How Rob Ryan told Jeff Fisher he was leaving for New Orleans

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Feb 22, 2013.

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    I happened to see the Jeff Fisher press conference a week or two ago where he talked about Rob not working out, and he didn't seem to have any ill will at all. And we all know Fisher played and coached for Rob's dad. So I doubt there was any bad blood over this. Maybe Fisher was just being funny and/or dramatic -- hard to tell from one little tweet.
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    Taco Bell isn't exactly a health food establishment.
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    never liked him--all mouth
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    Ryan will probably put on at least 50 lbs his first year in NO. He'll be spending as much time at the French Quarter and Bourbon Street as the Saints practice facility.

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    RR gonna put on another 50 pounds easy before training camp even starts!
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    Ah. I remember my first crab-and-whale boil like it was yesterday. Delicious!
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    Isn't that the truth, this board turns on any and everyone that moves on. Even if it was a firing, funny thing is that most times the person in question is lauded as the second coming of brea on their way in. I'm of the frame of mind that it is more due to the talent on this team at this point, look at the Bengals,Vince Lombardi wouldn't be able to make that team a consistent winner with the talent there and in truth our GM has not given this team much more.
    When the last special teams coach came in everyone talked of how great a coach he was, on his way out they were making unkind remarks about his injury and coaching ability, so people lets face facts, EVERY coach for the past 17 years has failed here so I think it's time to look past the coach or singular player.
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    So if you don't care, why exactly are you "engaging in this online conversation?"

    Why bother?

    I don't mind at all that Ryan is gone, but he's an interesting character to watch ... just like his brother.
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    Hes an upgrade for New orleans and hope he works out there. Hes a great fit for the city and another excowboy coach. LOL thanks for the laughs dropping the keys like a janitor ..:lmao2:
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    Rob Ryan's resume is considerably less impressive than Spagnuolo, but I wish him the best in NO as well. I like Ryan's philosophies in theory.
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