How much is it worth?????

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by k19, May 23, 2005.

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    I was sitting here thinking about a call I got this morning and thought I'd ask and see what all you wise peoples opinions on the matter are. Here’s the deal...

    The Air Force has decided to move the aircraft I work from here to and spread them among the other 3 bases. The operation here is under contract for maintenance until September 2007 but the AF could move everything earlier at their discretion. The contract I am on is up September 31 of this year and so far hasn’t been renewed but they say its "in the bag" :rolleyes: Anyways a lot of you know what I have going on at home and how badly we need insurance and long term stability so I started looking for a new job just as a CYA type deal.

    Anyways I got a call from a staffing agency in the DFW area asking me if I was looking or what the deal was. He said they had a job that I may be interested in paying upwards of $125k a year, most of which is tax free. I however said thanks but no thanks, politely thanked him for his time and went on with my day. The job was in Afghanistan and would require you to be there a year or so. I explained to him I had 4 children and would like to see them all grow up and that the money, even if they doubled or tripled it was not worth it to me. I've spent enough time over there in my life and have no desire going back, especially right now. With my luck I'd get over there and get killed 2 days later and my family would get nothing

    Any who I'll probably kick myself later but I was just curious as to what some of you thought and "what your family is worth to you" I guess you could say

    And if anyone does kick arse resumes hook a brother up :D
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    Is it just a one year job, or one year in Afghanistan and then a job waiting here for you?
  3. k19

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    more than likely just a one year deal total. JS Firm is kind of like Kelly Services. Most of their jobs are just temp jobs and when the jobs over the job is over.
  4. Crown Royal

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    No way. A one year contract and nothing when you get back isn't worth that money. Especially now - you need something here that is stable and enables you to be with your family.

    I am not against travelling (my father travelled most of my life), but a year away doesn't seem right for your family, salary be damned.
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    i agree with your decision. more money always helps but the other things are more important. way more important.
  6. k19

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    Under normal circumstances it may not have been a bad deal but and I could have always moved the wife and kids back to Arlington to be close to my mother and what not but with all the surgeries and everything now wouldnt be a good time.

    Even more than the timing issue and missing a year of the kids growing up is the issue of missing the rest of their lives in the worst case deal. Not like Afghanastan or anyplace else in the middle east is exactly the motel 6 of the world for US Citizens. Who knows maybe if they werent 14, 10, 7, and 2 it would be different but they are.

    Oddly enough I had no problem telling him no thank you even after he mentioned the possibility sweetening the pot a bit
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    With your wife having her problems, correct me if I am wrong but wasn't your wife having problems with cancer, and then the children on top of that.....If it were me I would have to stay stateside so I could be close to my family and not stuck in another country where you may have trouble leaving or getting out of the job to take off in case a bad turn of events happened with your family.
    Not only your wife needs you now, but I am sure that the children will as well.
  8. k19

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    Yeah the wife has MenIIA among other things and has another surgery scheduled for next month as a matter of fact. That was one of the many factors that made it so easy to say no. Thats another reason why I'm looking for a job but not looking too hard because we still have things that need to be taken care of before we have to start over with a new insurance carrier.

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    I respect your decision K19. I think you did the wise thing.
  10. Cajuncowboy

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    K19, you made the right decision. You need to be where you can the most help and that is with your wife and kids. The 125K is not that much when you think about the sacrifice that your wife and kids have to make. I'm sure everything will be ok with your wife but there may be sometimes when she just has to have you around.
  11. Cbz40

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    K19.....stand by your decision it was the right one.

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