How many predicted 13-3 or 12-4 this year?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by InmanRoshi, Dec 20, 2005.

  1. InmanRoshi

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    If you did, you have every right to be upset. The team did not live up to your expectations. Feel free to freakout, want to fire BP and start new and rebuild everything from stratch.

    I seem to remember most people saying in the offseason saying they would be pleased with a 9-7 or 10-6 year, possibly getting into the playoffs. This is before we knew that our division would have 3 teams strongly competing for a playoff hunt and that the AFC West would arguably be the toughest top to bottom division in the NFL. Congratulations .. the team has met your expectations. Here's to looking forward to hurdling the next goal in 2006.

    To those people who are throwing the biggest gripes are the ones who most adamently wanted to prove that they are "non rose colored glasses" fans and not afraid to question BP and predicted another 6-10 season because .. and I quote ... "Bledsoe aint no better than Testeverde". We've exceeded your expectations. Rejoice.

    Once again, in the offseason fans love to portray themselves as cautious, non-homers as they go with guardedly optimistic predictions of 9-7 and 10-6 to give the appearance that they are not the typical "rose colored glasses" fans. Then they proceed to completely freak completely the F out when their guarded predictions come to fruition, making them to look even more absurd than than the homers they tried to seperate themselves from in the firstplace.
  2. Eddie

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    I expected 8-8. Looks like we may get it.
  3. Hostile

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    I said 10-6 and a wildcard, with 11-5 with the division crown possible.
  4. jimmy40

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    I seem to remember every person that predicted 8-8, 9-7 said they would be happy with that if we showed progress towards the end of the season. Guess that kind of screws up your post though. I predicted 8-8 because Bledsoe is a .500 qb and I figured that's what he'd lead us to.
  5. Hoov

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    i predicted 11-5, was hopefully optimistic, but im not freaking out that we will porbably be 9-7. some things didnt go our way this season.
  6. Cbz40

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    I predicted 10-6
  7. Alexander

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    I don't understand the reasoning behind this "well, isn't this what we all expected?"

    Nobody should have expected nor appreciated a collapse after having everything in your favor and your own destiny in the palm of your hand, which we did just three weeks ago.

    I don't care what the meaningless "preseason predictions" said. Failure is failure. Whether or not it was "expected" is just trying to put a positive spin on it.
  8. Everlastingxxx

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    I predicted 9-7 but somewhere along the line i actually believed we were a Super Bowl contender. :eek::
  9. silver

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    me. i thought 12-4. looks like 9-7 now. and you know what? i'll take it if it means playoffs.
  10. MS17

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    I said 8-8, probably no playoffs. I still cant figure out why all the 12-4 projections; maybe they misread the poll and thought "How do the Seahawks Finish?"
  11. jimmy40

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    :hammer: That should just about finish this thread.
  12. silver

    silver Well-Known Member

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    you outha be in vegas, really. how do you do it? please share your wisdom.
  13. InmanRoshi

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    I just laugh at

    August's: "We are playing a lot of young players. We also play a rather difficult schedule. Still I expect to see improvement this year from last year, but we're still at least a year away. Put me down for 9-7."



    Its as predictable as the sun rising.

    For those of us who put us a 9-7 for the year, it turned out to be exactly what I expected. There's no need to spin. Its entirely spin free. Put a target out there, and the target was reached. It is what it is.

    Its the people who say "I expect 9-7, but NOT THIS KIND OF 9-7" who spin.
  14. Funxva

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    I said 11-5 I believe. 10-6 works too. So does 9-7. Not bad considering the Defensive overhaul and playing with untested players on the OL.
  15. JackMagist

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    I predicted 11-5 plus or minus 1 game...Looks like it will be minus at least 1 if we win out. I am not going to give up on the season just yet but I admit that it is not looking good. I still think we will at least beat St. Louis to go 9-7 but that will not get us in the playoffs.
  16. Hiero

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    I predicted 10-6 and playoffs, so in that sense I am not yet really disappointed.

    However to be 7-3 with a chance to finish 13-3 or 12-4 and then blow it and then to be completely dominated by the redskins is a really sour way to end the year, especially if the giants and redskins games keep us out of the playoffs.
  17. MS17

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    silver - dunno, not wisdom though; just the eternal pessimist in me I guess, glass half empty kinda thinking. Silly me.
  18. SultanOfSix

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    I predicted 12-4 barring injuries. The loss of Flozell on offense, and the loss of Henry, Dat, and Singleton have killed us.
  19. jimmy40

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    Talk about spinning.
  20. aikemirv

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    I am not neccessarily for getting rid of Bp but the reason for my concern is the state of the OLine, period.

    He has done very little for it in 3 years.

    Did not hire a real Oline coach and that was one of our weaknesses last year.

    What is the excuse for that.??

    It has nothing to do with record, it is the state of dissaray that we are in!!!

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