How much do injuries count?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by fanfromvirginia, Dec 31, 2012.

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    We still don't have the horses. The backups can come in and play as well as the injured starters... this means that the starters are only as good as the backups...
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    Maybe for a couple of guys but not for Lee and Carter and that's the heart of the defense. Connor, Sims and Albright did admirable jobs but they fell fall short of what Lee and Carter were doing manning the middle.
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    You trying to say sims and poppinga are as good as lee and carter?
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    This was a patch work defense by the end of the season and if there was 1 fault of it, was that it did not create enough turn overs or game changing plays. Otherwise I don't think we could ask for more with what was left.

    But the defense was probably the strength of this team for 14 out of 16 games this season. It constantly bailed out the offense and ST's. Constantly gave the ball back to the offense and was the single reason our idle offense had chances to come back late in games.

    Our offensive play calling and execution was what killed the season. To think Bucky Brooks from had the cahones to write a piece, less than a week ago, suggesting that us having Romo makes us the scariest offense in football was absolutely absurd.
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    WAS was without some keys guys too this game: Orakpo (injury), Carriker (injury), their two starting safeties Meriweather (injury) and T. Jackson (suspension), backup S DeJon Gomes (injury), plus Griffin wasn't 100%.

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