How much would it cost to move up?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cruz_aedo861, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. cruz_aedo861

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    How much would it cost to move up into the top five and snag Morris Claiborne. As much as i like De Castro who i think will be there at 14 i really like Morris Claiborne and IMO secondary is by far our biggest weakness. i also know that a lot of people say there is a lot of depth at CB in the draft i just wanted to get some thoughts on if we should move and snag claibore (i dont think it should move up to get kirkpatrick only claiborne) or stay put grab De Castro (who address a need but not as pressing a need imo) and address cb in the 2nd or 3rd. thoughts?
  2. Risen Star

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    Two bad ideas. Package picks to move up and use that top 5 pick on a secondary player.

    Well done. Jerry would be proud.
  3. Doomsday101

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    To get into the top 5 likely next years 1st. Now if Kirkpatrick is there at say the 10 or 11th and Dallas wanted to move up I think that would be more doable. I would rather stay at 14 though and grab the BPA who fills a need.
  4. cruz_aedo861

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    diddnt say i would do it just wanted to get a cost to see if it was worth it.
  5. cruz_aedo861

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    If the cost would be this and next years 1st i would much rather stay put and grab De Castro or BPA who fills a need.
  6. JoeCorrado

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    Not moving up to the top five IMO. We have too many needs and can't afford to spend multiple picks to make that type of move.

    That may not actually be the BPA then, eh? :)
  7. BraveHeartFan

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    I would think it would cost you next years first to move from 14 to the top five. I would bet that is the minimum it would cost you.
  8. Doomsday101

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    we would have to swap 1st rd picks and give up a 1st next year to move up to the top 5. Frankly it could be more than that. I think the Cowboys were to move up to get a CB then Claiborn or Kirkpatrick would have to fall to no less than the 10th pick.
  9. Doomsday

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    We have too many needs to move up to fill one hole at corner. Plus corner is a tough position for rookies to transition to.

    I would rather see them add a veteran CB in FA and use the first round pick on someone who can contribute right away like DeCastro. Plus it is long past time that they fixed this offensive line.
  10. Randy White

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    In that scenario, there's a precedent from last season: Jaguars moved from #16 to #10 ( Deadskins ) for a second round choice.

    Too high of a price, imo. Would rather keep that 2nd round choice to fill another need.
  11. TheCount

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    Stay the course. Take DeCastro and sign a FA guard. There are sexier picks, but nothing smarter than protecting your QB.
  12. funkytown

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    Moving into the top 5 would be to costly for the future.

    Moving to the 10-11 range would cost you a 2nd rounder.

    I would love to have Morris Claiborne or Dre Kirkpatrick, but it seems too costly. We just gotta hope teams will look at skill positions, and Kirkpatrick could slide to us.

    This is the cost for winning an extra game or two. If we lose one extra game, and go 7-9 then we are picking 11th right now.

    I'm in the minority around here, but if you can see that your team( the team you love) is not going to go deep in the playoffs, its better to go 6-10 and have a top 10 pick. I'm going to get blasted but its the truth.
  13. K-DOGG

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    That would be fine only if we did not have gaping holes in the interior of the OL and a crew of pathetic no pass rushing Defensive Linemen!:banghead:
  14. Blue Eyed Devil

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    It would cost basically your whole draft
  15. cds99

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    I am so hoping kirkpatrick slides down a bit to us. Nothing i was more is to get this kid in the first and address the OL and OLB with the 2nd and third pick. This kid is tall and is aggresive and i really hope the team thinks about getting this guy if he is close to us. Im not saying move up 8 to 10 spots for him but 3-5 is more doable. There is so many holes to fill you hate to give up anything to get anybody BUT i think he will be a special player for a team.
  16. Marktui

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    Didn't the Falcons make a big move last year and basically have no picks in this years draft and what did that do for them. Stay where we are and let the draft come to us. Someone might slip and another team behind us may make us a good offer to go to our spot. We are not one player away from being great.
  17. dboy214

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    why would we move up when we have so many holes on this team?
  18. poost

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    I remember last year all the talk about moving up for Peterson. The fact of the matter is the 14th is going to have a very good player available. I would stay put, too many holes to fill.
  19. GloryDaysRBack

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    14 and Buehler for #5

    This team has WAY too many holes to be trading away additional picks
  20. Randy White

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    " I see what you're doing there.. Buehler ? Buehler ? anyone ? "

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