How will the team address the safeties, oline, and dline in one offseason?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. burmafrd

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    We must significantly upgrade at least the Center positiona and One guard position. That is the MINIMUM we should do on the O line.

    As regards Tackle Parnell should be given a shot to take Free's spot- toss Free. Draft a development tackle or try and get a halfway decent journeyman in FA or both.

    Safety- take what we have and give them another year. Church was looking pretty good and Johnson has yet to be seen.

    D line- we got a couple of fairly young guys and give them another year.

    We need to emphasize fixing the O line this offseason. everything else can wait.

    THE ONE caveat I would have to that is if we can get a real good pass rusher then do it.
  2. CowboyFan74

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    Same thing we always do. Draft what we can, get band aids everywhere else we miss...
  3. Deep_Freeze

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    Well alot of people here underestimate the safety position and how bad it actually is at the moment. Sensy should be a backup, and would make a good one cause he could fill in at either SS or FS. Counting on Church is fools gold cause we don't know how he will respond to that injury as he wasn't the most athletic guy in the league in the first place. Matt.....come on he hasn't even played a down of NFL football coming from a small school, we could be looking at an Arkin situation for all we know.

    We have to address safety with more than a player who was cut (Poole) and a player who was hurt the whole season (Matt). We need to either get one in FA again or draft one at the very least.

    I also don't understand the DL talk unless its for a NT, which can almost be a premium position. We have been able to find guys at DE for years later in the draft like Canty, Bowen, Hatch, and now Lissemore and Crawford. This is a strength of our team in finding these guys late, and we should continue to leverage this ability so that we can strengthen other positions.

    If we draft in the teens, then a tackle should be on the radar, but you can't go into a draft thinking you need to fill just one spot. Alot depends on Spencer, who I figure will be retained now even if he is just playing for a contract.

    If Spencer is retained, then there is alot of ways we could go in the draft and free agency. I, like you, saw the game last night and RG3 shouldn't be ignored in our division at this point. He likes the deep ball and that is staring our sorry safeties right in the face cause we will get burnt by RG3 everytime we see him with our sorry set of safeties. No matter how we want to deny it, RG3 is playing without alot of his pass rushers on D and still is carrying that team....they will be scary in the future.

    We can address all 3 if we do it right, with OL and safety being high on the agenda, along with a dark horse at NT. There could be 4 NTs with a first round grade this year, and the team can't just ignore that. One of the few things I trust about this team is there ability to find DEs later in the draft, and look for that to continue. We can do it, but we better have another great offseason without huge mistakes with who we get on the OL and safety in order to make it happen.
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    I hope people bookmark this and if I am wrong I will absolutely love to eat crow. This is my belief on what JJ's plans are for our OL this offseason. This plan will start with JJ's press conferences immediately after the season ends regardless of whether we manage to find a way into the playoffs or not.

    Jerry's Plan (IMHO): :bang2:

    1. Tell everyone that all our problems on the OL are due to injuries and missed time during this season, thus there was a lack of continuity. Mini camps and a full training camp will build this continuity and restore our OL to Pro Bowl form.

    2a. Tell everyone that Doug Free was heroically fighting through a major injury all of 2012 and once he heals this offseason he will return to his end-of-2009 RT form

    Or Alternatively

    2b. Tell everyone that our brilliant coaching staff has just identified a flaw in Free's technique and after he corrects this "flaw" during mini camps and training camp he will return to his end-of-2009 RT form.

    3. Tell everyone that the biggest problem with our OL during 2012 was missing our "All Pro" anchor at center for almost all of 2012. You remember Costa - our massively talented HOF caliber center. You know, the guy who made such major strides during 2011 - going from absolutely putrid simply awful.

    After this massive propaganda campaign, Jerry will then go shopping at the 3-for-a-quarter rack in the Dollar Store during free agency and sign a couple of scrubs. Then after he drafts another scrub during rounds 5-7 of the draft he will pronounce all of our depth problems along the OL solved.

    This is what I honestly expect from Jerry. I hope to high heaven I am just so jaded from Jerry's ignoring all of our OL problems in prior years that I am doing him an absolute disservice by refusing to believe that he will finally address the problem. If I am wrong and Jerry actually steps up and addresses the issues with our OL in free agency and the draft, the crow I will be served on this board will be the tastiest meal I have had in many years.

  5. Future

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    I'm all for safety in the first round, but I like Bacarri Rambo...seems a bit more rangy than Elam. Paired with Church, thats a dynamic pair of safeties I think.

    I'd go tackle in free agency and G/DL in the 2nd and 3rd. I only think we're going to have 2 new guys on the offensive line, and with a bunch of centers already on the roster, I think we go guard in the draft.
  6. Wolfpack

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    1. OG/C One starter and one backup/development player.
    2. OT One starter and one backup/development player.
    3. DL: Add one development player.
    4. S: Add challenger for McCray's spot/Johnson's.
    5. CB: 3/4th/development guy. Plus a UDFA guy.
    6. RB Development guy.
    7. QB: Development guy.

