How to fix the defense this offseason:

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by silverbear, Dec 2, 2004.

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    1) Sign DT Jason Ferguson and DE Shaun Ellis (or DE Darrin Howard) in free agency... this beefs up the DL short term... the run defense will be stiffer, and there should be more of a pass rush...

    2) Draft DE Mathias Kiwanuka in the first round, and DT Haloti Ngata in the second... this beefs up your DL for the future... Kiwi is a poor man's Charles Haley, and Ngata is a 350 pound rock in the middle...

    3) Sign CB Gary Baxter and S Ifeanyi Ohalete in free agency... options at CB would include Andre Dyson, Ken Lucas and Anthony Henry, but I like Baxter best because of his size... the Boys need somebody they can match up with the likes of Randy Moss and Terrell Owens... at FS, I also like Antuan Edwards and Ronnie Heard, but I like Iffy for his ability to play both safeties, and for his big-play potential... this addresses glaring holes in the defensive backfield for the short term...

    4) Draft either CB Marlin Jackson or FS Thomas Davis with the other first round pick... yeah, this is going awfully heavy on defense in the early round of the draft, but that's where the need is...

    Using this plan, there is a significant influx of new talent on both the DL and among the DBs... Ellis and Kiwanuka at DE offer more pass rush potential, Ferguson and Ngata at DT give the team a sizable presence in the middle against the run... Baxter, Ohalete and either Jackson or Davis shore up holes in the defensive backfield, especially with the anticipated return of Pete Hunter from IR...

    The drawback is that the linebacking corps will remain pretty much status quo for another season... this isn't good, but you can't fix everything overnight, and IMO the DL and DBs are a much more pressing need... the Boys can get by with their current crew for another season, I think... I do hate to miss out on the likes of Derrick Johnson, Ahmad Brooks and Daryl Blackstock, though...

    FWIW, I am assuming that both the Cowboys' first round pick and the Bills' will fall in the 10-20 range...

    In a few days, I'll offer some thoughts on how the Boys can use free agency and their second day draft picks to beef up the offense...
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    That would be a great start.
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    It's going to be hard to sign Ellis since he re-signed with the Jets a few days ago.
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    i really like ferguson as a player but the guy is 30 years old and we're gonna have to be looking for another guy in 3 years. i would like to bring him in as long as we bring in another huge body to play opposite glover.
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    We Need Dan Cody FROM OU At Defensive End; Speed And Guts!
  6. silverbear

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    Yeah, I read that shortly after I posted this analysis... so move Darrin Howard up to the top choice...
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    Cody is an excellent player but I would hesitate to take him on the first day because of his mental problems. The Boys already went down that road with Spellman and Dimitrius Underwood.

    The strains of professional football can, more often than not, be too much for someone suffering from mental illness.
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    My inside sources told me that they will cut him at the end of the season. ;)
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    Coaching will make the difference regardless of the offseason draft selection. The Desperados have got the right idea ...

    Nick Eatman Staff Writer
    IRVING, Texas -- In the arena football league, teams are always looking for players with many talents, considering most of them will be forced to play both sides of the ball.

    And it's really no different with the AFL coaches, who are asked to do more than just teach the X's and O's.

    And that's why the Desperados are excited about their latest addition, hiring Terry Gray as the team's new lineman coach and Director of Player Personnel.

    Gray replaces former OL/DL coach Jon Norris, who became the Defensive Coordinator and Line Coach for the Austin Wranglers.

    "Terry and I grew up in this league together as coaches, and I fully believe in his ability to evaluate, recruit, motivate and teach the type of athletes we need to be successful," Head Coach Will McClay said. "He is a football guy. When the position came open, Terry was my first choice. His attention to detail will help find a way to make each and every player better."

    Gray comes to Dallas after spending the 2003-2004 Arena Football seasons as the southwest scout for the Philadelphia Soul. He brings four years of AFL coaching experience to Dallas, along with three years of coaching experience at the collegiate level.

    Before moving to the Soul, Gray spent two seasons as the southwest area scout for the Grand Rapids Rampage. He saw his work payoff as the Rampage won ArenaBowl XV in 2001.

    For the 1997 and 1998 AFL seasons, Gray served as the Houston Thunderbears' FB/LB and OL/DL coach and Director of Player Personnel. In his first season with Houston, Gray coached Carlos Fowler, who was named Lineman of the Year.

    He served as the tight ends coach at his alma mater, Baylor, in 1996. For the 1995 AFL season, Gray served as the Milwaukee Mustangs' Assistant Head Coach and Director of Player Personnel. Following the AFL season, he returned to Cisco Junior College to coach the offensive line. He made his AFL coaching debut in 1994 as the Assistant Head Coach and Director of Player Personnel for the Fort Worth Cavalry. His first coaching stint was as a graduate assistant at Baylor, where he worked with the offensive line in 1993.

    As a player, Gray boasts eight years of arena football and traditional football experience playing in the AFL, NFL and World League of American Football. After playing along the offensive line at Cisco Junior College in 1986 and 1987, he played guard at Baylor for two seasons - 1988-89. After graduating, he saw time at guard with the Los Angeles Rams in 1990. In 1991, he played guard for the Houston Oilers and the Raleigh-Durham Sky Hawks of the WLAF. He was part of the WLAF Sacramento Surge World Bowl championship team in 1992 while also playing with the Oilers following the World League's season. He made his last stop as a player for the AFL's Dallas Texans in 1993. Now, 11 years later, Gray is back in Dallas and hopes to revamp both sides of the line. </FONT>

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