How many predicted 13-3 or 12-4 this year?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by InmanRoshi, Dec 20, 2005.

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    Me too, and I think there is a reasonable chance to get there. I also predicted a wildcard birth, which 10-6 would get us.
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    I thought we would be 10-6, possibly 11-5 if things broke right.

    So, by that.... we're right where I thought.

    However, I THOUGHT:

    - we had a franchise back

    - solid linebackers that would at least be around a couple of more seasons until Burnett/Ware were ready to carry the load and we found some inside guys

    - the makings of a decent OL, at least for a few more years

    - and a solid D-Line.

    Starting to wonder if we've got any of that, and when coupled with the things I knew we didn't have.....

    I'm not as optimistic as I was about the future of the team, and that's what bothers me, not the record so much. There's a lot more holes than I thought.
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    This is how I saw it before the season started. This was posted on Sept. 5th, 2005

    What are your NFC East predictions for the 2005-2006 season?

    I wanted everyone to post there NFC East predictions. Please post the record and order of finish of the teams as well as post season predictions.

    Here are my predictions.

    Eagles 11-5
    Redskins 10-6
    Dallas 9-7
    Giants 7-9

    Eagles win division and get a first round bye. Redskins and Dallas both make the playoffs as wild cards.
    Cowboys lose in the first round. Redskins beat the Eagles in the second round on the road.
    Redskins beat the Panthers in the NFC championship game.
    Redskins beat the Colts in the Superbowl.

    Sure I am extremely biased and my predictions telegraph that bias, but this is my thread and it is all good fun. So there.... [​IMG]

    How do you see it?
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    One of the best posts I have read on here in a long time!
  5. mr.jameswoods

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    Is this really such a new concept to you? Teams that finish strong are always being given greater consideration than teams that start strong and finish weak. Don't take my word for it. Just look at the NCAA in regards to how it ranks both basketball and football teams in the regular season. Please tell me you are just being argumentative?
  6. mr.jameswoods

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    We may not be the Colts, but we were leading the Seahawks, and the Redskins in the 4th quarter of both games. We had an opportunity to kick a FG and beat the Broncos in the final minutes of the 4th quarter.

    But you are right, it was inconceivable to think we could have beaten these teams. :rolleyes:
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    LOL. I pointed to the missed DEN FG as a reason why calling this a "collapse" is assinine.

    rookie D hurts us and anyone not thinking they'd wear down wasn't paying attention.

    not inconceivable, just not a "lock" as if we are the '85 bears or '86/90 giants.
  8. Zaxor

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    There are none so blind that will not see...

    they do just like those dispicable politicians and con artists do...they speak "a" truth but not "THE" truth

    So... once again....

    WR Joey Galloway
    LT Flozell Adams
    LG Larry Allen
    C Matt Lehr
    RG Andre Gurode
    RT Ryan Young (7) Kurt Vollers (8)
    TE Dan Campbell
    WR Terry Glenn
    QB Quincy Carter
    RB Troy Hambrick
    FB Richie Anderson

    RE Ebenezer Ekuban
    RT La'Roi Glover
    LT Willie Blade
    LE Greg Ellis
    SLB Al Singleton
    MLB Dat Nguyen
    WLB Dexter Coakley
    LCB Terence Newman
    RCB Mario Edwards
    SS Darren Woodson
    FS Roy Williams

    this is the roster from 2003 anybody want to take a crack at showing me where we have so dramatically improved in 2005

    here is a little helper from 2003
    Dallas OPP
    FIRST DOWNS 286 228
    Rushings 115 67
    Passing 149 127
    Penalty 22 33
    3rd Down - Made/Att 88/241 69/227
    3rd Down Efficiency 36.5% 30.4%
    4th Down - Made/Att 4/12 7/15
    TOTAL NET YARDS 5,161 4,056
    Avg. Per Game 322.6 253.5
    Total Plays 1,062 937
    Avg. Per Play 4.9 4.3
    NET YARDS RUSHING 1,999 1,425
    Avg. Per Game 124.9 89.1
    Total Rushes 515 413
    Avg. Per Rush 3.9 3.5
    NET YARDS PASSING 3,162 2,631
    Avg. Per Game 197.6 164.4
    Sacked/Yards Lost 37/185 32/189
    Gross Yards 3,347 2,820
    Attempts/Completions510/294 492/239
    Pct. Of Completions 57.6 48.6
    Had Intercepted 21 13
    PUNTS/AVERAGE 95/38.9 105/42.6
    Net Punting Average 34.6 37.5
    PUNT RET./AVG 51/7.6 34/6.7
    KICKOFF RET./AVG 60/21.5 66/21.9
    INT./AVG.RET. 13/14.1 21/13.6
    PENALTIES/YARDS 98/837 88/763
    FUMBLES/BALL LOST 26/5 24/12
    TOUCHDOWNS 31 28
    Rushing 11 7
    Passing 17 18
    Returns 3 3
    EXTRA POINTS/ATT. 30/31 23/26
    TWO POINT CONV./ATTs 0/0 2/2
    FIELD GOALS/ATT. 23/29 21/23
    AVG TIME OF POSS 32:34 27:26

    okay because I am a nice guy I will provide the link for 2005 stats

    also anybody remember that nonsense about Parcells teams improving dramatically in their 2nd year:eek:
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    Let me say this, I am a huge parcells fan. I like the way he coaches and how he teaches his players more than the x's and o's. And even though I don't consider this little bump in the road a collapse at all, I do think that Parcells has some serious questions he has to answer. I am a strong beliver in the coach calls the play and the players make the plays. And quite often this year, our players haven't made the play. But after watching almost every game this year, I think Peyton needs to go. I think we need to emphaize the OL in the off season and the QB in the off season. I know alot of you love Drew B. And he has done OK this year, actually better than I thought he would. But I think it is painfully obvious, we wont' win a SB with Bledsoe as QB. There is no excuse for us to have the weapons at WR and not be using them. I know you have to have time to throw the ball, and i think last week was a perfect example of why peyton needs to go. After the 1st quarter, it was easy to see that Tucker couldn'thandle his guy, but no help was given. Peyton lacks the ability to spot trends and adjust to them. Most of the day, they only rushed 4, because that is all they had to. I like this team, I like Parcells, I like our chances not only this year, but in the years to come. But to get over the hump and really be an elite team again, some changes will have to be made. And if Parcells is not up to making them, Then we should find someone else. I would hate for that to happen, but we are talking about the Dallas Cowboys here, and the history of the team , is far more important than one man.
  10. Bach

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    Does it matter what we expected in August?

