How to handle QB disappointment??

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Tomahawk, Oct 13, 2008.

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    New here and must admit to being a Redskin fan (yeah I know, booooo). But I'm not the idiodic classless sort. I like intelligent discussion about football, not a bunch of rambling nonsense, which sadly I must say has been going on lately on Redskin boards. And I can give our rival Cowboys acknowledgment and credit for being a well run organization.

    Now on to the issue ...

    Unlike most of my fellow Redskin fans, I think our QB Campbell is not very good, and is not the answer. He makes terrible reads consistently and has only had good showing of late because the play calling is working to his favor. Once other teams catch up to that, he'll look like the bumbling idiot he truly is again. So the question is, how do you put up with this? I don't want to see the guy get injured, but that appears the only way he's coming out. I know you guys had to put up with some of this in the post Aikman era, so I'll take any ideas you can throw out there.
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    If you can't appreciate the job JC has done this year, then you don't know football, or are a Cowboys fan pretending to be a Skins fan. We left a lot of points on the board yesterday with the turnovers. Only one could be said to be JC's fault and even that was on a bad snap. Blame Cooley, blame Kendall, blame Brooks, but JC was not the problem yesterday.
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    So far this season I can't see how anyone could be upset with JC. Then again given how some of the Cowboys fans think Romo sucks I guess I shouldn't be surprised.
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    I handle it by beating my neighbors childern sensless. Knock the slop right out of 'em..............

    BTW - I think Jason has come a long way from last year to this year. No one knows if he's the man with the plan tho. Too early. JMO, of course.........
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    Campbell has played well, if they keep Zorn in place a Couple of years, you could really have something there. I didn't think he fit the WCO, but so far he has proven everyone wrong.
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    6 TD's in 6 games with Santana Moss Randel El Devin THomas and Chris Cooley as your targets I could understand why they would be upset....IDK i'm just saying.....
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    True, true. But it's 6 TDs without any picks and Garrad did something similar last year, low TD number by the end of the year, with low picks, and it got his team to the second round of the playoffs. Id think, coming into this season, if you told most Skins fans that they're going to get to the second round of the playoffs but your QB isn't going to exactly light the scoreboard up in the process that the vast majority of them would have taken that.
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    I, like Seven, find domestic violence to be the best solution.

    I will also abuse small animals.

    If the game gets really ugly. Prescription drugs.


    Theres nuthin' you can do, really, just hope the team can establish a good running game early. I like the RBs by preference anyway but when you gotta mediocre QB you REALLY like a good RB.
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    expect the worst but hope for the best.

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