How is it Zimmer's fault?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by joseephuss, Oct 25, 2005.

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    Nope. Sure haven't. I've read lots of guys say the defense has playing good/great but I haven't read guys saying we have a great defense. Now the clueless that are saying the defense choked against Seattle obviously think we have a great defense.
  2. jimmy40

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    Your getting way past a lot of posters thought process.
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    All but shutting down the number one offenses three weeks in a row. I'll tip my hat to Zimmer. Another field goal made or another first down or two at the end of the game, and we aren't even having this discussion.
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    So how many games was that this this year and year's past for that matter that this defense had to win it because the offense couldn't score? if this was the case like you are stating then fine, but if you look at the whole picture, it is a little wacked.
    this defense gave our offense two turnovers with special teams giving them one as well, and the offense gets stuffed... how many times have you witnessed that lately? too many...
    How about the 4th and 1's and the Cowboys go for it, do you ever NOT worry greatly about getting that one yard?

    zimmer needs to throw out any defensive play that has the word 'prevent' in it, because ... ahh how's that go? 'the only thing it does is prevent you from winning' !!
    oh yeah, and don't forget that dumb *** int that bledsoe threw
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    I hear a lot of people calling for Capers to replace Zim, but Houston's defense isn't exactly anything to write home about. He's been good in the past, but so has Zim.

    Here are a couple of interesting observations (at least to me).

    Does the Washington defense remind anyone of the 2003 Dallas D? Highly rated by yards allowed but creating few sacks/turnovers/big plays?

    Anyone notice any differences between Capers' and Parcells' defenses? I noticed the nickle package immediately. Parcells goes to a 4-man line and Capers plays a 3-man line with a stand-up linebacker on each end.
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    Hard to blame Zimmer when BP said they (defensive coaches) huddled up before the final Seattle drive to decide how to play it.
  7. Nors

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    Parcells and OC are dead to blame on conservative game calling at points hindering our offense. The coaches share a good part of the blame there....

    DABOYZ Well-Known Member

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    Is Ridiculous....Wait jsut plain ignorant. How in the H*** can anyone blame this defense for any of our losses. All our Defense has done is keep us in games! We could easily be 0-7 if it wasn't for this Defense. I'm not saying I like Zimmer by any means but lets give these guys some credit.

    Our offense has looked good in some games but the last two games have been pretty sad. We can all take turns pointing the finger but the reality is that this young defense deserves alot of credit for the 4 wins we have. I was sick to my stomach when we lost to Seattle because I felt like this defense deserved the Win! The offense on the other hand deserved to lose.

    The offense needs to stop worrying about the pass rush and just get out there and get after it. "Start fast and Finish Strong" should be our new motto.
  9. Smith22

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    I can't believe some people can sit here and cry about the defense when the offense and special teams (kicking) has been AWFUL at times. I'll put the blame where it belongs, Parcells for keeping Cortez's sorry arse on our team and letting Robinson go, and on our offense for turning the ball over too much and not scoring enough points. Not only that, they gave Seattle the chance to make the game winning kick with a last second turnover. Sure, the defense had a big hand in the foreskins debacle, but so did our kicking game once again........ Bottom line, you should be able to depend on the offense to score AT LEAST 14 points to win the game, especially when the defense creates some turnovers and gives you more opportunities on offense.

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