    Here's a better one for ya: How many people expected we'd finish 9-7 or 8-8 when we were sitting at 7-3 going into Thanksgiving???

    That's the question you should be asking.
  11. DipChit

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    Well yeah it's the worst stretch of the season..but you could see that even before the games were played. 2 high powered AFC West teams and 2 divisional foes that you hadnt exactly hung 35 on even when you had them on your own field early the year.

    And this playing crappy offense on the road didnt just start in December, it's been going on for months.

    Obviously that was going to start killing you sooner or later.. it's just that 4 of the previous 6 games were at home and you were able to steal one of the road games that you really didnt have any biz winning.
  12. Zaxor

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    someone has to take responsibility for this mess...:)

    so who is it gonna be?:eek:
  13. DipChit

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    I dunno.

    As Bill likes to ask..

    Is there a 1-800 number you can call? Maybe 1-800-TEAMFIX?

    Course theres like 19 other teams that dont have more than 8 wins either.. no matter who they've played, when they've played them or how they've played them.

    So even if there is, you might be on hold for a while. ;)
  14. InmanRoshi

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    Some of us looked at the schedule before the season and noticed this funny thing ... all of our division games were at home the first half of the schedule and on the road the 2nd half of the schedule. And if you listened to the press conferences in the begining of the year, you would have heard Parcells say that October was a critical month because the end of the schedule was so brutal. I guess some people just weren't paying attention, so this 1-3 stretch is a huge surprise and shock for them.
  15. MS17

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    JJT mentioned this morning that the Cowboys have scored but 14 points in the first quarter on the road this year. 14 points, and this isnt a come from behind style offense. With a fall from grace after a 7-3 start, the off season should be very active and very very interesting and much of what was thought to work in the past may not cut it in the future in Dallas.
  16. kartr

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    He's right. Bledsoe's career winning percentage is only around .500. Last year Buffalo went 9-7 with the number 2 defense and a good running game and good receivers. Bledsoe racked up huge numbers against teams with bad defenses and struggled with teams that had good defenses. You don't have to be genius or seer figure that out. After 3 years of building a team around the guy, they decided he couldn't take them any further. I hope it doesn't take us that long too,especially now that Parcells halo has come down out of the clouds.
  17. Bach

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    Washington 13 Oakland 16 L
    Washington 17 Arizona 13 L
    Washington 17 San Diego 23 L
    Washington 24 St. Louis 9 W
    Washington 17, Arizona 13 W
    Washington 35 Dallas 7

    Shock? Surprise? Nah.

    The 7-6 Redskins were just running over teams this year. I'm sure we all expected to get blownout in our biggest game with them in over a decade.
  18. DipChit

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    It's funny what scheduling can do when looked at from a "what have you done for me lately" POV.

    The Skins had lost 4 out of 5.. but then lo and behold they got to play Zona and the Rams before they played us. Yeah, they were on the road, but still. So now that they're on this lil roll after having beating these 3 teams, all is well with that team? They're *better* prepared now to match up with the best the Conference has to offer? Or is the reality simply that their fans have nothing to moan about until they lose again?

    How bout the Giants? They had lost 2 out of 3 before we went up there. We played like *** but they still only got out by the skin of their teeth really. If we steal that game somehow at the end would that have meant the Giants were in the midst of a total collapse.. it woulda been 3 out of 4 afterall. Would it have meant our offensive road woes were solved?

    But then as fate would have it, they get the Eagles in total disarray. The Chiefs win was good I suppose, but it's nothing we didnt do.. and it would seem that in the week between, the Chiefs forgot how to tackle. ;)

    I know, we dont really care about the virtues or problems of the other teams.. this is about *us*. Still though, as I've said before, scheduling does make a difference unless you're one of the truly better teams in the league. Where when and where you play mediocre teams it doesnt matter much. But when *you* are a mediocre team it does matter when and where you play other mediocre (nevermind better) teams. You can say it's an excuse or you can say it's a matter of fact.

    Just like the quick start in '03. If you simply slide the TB game and the N.E. games into the slot where it was the Jets and Zona, we almost certainly start 1-3 instead of 3-1.

    So, if we still won the other 2 games against the lesser teams and still finished 10-6, except we could say we were a far better looking 9-3 to finish it off as opposed to 7-5 as it was, it wouldnt have made one iota of difference once we got to the playoffs regardless.

    Lets say we get a little help and get in the playoffs anyhow even though we lost to the Skins. Do we really think that beating them that particular day, say 17-14, instead of getting shellacked would've helped us somehow 3 weeks later when we go play somebody in the playoffs. I dont know why it would. Any chance we have to be successsful is still prolly predicated on the next 2 games we have anyway.
  19. MichaelWinicki

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    And we've got a guy at QB who's inability to score points on the road has been going on for years.
  20. Bach

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    And he'll be 34 next year.

    That only means that Bill probably thinks he's the perfect solution to build his team around.

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