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How long u been a cowboys fan?

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by GhettoxCowboy, May 8, 2006.

  1. VirusX

    VirusX Active Member

    1,392 Messages
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    I was blue and silver when I was born I think.

  2. twa

    twa Active Member

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    Great times allright and its been great (for the most part) watching over the decades. :cool:
  3. Dallas4ever

    Dallas4ever Active Member

    2,547 Messages
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    About 34 years. I really don't recall much about the first superbowl victory in '72, but I'm told that I was cheering along with the rest of the family. I had just turned 7 yrs. old.

    I've enjoyed some really great moments over the years with this team.

    Being a Cowboy's fan is a beautiful thing......as well as an honor.
  4. TurtleTurds

    TurtleTurds New Member

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    since 95:cool:

    WAREWOLFE94 New Member

    73 Messages
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    It's a father to son inheritance passed down the family tree gig...right around Dallas /Denver Bowl.


    Kelly Slater
  6. Ratmatt

    Ratmatt Active Member

    931 Messages
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    Since 1971.
  7. joehardee

    joehardee Member

    34 Messages
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    Since 1975.
  8. K-DOGG

    K-DOGG Member

    129 Messages
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    34 years and Counting! Since 1972! I was 6 years old and everyone in my household was a Houston Oilers fan but me!
    And I still have an independent mind!:lmao:
  9. TLW47

    TLW47 New Member

    603 Messages
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    I was born in a Cowboys loving family so it's been with me since birth.

    I'll die one too.

  10. VirusX

    VirusX Active Member

    1,392 Messages
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  11. sirduke63

    sirduke63 New Member

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    about 35 years
  12. mocowboyfan

    mocowboyfan Member

    53 Messages
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    Since 1963 - yep, I'm that old.
  13. dontpush

    dontpush New Member

    102 Messages
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    12 years, since i was 9...my first real memory of a cowboys game was the 94' ncf championship.
  14. Bob Sacamano

    Bob Sacamano Benched

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    lol, but think about it, the average attention span for a 5 year old is like 5 seconds
  15. 32BellyOption

    32BellyOption Member

    248 Messages
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    Since I was five years old in 1970. My dad was a Boys fan and once I started watching Roger Staubach was my hero and the blue star hypnotized me! LOL!

    Growing up in Steeler country it hasn't been easy. Especially now!
  16. 1fisher

    1fisher Active Member

    5,684 Messages
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    I got an autographed picture of Roger Staubach when I was 9 years old and thought I was on top of the world!.. been a fan ever since!.... I'm 37 now.. do the math!
  17. CanadianCowboysFan

    CanadianCowboysFan Lightning Rod

    15,626 Messages
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    I liked them when I was in Grade 9 (1975) but I really became a fan in Grade 6in 1977 the year they won SB XII.
  18. CowboysFan73

    CowboysFan73 Member

    56 Messages
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    Been a fan since late 70's. Started watching with Dad when I was four or five years old and never stopped!

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