How things could've been different.

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    Imagine how much history could have changed. This is the 1985 draft.

    1. Bruce Smith Bills
    2. Bill Fraclic Falcons
    3. Ray Childress Oilers
    4. Chris Doleman Vikings
    5. Duane Bickett Colts
    6. Lomas Brown Lions
    7. Ken Ruettgers Packers
    8. Ron Holmes Bucs
    9. Kevin Allen Eagles
    10. Al Toon Jets
    11. Richard Johnson Oilers
    12. Jim Lachey Chargers
    13. Eddie Brown Bengals
    14. Derrick Burroughs Bills
    15. Ethan Horton Chiefs
    16. Jerry Rice 49ers
    17. Kevin Brooks Cowboys

    Jerry Rice was almost a cowboy...wouldn't that have been something. As a side note William Perry picks later to the bears.
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    Damn,that would have been sweet bro!

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