How/When did you become a Cowboys fan?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Aven8, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. The Natural

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    Since conception

    My papa is a diehard Cowboys fan. As a youth I witnessed the post superbowl era, the '97-98 is probably the first year I have any recollection. My mother is a diehard Eagles fan (imagine our house on Sundays). So I had two choices and two choices only, 21 years in I can say I lost either way.
  2. DallasDW00ds0n

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    1992 got a Cowboys snapback hat, I was in second grade and I just watched Emmitt rip and tear apart my dads Giants. I was in love.
  3. SilverStarCowboy

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    vs Greenbay 1975...Loss 19 to 17.
  4. TwoDeep3

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    My father worked with a guy who at one time played guard for the Cleveland. His name was Don Goss. He was traded to the Giants, but he had a blown out knee. Evidently the system was different because the Giants had to take him.

    His brother played pro baseball and somehow got into being an NFL referee.

    Cool side note, the ref brought me a football that Namath threw to Don Maynard in a game. Naturally that became the official football of the sandlot games for several years. Have no clue where it ended up.

    My father took me to a Dallas Texans game. I was pretty stoked about going to my first sporting event.

    So once the Cowboys became a franchise my father started taking me to games.

    I attended the first game against the Steelers.

    Back then kids could sit in the end zones for 1 dollar.
  5. Lonestar94

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    All the people who grew up in Texas and their family was cowboys fans - true fan

    Others who grew up across the country and parents were not cowboy fans - bandwagon fan
  6. Apollo Creed

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    Born and bred.

    Couldn't see myself cheering for any other team either.

    And just as my pops put that Cowbous hat on my head, I'll make sure the 4th generation carries it on.

    Cause ya see, this gets lost in all the hooplah these days - we all cheer for one of, if not the greatest sports franchise of all time.

    And 15 years of .500 football or not, 5 titles, countless hall of famers and plenty of guys that damn sure deserve to be. Too many memories, I wouldn't trade em for any team.

    I'm only 25 and can barely remember Larry Brown going the other way with those picks in SB30, and I still love this team.

    That's why so many of you old timers that are starting to fade weren't really legit to begin with. Cause you got to see Roger, Tony, The Manster, The Triplets, Landry, etc and have a lot of great moments to hang your hat on.

    Its the balance, gotta take the good with the bad, csuse we're all starting to sound like annoying babies with this perpetual cynism and Jerry obsession.

    It could always be worse, we could have been born Eagles fans.
  7. mcompact

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    Born and raised on it.

    The first recollections of the Cowboys was when I was 5-6 years old in the early 80's and McDonalds gave out Dallas Cowboy team posters. I promptly hung that sucker up on a the wall in my room. I think it was the '82 or '83 Cowboy team. It had Danny White, Randy White, Too Tall Jones, Drew Pearson and Tony Dorsett among the rest of the team. I also remember the Dallas Cheerleaders cheering to the theme song of the TV show "Dallas" during the games during that time.

    As a kid, I didn't really care whether we won or lost games...I just liked the players and uniform......and cheerleaders;). Where have the years gone?!
  8. Trace1015

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    My dad Vinnie2u has been a dallas fan long before I was born but I didn't get interested until 2009 which happens to be the year we won the playoff game against the eagles, but I bleed blue and silver now
  9. strasscat

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    Moved to houston from France in 1993, I was 11 years old, first game I watched was the second Sb against the Bills. didn't really get the rules until the start of the 1994 season. (a Giants vs chargers preseason game actually)

    All the Oilers games were blacked out so i got to watch almost every cowboys game that season and became a fan.
  10. Aussie Cowboy

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    Not just all over the country but there are some of us here from outside your borders. Me, it was the early 1980's, here in Australia we got a replay of a game about 3 our 4 days after the game had finished and the only way of finding out the scores of the week was in the sports section about 10 pages in from the main stories of the day. One of the first games I saw was a Cowboys game and after the I was hooked. It's amazing that today we have as many 5 or 6 games a week shown here live on cable and free to air t.v starting at 3am or 4am depending on daylight savings. I think Tony Dorsett was my first favourite player and Danny White the first qb I can recall. The 44-0 loss to the Bears in 1984(?) was my first crushing day as a fan but many good memories in the 90's.

