us for the next 5 years, till age, injury and FAy took its toll and the owner became too full of himself and thought he was George Hallas or Vince Lombardi or 'somebody'.

    Rest assured the owner part wont happen this time around. But the rest surely will. Lilke those dark ages of the past, Persistence and PATIENCE are required.

    I am not the least bit worried about this team, we aren't going to win anything this year, forget about it. We may win something next year, more then likely now. But you will se marked improvement out of next years boys, I will guarentee you that already, right here and now. In 2 years, look out. We unleash the new and improved Cowboys teams, and like the Pats and Colts, pple will circle that game on their calenders and chock it up as a loss.

    Make no mistake. Parcells has a plan, but its gunna take some time. The last two years, Parcells spun his wheels, I think Quincy hurt him and set his plan back a year and our #1 ranked D fooled Bill. Last year, he realized he does not have the QB or the D he needs to pull this off. THis year, he has the D. He will get you a QB this offseason, mark my words. He will fill the O line with bonafide players, rookies or FA's. He will instill the plan and lay the seeds. In 2 years, we will be as good as anyone and no one would be able to say they are better then us.

    Patience my brothers. As I have said, sit back and enjoy the show. You will be able to tell your grandkids you watched one of the greatest teams ever be assembled and then watched it destroy the league. I did not appreciate the Jimmy Johnson building, I hated those losers and they tore my heart out for 2 years, then I loved em. We know the rest there. Lets watch the rest here together. Loving every minute of it.
  13. SmashFactorGolf

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    NFL is in the entertainment business............points are entertainment-----virtually all the rule changes in past 10 years have been to give the offensive players an advantage in scoreing to thus beat the rateings and ticket sales game w/ NBA, NHL etc........

    ....thus my point is: you have to adapt and go w/ the rules of the game, 13 points per game will not cut it............defense with championships, but you first have to position yourselves correctly in the playoff grid...........

    ..........but on the otherhand....just make the 29 yd FG and all would be well----at least it exposes a problem, maybe 2 or 3 that BP will "take care of" in between playing rock/sissors/paper w/ Todd Haley..........
  14. TheHustler

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    Yep, it's really really strange. Dominating D for 55 minutes of the game, then, we give up plays, consistently.

  15. blindzebra

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    Total BS.

    We have lost 5 games since Parcells has been here where we had a lead in the 4th quarter.

    The offense scored 20, 7, 20, 13 and 10 points in those games.
  16. jimmy40

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    Who said we had a great defense?
  17. big dog cowboy

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    From my good friend Thumper.............

    I don't know what Parcells saw in Zimmer to make him retain the guy but I have disliked Zimmer since he was the DB coach. Our DBs always played 10-15 yards off the receivers and let them have anything they wanted underneath.

    That same philosphy has carried over to his role as the DC. He plays "not to lose", "bend but don't break", "just don't let anything bad happen". The problem is that bad things have and will continue to happen because you cannot give a QB all day to throw. Eventually a receiver will get open no matter how good your coverage guys are or teams will figure out how to exploit any weakness in your coverage, as we saw from the Redskins.

    IMO it was a HUGE mistake to retain Zimmer when he had the chance to go to Nebraska. At that same time, both Wade Philips and Gregg Williams were available and we could have signed one of them to be the DC for us. Both guys have turned around very poor defenses in San Diego and Washington and made them into a couple of the best.

    I know people get tired of hearimg me harp on this subject but the facts are plain. Zimmer's style of defense does not win games because it is designed to limit what the offense does rather than to dictate to it and put pressure on the offense to react to what we are doing. Great defenses create pressure and generate turnovers, that's not us. Not under Zimmer anyway.

    With the talent we have now we should be terrorizing QBs every week and while we have gotten some sacks this year the pressure has been inconsistent and due to blitzing a lot of guys to get them.

    When was the last time we saw one of our DLs stunt or do anything to confuse the OL? Let's face it folks, Zimmer is NOT an NFL caliber DC and never has been. He was promoted by Campo because he was Campo's protege. What boggles my mind is why Parcells retained the guy since he has always played a completely different style of defense.

    In the past, Parcells' defenses were the kind that always put pressure on the QB to force them to make mistakes and turnovers. I just don't understand what Bill sees in Zimmer.
  18. dbair1967

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    guess you have missed alot of the posts here the ast couple weeks

  19. dbair1967

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    great post...couldnt agree more

  20. MichaelWinicki

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    The offense has to do their job #1.

    The guys on the other team get paid too. Believe it or not other teams have the capability of scoring points. I know that's an amazing statement but think about it.

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