How/When did you become a Cowboys fan?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Aven8, Jan 24, 2013.

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    Growing up, my dad never missed a Cowboys game. He has been a fan since the beginning of the franchise. Back before cable, he had the big TV antenna on the house. If the game was blacked out in DFW, he would drive down South of the metroplex to the weekend house and turn the antenna until he could get the game on a Waco station. It would be fuzzy, but he got to see the game. :laugh2:

    My sister married a Packers fan, but other than that, everyone in my family are Cowboys fans.
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    Some of my earliest memories are of my father teaching me rules like offsides and holding watching Cowboys games when I was a kid. I cannot remember not being a Cowboys fan.
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    I played organized football growing up but never really watched much pro ball. While in High School (I think around 1979), my little brother called me into his room one Sunday to watch football (He was an offensive lineman). He asked me to watch this one particular player. This player was a defensive lineman and to my best recollection, was doing something significant on every play. He was being double or triple teamed and still was upsetting the opposition. I just couldn't stop watching this guy. I am of course speaking about Randy White.
    I began tuning in every game just to watch him.

    Over time, I became a fan of the team. I had the names of each player memorized, knew when they were drafted and where they came from. I knew the names of the coaching staff and payed attention to each draft choice they made. I found a Cowboy friendly bar so that I could watch games not playing on regular TV. During offensive plays, based on the substitutions made I was correctly guessing what play they were running a fair percentage of the time. No kidding. I live in Southern California, so I often attended the summer workouts at Cal Lutheran in Thousand Oaks.

    Once Landry was gone, I admit that I have not followed the Cowboys the way I used to but will still bunk off everything else to watch a televised game. Over the decades, I have been on the hunt for a game worn Randy White jersey. I have seen them at auction but they were always too expensive. Last week, I obtained a game worn Jim Jeffcoat jersey. Just for the heck of it, I searched Ebay to see if they had any Randy White game worn jerseys and one happened to be listed in Southern California. The buy it now price was $2,000 so I figured I was out of luck. I contacted the seller and sent him pictures of the Jeffcoat jersey. Just so happened the seller used to own it and wanted it back. We settled on a deal and as of this morning, I now own a blue, game worn, Randy White jersey. I am so out my mind it's pathetic. I put it on and looked for someone to block. It's now framed until I can get the big man to sign it.
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    Growing up in Nebraska we didnt have a pro team of any kind, and the closest was the Chiefs who I dont really care for them. I decided to follow the Cowboys, partly because of the uniforms and partly because they won three super bowls in the 90s, and being a kid at the time thought that was really cool that a team could do that.

    I started really watching and following them three years ago, growing up I had followed them but was never able to watch many games. What changed that, the city I live in got a UFL team and that was when I really started watching as many of the games I could get a chance to watch, even began following the team more closely. You could say I became more a football fan over night then I had been growing up and just following the team. Looking forward to going to my first home game in Arlington this year, and for years to come
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    I was living in Dallas when the Cowboys started. I met Coach Landry and was present at Valley Ranch during the draft when Michael Irvin was drafted. I had moved from Texas and was living in TN at the time. I was a guest of the LB coach Jerry Tubbs, so I have been a fan since their first year of existence.

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