How much do you pay Dez Bryant?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Galian Beast, Jan 15, 2014.

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    The point of this all is that you don't need a top ten receiver in the middle of his prime to make Super Bowls runs. And that the teams that make Super Bowl runs are clearly investing their money at other positions.
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    One thing you have to start factoring in at least a little here is age. 26 to 30 is the prime of a WR career...for us to expect that Dez won't want to get paid is ridiculous. But would you even want him when really you'll be paying for the best part of his career when your team will almost assuredly be in steep decline? In my opinion you see how next year turns out and then you let him walk but of course Jerry will make him the highest paid WR in the history of the NFL or something ridiculous like that.
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    I understand your point and I really agree with you but most of those players are still on their rookie deal with the exception of the Pats those team don't TRY to not play still players it sorta just "happened" that way. In the case of Seattle which makes STRONG proof for you post (as to having low salaries guys) they will be in cap hell next season 2015 if they have to sign Sherman, Bennett, Thomas, Cleamons, Avril and Maxwell with Tate and Bennett coming up in 14
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    The only GM that would trade for that headache dez and pay him huge money is .... JJ.
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    Amen brother.
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    It would definitely be better for the long term cap health of the team .... providing that the team didn't turn around and waste the cap savings on someone who is essentially a waste of space.
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    Lol y'all still don't get it. Franchise Dez and you get what you ask for.
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    The thought of Dez with a lucrative contract makes me nervous.
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    7 years/ 23 million
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    i would trade him and just draft another wr at round 1, there will be always be star receivers in the draft
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    Pay him. Get the deal done. I think dez will want to get a deal done. He's not the type to holdout. He's building his brand in Dallas.
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    We know what Dez can do. They have to spend the money on someone and Dallas is good cap wise in the near future. Ware, Witten, Austin, Free, Mack and Orton will be gone. The big hits will be Romo, Carr, Scandrick and Lee. Then Dez, TSmith and a new FA DT added this year, maybe Carter and Clairborne.
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    Good post.

    His list also ignores another aspect.

    Seattle: 650 Yards, 8 TDs
    Sidney Rice ($9.7M)
    Percy Harvin ($4.9M)
    Zach Miller ($11M)

    Indy: 1100 Yards, 5 TDs (Projected to 16 games)
    Reggie Wayne ($8.1M)

    New Orleans: 1400 Yards, 7 TDs
    Marques Colston ($4.5M)
    Lance Moore ($4.5M)

    San Francisco: 1500 Yards, 8 TDs
    Michael Crabtree ($5.7M)
    Vernon Davis ($8.7M)

    Carolina: 750 Yards, 4 TDs
    Steve Smith ($5.7M)

    San Diego: 1500 Yards, 14 TDs (Royal had 5 through weeks 1 and 2)
    Antonia Gates ($6.8M)
    Eddie Royal ($4.5M)

    Almost all of those teams are spending money at pass catching positions. Just because the most productive player is making far less doesn't mean they haven't invested. Look at Seattle. $25M in cap space to get production pretty comparable to Terrence Williams.

    Denver doesn't need to have a ton of money in the WR or TE position but as you pointed out their WRs are on rookie deals. Decker is currently a free agent and I doubt his cap hit will be less than the $1.5M it was this year. Next year both Welker and Thomas are Free Agents.

    New England didn't take big hits this year but they committed longterm to Gronk and Hernandez with big deals, and tried like hell to get Welker back on board.

    Bottom line, ALL teams invest their money in WRs.
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    Fixed it for you.

    Should get him here opposite Dez.
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    The list of 8 is not players. It is teams. No fair! ? lol .............Smart teams don't sign all their WRs to long term deals.
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    Pay him commensurate with a top 15 receiver.
    I am tell you: This manchild will not fully reach maturity for another 5 years and a lot can happen, so Jerra, don't go overboard with an extension. Be cautious and stuff.I

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    Great movie.
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    You want Dez on our wall. you NEED Dez on our wall.....

    (pay him fairly)

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