    I think they will need to man up for Spenser and Butler to keep them for at least 1-2 years each. Thats 7-9 picks listed above and they will have to bring in a few FA/UDFA to get by unless they trade down (which i generally dont like).
  7. Lazyking

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    We have to have a good draft. That's not likely given our track record but if they can bring in 3 solid starters from the draft at least it opens the possiblitys in free agency.

    I also think some players might be gone which would have a domino effect in who replaces them.
  8. jobberone

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    U address the holes in FA first since its before the draft. We will look at WR, OT, OG, C, OLB, DE, NT, CB, and S. They will prioritize OL, S, CB and WR.

    I see a C and T esp on the OL. They won't pass up the right G.

    They should try hard to get a WR. Speed, routes and character as well as play on the outside.

    The world knows they will look for a S. an alternative is to put Carr at S and get a fast cover CB.

    They probably won't cut Free until after the draft and some camp.
  9. dantheman41

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    I think Livings should be given another year. Let Bernadeau and Costa compete for starting center next year. Draft a RG early. Draft another tackle to compete with Parnell. Cut Doug Free. Don't worry about safety this year. Sensabaugh isn't great but he isn't awful. Give him one more year. See what we got in Matt Johnson next year and let church come back. Can't do everything in 1 year.

    We need another disruptive player on the d line. Someone that can consistently pressure qb on the inside. An athletic long guy with power who can play base left end in the 3-4. Resign spencer
  10. DFWJC

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    Agree with all those saying Oline 1st, Dline 2nd, secondary (both Safties and CBs) 3rd....etc.

    I know we have injuries that are brutal, but we still have gaping holes.

    Just note that if we do thins through the draft, you rarely can count on a rookie Olineman making a big impact until year 2. There are always exceptions--especially with some of the 1st rounders--but the value is normally not right away.
    so, we should use FA as well, obviously.

    We need another RB too. But that is maybe the position that requires the least amount of grooming.

    We have good young players

    T Smith

    maybe also

    hopefully these young guys can help too
    M Johnson

    We just have to build more from the inside out going forward.
  11. Deep_Freeze

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    WR and even RB are something that Jerry might get too cute with, hopefully he won't overvalue the positions totally and instead looks at what role we need them to play.

    Safety is a position that just can't be said enough with this being a passing league and our investment in CBs. If your going to invest in CBs, you need to support them with good safety play, plus looking at our division now we won't win if we can't defend a deep passing game.

    It can be done, just probably wont be done the way alot of people think it should.
  12. Rynie

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    I agree. I hope our 1st 2 draft picks are an OL and DL
  13. jday

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    Despite what I believe need's to be done, I believe the Cowboys will be looking to address, in no particular order, Corner, OLB, G/C, RB and WR...and maybe a QB in the latter rounds they hope to develop.
  14. batman36

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    Athletic DE, a ballhawking safety and a drafted guard.
  15. ABQcowboyJR

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    IMO you have to try and fix the OL and hope some of our younger players develop and progress. Two big keys to the offseason IMO. What do you do with Spence? Will Church be able to recover?
  16. LatinMind

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    I think the easiest spot that will and can be filled is Safety. This is a deep draft for safeties. I guy that i like is Phillip Thomas Fresno State. First team all american by the coaches. Thats the all american list that should reflect the most cause its the coaches voting for the best players.


    OL IMO we will see 2 new OL. Tyron, Costa, Livings are locks i think. Bernadeau will be a backup and battle Costa for C IMO. Then if he doesnt pan out would probably be a june 1 cut. Free is the Wildcard.

    I hope Dallas makes a run at Chance Warmack. Or Jonathon Cooper.

    DL i think Dallas is content with what they have. Hatcher, Crawford, Lissemore will be the core Brent and Ratliff will man the middle. I could also see maybe a trade for Ratliff or him aswell being a june 1 cut.
  17. JohnsKey19

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    I'm fine with the philosophy of mostly run stoppers on the DL. Fine. As we've seen the last 2 weeks, having teams run on you makes it impossible limit scoring opportunities. But with that type of personnel up front it's silly of us to continue to bring basic pass rush schemes essentially expecting one guy(Ware) to provide pressure.
  18. jday

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    Don't count on the Cowboys addressing Safety in the draft. They really like Sensabaugh and Church and still have Matt Johnson that they haven't got a good look at yet. As I said above, the Cowboys will be looking at G/C, CB, OLB, RB, WR, and the one I forgot about DL. In the first 3 rounds, I see a Guard or Center, WR (if they let Austin walk) and DL (unless they let Spencer walk, then they will likely address that in the 1st or 2nd).
  19. Deep_Freeze

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    Yeah, we haven't gotten a good look at Arkin either, that doesn't mean we won't address the position. Matt is a small school guy who will take time to develop, counting on him for anything is a big mistake at this point. If we don't address safety, just prepare yourself for seeing alot of deep passes and long TDs on us whenever we play the Giants and Skins, cause it will happen.

    As bad as Sensy has looked out there, don't know how anyone can defend the guy anymore.
  20. Future

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    Won't find an argument from me there. Ryan's biggest flaw, to me, has been his general lack of creativity in creating a pass rush.

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