How many late rounder's ended up playing like 1st round picks?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by REDVOLUTION, Apr 24, 2006.


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    I always wondered how many "no-name", "average-at-best" players come draft time turned out to be GREAT ONES? You know from 3rd round on??

    THUMPER Papa

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    Roger Staubach and Johnny Unitas come to mind
  3. ljs44

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    Tom Brady
    Joe Montana (Wasn't really a no-name, but 3rd round pick)
    Terrel Davis

    THUMPER Papa

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    Oops, I missed the qualifier of "No-name" "Average at best" which certainly didn't describe Staubach coming out of the Naval Academy since he was also a Heisman Trophy winner. He only dropped so low because of his Naval committment.

    It does apply to Unitas though.
  5. budsboys

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    erik williams
  6. burmafrd

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    Joe Montana had a big reputation coming out of college- the EXPERTS thought he was too small and did not have sufficient arm strength to be a big time NFL QB. OOOOPPPPPPSSSSS.
  7. MinnesotaCowboy

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    How about Drew Pearson......should be in HOF and old steady DE Larry Cole!
  8. Tass

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    Lofa Tatupu definitely.
  9. Natedawg44

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    Leon Lett
  10. quaigs

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    For the hell of it I went through rounds 5 and beyond from 1993 - 2002 and its pretty sparse pickings.

    Rd 6
    160 Washington Frank Wycheck TE Maryland
    Rd 7
    181 L.A. Raiders Greg Biekert MLB Colorado
    196 Dallas Brock Marion FS Nevada
    Rd 8
    198 New England Troy Brown WR Marshall
    199 Phoenix Chad Brown OLB Mississippi
    207 N.Y. Giants Jessie Armstead OLB Miami
    219 San Francisco Elvis Grbac QB Michigan
    222 San Diego Trent Green QB Indiana

    Rd 5
    145 San Diego Rodney Harrison SS Western Illinois
    149 Green Bay Dorsey Levens RB Georgia Tech
    Rd 7
    201 Atlanta Jamal Anderson RB Utah

    Rd 5
    158 Miami Norman Hand DT Mississippi
    196 Denver Terrell Davis RB Georgia
    Rd 7
    230 Green Bay Adam Timmerman G South Dakota State

    Rd 5
    133 N.Y. Jets Marcus Coleman FS Texas Tech
    135 Kansas City Joe Horn WR Itawamba JC
    166 Oakland La'Roi Glover NT San Diego State
    208 Green Bay Marco Rivera G Penn State
    Rd 7
    244 Buffalo Jay Riemersma TE Michigan

    Rd 6
    169 Tampa Bay Al Harris CB Texas A&M-Kingsville
    193 Oakland Grady Jackson DT Knoxville

    Rd 6
    173 Minnesota Matt Birk C Harvard
    187 Green Bay Matt Hasselbeck QB Boston College

    213 Green Bay Donald Driver WR Alcorn State
    248 Buffalo Bryce Fisher DE Air Force

    Rd 5
    149 Green Bay Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila DE San Diego State
    153 Kansas City Dante' Hall WR Texas A&M
    Rd 6
    168 New Orleans Marc Bulger QB West Virginia
    189 Denver Mike Anderson RB Utah
    199 New England Tom Brady QB Michigan
    Rd 7
    245 Jacksonville Danny Clark MLB Illinois

    Rd 7
    204 Cincinnati T.J. Houshmandzadeh WR Oregon State
    224 San Francisco Eric Johnson TE Yale

    Rd 7
    248 San Francisco Kyle Kosier T Arizona State ;)
  11. dallasfaniac

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    Take all those players and you could field a pretty good team. Nice work.
  12. Wimbo

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    2002 pick 253: David Givens

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    None. Average-at-best will not get it done in the NFL. Guys thought to be average can turn out to be anything but and often do. It happens.
  14. TheHustler

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    Wasn't he a second rounder?
  15. Wimbo

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    1985 draft, 6th round, pick #158: Jay Novacek.

    1986 draft, 4th round, pick #96: Charles Haley

    1987 draft, 6th round, pick #150: Greg Lloyd

    1987 draft, 10th round, pick #266: Bobby Taylor

    1989 draft, 4th round, pick #86: Ray Crockett

    1990 draft, 6th round, pick #159: Bryce Paup

    1991 draft, 5th round, pick #124: Ben Coates

    1991 draft, 12th round, pick #320: Larry Brown (ok, maybe not first round, but I had no idea he was picked in the 12th.)

    1991 draft, 12th round, pick #326: Keenan McCardell

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