How Obama means to lower taxes for 95% of working families

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by Angus, Oct 14, 2008.

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    We can believe Obama intends to lower our taxes a tad right after he raises them a bunch. Why do we question him? Of course it can be done. It's just that certain steps have to be taken first.

    Either raise everyone's taxes greatly before lowering them a bit, or else let the inflation that will come with his give away programs raise the income of everyone with a job to more than $250,000. Either way, he can spend us into a socialized quagmire and still have everyone in the nation working only for him and his liberal cohorts, except for the 15% they might get to keep for themselves.

    Of course!

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    Obama has already voted in a tax hike for 2009. Why in the world does anyone believe he is going to stop there? He needs an additional $1.5 trillion per year for his new proposals. That number will only get bigger each year with liberal/socialists running congress. Add that to the cost of the government socializing banks and the mortgage industry and that is going to be a total of $3.5 to $4 trillion more a year.

    He will raise taxes which will reduce the total money collected by the Treasury. With less money in the Treasury something is going to be cut.

    His plan is to totally abandon our missile defense system and cut our standing army in half. He said it himself during a speech. At the same time he is going to invade Pakistan while personally meeting with the leaders of Iran, Syria and North Korea. Seems like a solid plan.
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    What Clinton already gutted the Military and it is in the worse shape it has ever been in and they want to cut it in half again.

    Yep we will be a Chinese providence in 4 years

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