How will the team address the safeties, oline, and dline in one offseason?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. Zordon

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    Does anybody have a path that we can do this? We have so many holes on this team...we can addrunning back and possiblly another receiver to that list. I know some like Sensabaugh but I don't see it. I see a guy who is one of the least physical safeties in the league. This defense needs some torpedoes back there to put more fear in the receivers. Also would be nice to finally get a ball hawk back there too. Cowboys also need to find their own Alfred Morris in the draft this year. We don't need to use a high pick (see Felix Jones), gems can be found in the 5th and 6th round. Pressure is on the scouts to find him.

    I'm not going to lie, I got a sickening feeling in my stomach last night watching the Skins/Giants game. I feel like we're in danger of being left behind in the division for the near future if we don't start drafting better and suring up all of the holes on this team. It can be done but the scouting department needs to do a better job, plain and simple.
  2. JackWagon

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    They cant. But im sure JJ will find the money to resign Romo and Bryant to huge contracts that this team really cant afford.
  3. chip_gilkey

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    I saw the draft order in your sig and was thinking you have got to be kidding me. Thats the worst draft order we could have. Then I noticed it was jerrys draft order and lol'ed. Better not be his mindset:banghead:
  4. Zimmy Lives

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    My plan is simple: Draft big uglies in the first three rounds and upgrade the safety position in FA. Plan B would be to trade and add picks in the first three rounds and target a safety in the 2nd round. :D

    Safety may seem like a solid position for some but that area of the defense, along with d-line starters (three sacks total from the starters), has offered very little this year and expecting anything from Church next year would be irresponsible.
  5. JackWagon

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    i thought i quite funny also ... but sadly ... i really think thats his draft order. Maybe throw in a lineman somewhere in the top 4 rounds.
  6. zrinkill

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    When Sean Lee, Bruce Carter, and Church get back it will help the safety position a great deal ..... also I have not given up on Matt Johnson.

    I think the D-line really misses a healthy Rat .....also think we will go after a Free Agent at this position.

    Sean Lee and Bruce Carter actually help the D-line as well, these two just help everywhere.

    O-line needs to be the number one priority this off-season.

    Draft and Free agency.
  7. Idgit

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    We need to add a starting-quality S (on top of any hopes we have for Matt Johnson), a starting RT or journeyman backup if we audition Parnell, a starting-quality swing OG who can play C in a pinch to upgrade Dockery's spot. We'll need a mid round pick on a backup RB and we'll need a WR who can stretch the defense.

    I don't see the problem with the DL. Brent, Rat, Lisemore, Crawford are all good players to build the rotation around, and we've got prospects we like around them. We need to resolve SOLB, and then we need depth wherever we can get it.

    That's a lot of work, but it's not unheard of given the amount of moves we've made in recent off seasons. It's basically 3 decent-to-good UDFAs and a good 2-3 rounds in the draft. Doable.

    Remember, we're getting a (disproportionate number) of good or solid players back from IR, too. Those guys would look pretty good starting for us right now.
  8. Idgit

    Idgit If you food, you gonna be ate. Staff Member

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    It doesn't look like it'll happen, but getting Rat back, and some more pressure from Lisemore these next few weeks, would be huge. I wish we had more help than Brady Poppinga to look towards at ILB. It really stinks that we're so thin in the middle. Go offense.
  9. Kangaroo

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    Crawford should get better he has shown flashes but he is young and needs some work. Will need to add a vet to replace spears & coleman.

    Could use a 3rd down sack specialist at olb.

    Bring in some young vets to camp and hope some surprise you and make your team better.

    Continue to draft

    Alot of the best FA signings are usually not the big names but guys that where young played some worked and developed and you get him at the right time he explodes on the scene for a couple years.

    Bring in guys to camp and have them battle it out.

    You just keep drafting and on the FA side bring in smart young vets, then mix in an older vet here and there and let them battle it out in camp.
  10. Zordon

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    just curious do you see a scenario where matt johnson and barry church are the starters next season. hopefully johnson is a better tackler than sensy. i know the organization likes sensy but i don't. the guy is the most passive tackler i've seen from the cowboys in a long time. compare him to the niners duo and it's night and day when it comes to their physicality.

    lee and carter are great, i just want to make sure we have depth behind them in case of injuries. i can't wait to see those two together next season.
  11. Oh_Canada

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    Safety has to take a backseat. They have Johnson and Church returning with McCray/Seny still able to compete.

    Priority needs to be given to both the offensive and defensive lines and the pass rush in general. The dline is the oldest group of all the units, it needs to be addressed.
  12. zrinkill

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    I do ...... and I believe the coaching staff does as well.

    To bad Matt Johnson and Church both got hurt so early this year.
  13. Zordon

    Zordon Well-Known Member

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    idgit, i am not as high on lissemore as some on here. i think he is a decent rotational player but i don't see him as a starter. the expectations were high for him this offseason to put spears or coleman out of a job but i think he's been dissappointing in his limited playing time this year. he needs better gap control and i think he is limited athletically. i'm probably higher on rat then most but he needs to get his body right this offseason.

    the dline needs more athleticism and more length imo. collingsworth made a interesting point during the last game. we only have 3 pass deflections all year. i've seen that from jj watt in one half this season. are they not being taught to do it? why aren't they batting more balls down if they aren't getting to the qb is a question i've had all season. i think this can be partly taught but also need longer more athletic players that can execute this philosophy. no more marcus spears fat boys please.
  14. CATCH17

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    We have to get lucky somewhere. Probably safety. Hopefully Matt Johnson is a player.

    We need Oline and Dline and the only way to get real talent without blowing your salary cap is to draft them. Problem is our team doesn't like to pick those guys on draft day.
  15. Future

    Future Intramural Legend

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    You're higher than me on Lissemore. I think he blows. Completely agree that the DLine needs to get longer and more athletic. The problem though is that "fat boys" are very good at stopping the run. Until everybody and their mother got hurt, we were very good at that this season.
  16. Idgit

    Idgit If you food, you gonna be ate. Staff Member

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    Yeah, I don't know what the deal with the batted balls is. Personally, I prefer an aggressive DL rotation, with a lot of guys who are all pretty good that you can keep fresh. I think Lisemore and Brent fall into this category. Crawford will, too, by next season. I definitely want to see us adding those guys wherever we find them. And we want to add a pressure player from somewhere. With Rat in there in limited snaps, it was a different defense this season. I'd love to see it reliably next year, whether that's from Rat, a Spencer replacement, or another player. I think Crawford could end up being that guy, too.

    Oh, and I forgot about Hatcher and Butler. Hatcher in particular is an underrated player.
  17. JBond

    JBond Well-Known Member

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    The priority is the O-line. Everything else pales in comparison.
  18. intelmax

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    Draft Elam from florida in the first round or one of those Texas A&M tackles

    Second round grab that center from Alabama, Heck grab any player from that Alabama offensive line you really cant go wrong with those guys.

    Everything else is a crapshoot.
  19. fortdick

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    You're right. Jerry should let them walk and use the money to high some free agents to come in and fix this team.

    If we could only find a way to get those high priced guys, Ware and Witten to leave as well........
  20. ykc

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    We suck big time drafting DL, OL and S for some reason.
    Only 3 that we got lucky are Flozell, Gurode and Ratliff in the last 15 years.

    Roy Williams (S) was good but I don't want to count him as a success pick based on his career and where he is picked

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