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  11. panchucko

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    I can't pinpoint the time I became a fan, but it was really early in my life. I kind of remember back 1967, my family were migrant workers in Ohio, came from Texas. My dad and a bunch of others in the camp used talk Dallas Cowboys.
    After that, I just remember everytime they came on TV my dad always had a lot of guys over watching the game. So I don't know when, but it was ingrained into me from my dad. This is the same thing I have done to my kids too, minus the migrant working.
  12. Parche

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    I was born in 1985, and in 1992 or so, I had the sega genesis. I asked my uncle to buy me a soccer game, and here in Argentina, we call soccer "FĂștbol" and its pronounced the same way that Football, of course. Well, my uncle went and buy me an old American Football game, and by the time, I thought it was rugby :p I was little, 7 yrs old or so. I picked the best team in the game of course, and it was one with a star, but didnt understand much of how the game should be played so I played two or three days and left it.

    Years later, when I was 15 or so, a friend of mine went to the USA and brought a small football, it was a Buccaneers one. He learnt bout fooball and explained me a few rules, we watched some games on tv. Then I saw that star logo again, and followed the boys since then.

    I remember watching cowboys games on tv since the last Aikmans games.

    And in 2011 I fulfill one of my dreams, went to Texas and entered Cowboys Stadium. I have some photos of my trip but Im always too lazy to make a thread and upload them :p
  13. Gaede

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    Watched my first football around '92 or '93 when I was around 8 and it was Cowboys/Bills Superbowl.

    I cheered for the Cowboys because I LOVED the way Emmitt Smith ran.

    Been a fan ever since.
  14. bouttime

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    NE Heights area...Manzano H.S.. I remember seeing alot of commercials with Don Perkins in them. Don was the first running back drafted by the Cowboys from the University of New Mexico. Met him once actually at a Lobo B-Ball game at the Pit.
  15. 5StarComboBreaker

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    Raised in Albuquerque as well! '92 Super Bowl I was dad (lifelong cowboys fan) bought me the official super bowl t-shirt (which i still have) and the rest is history.
  16. respectdatstar

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    I am from San Antonio. My dad was a Cowboys fan, so I made them my team, too. It was something we bonded over and still do. When I start making more money, my plan is to buy season tickets so he and I can go to all of the home games. Probably won't ever happen, but it's on my to-do list.
  17. billybyrd

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    yea they all say that r they say have u ever been to texas

    MURPHYDAN New Member

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    Saw a TV spot about the Dallas Cowboys and "the world's fastest human", Bob Hayes and saw the helmet with the star and I was hooked. Guess that dates me a little!
  19. burmafrd

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    Grew up in the midwest and of course where I was at the Bears were always on TV and always stinking as the 60's were ending and 70's were beginning.

    I was 12 when SB V was played. First time I watched the whole game. I loved the Star on the Helmet and though the Boys lost (Billie Ray Smith conned the refs) from that moment on I was a Boys fan. I started the next season trying to get all the info I could get; back then there was so little outside of the yearly Football Magazines.

    Local papers covered the Bears and that was it. If the game was not on TV it was not talked about.

    Back then not living around Dallas and being a Boys fan was tough.

    I scrimped up and got a subscription to Sports Illustrated; and that was my lifeline.
  20. lurkercowboy

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    I had never seen a football game. The only thing I knew about it was from this

    Then I took sides in a school bus argument the week before Super Bowl 12. It was between a Broncos fan and a Cowboy fan (who was my cousin anyway). Then I watched the game rooting for the Cowboys and Dallas won. That was it from then on.

    Watched the playoff games the next year including the Super Bowl loss to the Steelers and became a hard core fan in the 1979 season.

    Since we lived out in the sticks, sometimes reception was so bad I could not see the games. The CBS station was weak especially during the early games. We got the newspaper once per week and that was on Sunday mornings. That is how I saw who Dallas was playing that day. Perfect TV reception for the Redskins game at the end of the season though. Still my favorite game of all time.

    I had a Cowboys notepad and kept notes during the games those first few years. I got down to the last blank page and kept it, saying that I would use it to take notes the next time Dallas made the Super Bowl. So after the 1992 season, I finally got to use that last blank page.

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