How/When did you become a Cowboys fan?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Aven8, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. lurkercowboy

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    Those yearly football magazine were like gold. I would always get several of them and read them cover to cover. The only newspapers in the vending machines where I lived either covered the Redskins only (VA Pilot) or ignored the NFL (Raleigh N&O). Local TV sports rarely if ever mentioned anything about the NFL.

    It was a different world back then.
  2. dupree89

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    Thanksgiving. 1974. Staubach leaves with-I believe- a concussion. Clint "the mad bomber" Longley goes 50 yards to Drew Pearson for the game winner against the score 24-23. Dallas severely outplayed the Skins that day but Dallas had a large number of turnovers to keep the game close.

    Back in the days where the NFL Ticket, Internet, Sports talk, etc didnt was obviously much harder to follow. Luckily, the Cowboys were often aired in my market on CBS (pre-Fox days). Days when they werent on, I would be glued to the CBS game that was aired, waiting for updates. Back then, the announcers might say something like "Dallas trails in Atlanta in the 4th Qtr but they are driving". Then, you'd get highlights from Brent Musberger, Phyliis George and Irv Cross on CBS..and of course Monday night highlights from Howard Cosell. The monthly magazine "Fooball Digest" was also key.
  3. lurkercowboy

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    Monday Night halftime highlights were the only highlights I saw during the week. Also remember when the pregame shows were 30 minutes and were only on NBC and CBS?
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    When: the beginning of the 1966 season

    Where: El Paso, Texas

    Why: I was Packers fan until a childhood friend of mine told me about the Dallas Cowboys. I watched one of their games and have been hooked ever since. I've been a loyal Cowboys fan for years but from 1996 to present have been the most difficult. With the exception of the early 90's, the current Dallas Cowboys don't come close to the Tex Schramm and Tom Landry era.
  5. SilverStarCowboy

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    Not in the last 16 Seasons....thank God!

  6. fivetwos

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    Maybe some of you fellow oldtimers can recall a really bad vibrating board game from the 1970's.

    Anyway, my friend down the street had that game, and the two included teams were Pittsburgh and Dallas. Being his game and a Steelers fan, I naturally was stuck with Dallas.

    Then, in that years' Super Bowl, all of my family was rooting against Dallas as they were a huge favorite against Denver. I took them on as a me-and-them-against everyone else type of thing, unaware of the success of the team.

    When I started to pay closer attention beginning with the following season, what hooked me was how the offensive line would lean up in unison before the snap. No one else did anything like that.

    I have no regrets regardless of what Jerry's ego is currently putting us through.

    I was around way before him and intend on outliving him.
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    I was real, real little...couldn't have been older than 3. I remember being drawn to the flashy uniforms and the professionally dressed, benevolent looking man in the funny hat. To a three year old's mind, they seemed like "the good guys." The Skins, Steelers, etc...they all belonged in hell, lol.
  8. lurkercowboy

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    Loved that game. A friend and I had all the teams and played it constantly. We would play seasons (4 games per team) and keep stats. I think Dallas won the super bowl 90% of the time.
  9. CowboyChris

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    great sig parche, that is one of my favorite albums of all time.
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    Started really watching football during the '77-'78 season. Winning SBXII got me going. Living in the D.C. area sealed it with all the pathetic, whiny, degenerate Redskin fans. :skins:
  11. dupree89

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    Absolutely had the electric football game. We kept losing the little football.
    After electric football, we graduated to APBA football and also Strat O Matic. They were much better as each team actually played to the level of the previous year's stats. With APBA, you really got a sense of strengths/weaknesses of not only each team, but also each player. Taking over at your own 15 YL and trying to drive 85 yards against the Steelers "D" was nearly impossible. Those games were where I first learned exactly how key it was sometimes to just play the "field position" game.
  12. ifixoldhouses

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    I remember that game:star: I was a fan of the NFL as a whole till I was 18 and lived in Dallas for awhile with my Aunt in 1989, and started following the Cowboys, plus I was born in 1971 first superbowl win. I also have always hated the Redskins, I lived in DC for 6 years while Theismann, Riggins were there.
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    In 1977, at the tender age of 6, I found a Dallas Cowboys comic book. Quite a miracle really, as I live in Australia. I was a fan from that moment on.
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    Thanks!!! Im more a Megadeth fan than a Iron Maiden, but some of their albums are awsome... and youre right, thats one of em.
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    Over Christmas my family and I were discussing this very issue. Although I don't quite recall myself, I have to say, my Mother informed me that beginning about age 4 or 5, whilst living in Oklahoma at the time, for all Cowboys games I would dress up in cowboy regalia- not football uniforms but cowboy hat, bandanna, boots, holster, (govt approved) pistol and the whole bit.

    In OK city, the Cowboys were/are sort of the home team. Besides I was born in Texas, and we traveled there a lot and knew we'd return one day. So I come by my Cowboys team loyalty honestly. She also said something about me sitting my favorite rocking chair 3 feet from the TV, and that I wouldn't let anybody in the room during a game, and would fire my gun each time the Cowboys scored. (It likely was a cork gun. I did retain a silver one for several yrs) FYI: I still get all gussied up in cowboy garb to this day every Sunday.:laugh2: Some things just don't change.
  16. Red Dragon

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    Born in Texas.
  17. Red Dragon

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    That's interesting. Which makes me wonder something about OU Sooner fans:

    I know plenty of Oklahomans dislike Texas, or at least certain sports teams such as the Texas Longhorns (the Red River Rivalry,) but when it comes to professional sports, do they just suddenly lay all of that aside and root for the Dallas Cowboys?
  18. Rynie

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    I was born and raised in SOUTH Irving, texas, therefore I am a better fan than all of you.
  19. Avenging Hayseed

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    Grew up in Northern Wisconsin,....came from a large family of Brothers. Me being the youngest. We fought like hell as brothers do,...did whatever we could to get on each others nerves.

    The brother closest to me in age was a Steelers fan because the Steeler center grew up about a half an hour away from us " Mike Webster"

    So,...when I was around ten years old the Steelers were playing the Cowboys for the FIRST time in the Super Bowl. I picked the other team just to get under my brothers skin. Fell in love with that team that very day,....been watching them ever since. VERY rabid fan, say the least.

    I think what really made it STICK, back in those days the Cowboys were on tv up here almost every Sunday for the national game at 3:00,...then add in all the MNF games and Thanksgiving and you get to see them all the time.

    Met a really nice group of people on the net back in the Gailey Days, small Cowboys message board that doesnt even exist anymore, was called DGMS " Dont Get Me Started" Eventually we all decided to get up a yearly game that a bunch of us go to most every year. My first game was in the Campo years when we still had QC at QB.

    Have made it to seven yearly games so far. Last one was year before last,....MNF against the Deadskins....WE WON!!!!

    Nothing beats the first year though,.....finally being at the old Texas stadium for the first time,....walking the field and throwing balls around during the stadium tour, taken on the midfield star, the lockeroom, ect ect. GREAT experience.

    Reading some of these younger fans in here makes me feel OLD AS DIRT! :D
  20. Prossman

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    1975 my dad had moved from florida, where he casually supported the dolphins, i wanted my own team to root for and watched Roger and company and the rest was history.

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