How will the team address the safeties, oline, and dline in one offseason?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Dec 4, 2012.

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    Again u get what u can in FA. It won't be too difficult to find a good WR in FA. It should be mere rarely difficult to find a good S. I'll be happy here but not expectful in FA. We will also be lucky to find a CB as well. I'm talking about players we can afford and want to sign. I'm not certain about the OL. I haven't seen a list of available OL. IMO they need an OT which I didn't count on earlier. Of course they will look for a C and G.

    FA will in part determine the draft. I don't look at the draft much until after FA.
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    I was stating what I think the Cowboys will do. But I'm with you, I really would like to see the Cowboys go after a ball-hawking Safety...I just don't think they will unless a guy that is ranked high on their board falls in their lap in the 3rd or later.
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    I agree with this 100%, you fill holes in FA not the draft, although safeties really hard to get in free agency like you said.

    Ok thats cool, just hope thats not what they do then. Looking at this division now, I don't wanna walk into a game questioning whether we can cover things deep cause with the play actions that RG3 is running (and Eli to a lesser extent), it is totally freezing the pass rush and the only way to stop it is with great safety play.
  4. jday

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    I will also say before you put alot a time in a draft board now, keep in mind, following Free Agency in the offseason, this team will look alot different by both addition and subtraction.
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    The problem with trying to fill holes in FA for the forseeable future is the CAP not going up. It is going to be harder to do this because of that; you cannot keep paying more money when there is no more.
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    I started a thread on this same issue earlier, but didn't get to finish it. I think it makes a huge difference whether we resign Spencer. My guess is we will resign him(although as I said before, if we keep him we will over pay and if we let him go, then we have another hole and will rue the day). :)

    Assuming we resign Spencer, think it will depend on how the talent is weighted in the draft and where we draft that should dictate how we will proceed. Assuming we draft somewhere in the 18-22 range, my guess would be that we will either take the best OT on the board (regardless if it is a left or right tackle), or the best DL on the board (regardless of position on the DL), or trade back later in the first round, and pick up a 2nd, 3rd or 4th (depending on how far we trade back) and draft an OT, DL, or the best guard/center in the draft with the first pick.

    If Spencer is not resigned, it is going to be really hard for Jerry to pass on a pass rushing OLB and hope to fix the OL later in the draft. The organization will take a lot of heat for not fixing the OL early, but I think if that happened they would take the pass rusher and worry about the rest later.

    In fairness to the organization, they can't upgrade every position in this draft class, so some needs won't get filled. A lot depends on if they think that Costa/Killa/Cook are good enough at center. In fairness to the organization, if they think that they are good enough, it is pretty hard to say they are WRONG since there isn't enough play this year to really know what we have there. I don't think there is any way we can a center in the first round, unless he is the next Mangold.

    Likewise, it is hard to know what Matt Johnson brings to the table at saftety. If he is the stud he is purported to be, then safety really isn't that high on the priority list.

    If you held a gun to my head and made me prioritize the team needs (assuming we keep spencer) I would go this route:

    Pick 1: best OT available since Smith is interchangeable
    Pick 2: DL
    Pick 3: OG
    Pick 4: backup RB

    I think it is very important to note that if we could trade back in the first round, and still get a stud OT (likely a RT) it would give us the ability to move around and target guys in rounds 2, 3 and 4. I would be willing to give up a pick in a later rounds to get the guys we want with the first 4 picks.
  7. JackWagon

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    With the talent on hand .. you might be able to upgrade every position during the draft. I really do not like any of our backup playters ... they dont push the starters.
  8. LarryCanadian

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    Well, I think the Original Post hit the nail on the head of our easily most glaring needs.

    For sure a OT and a G/C either/both in draft and free agency.
    We need a DE to replace Spears and probably Coleman.
    We might need a NT to add to rotation with Rat constantly hurt and getting on in years.
    Please, please, please replace Sensi with an IMPACT, solid tackling, instinctive SAFETY - PLEASE!

    Now, assuming Jenkins and Felix Jones leave via free agency, we need a later round RB pick (or a cheaper free agent veteran). Plus we need to add another young corner, especially since Scandrick seems to fold at the worst times and seems a bit "dumb" maybe (bad penalty timing, missed assignments at key times, etc). A nickle/slot CB type (not easy, I know).

    Add those players and you make Austin, Witten, Dez, Murray, and Romo that much better on offence - you give them time and help take away the predictable and desperate pass always play-calling. On D, Ware, Spencer (resign him - he's earned it - just make it reasonable as possible) Lee, Carter, Carr, Mo, all get better if you add a couple parts up front and a decent safety to help them out.

    Might cost a bit, and we need to get lucky that players in positions of need fall to us in draft, but I don't think it is impossible!

  9. burmafrd

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    NO to spencer. Having a career year now means some dumb GM is going to throw a lot of money at him. We cannot afford to match it. No way.
  10. visionary

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    if it is dumb, our GM is sure to be involved
  11. JackWagon

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    You can bet on it ... Hes gonna hand Spencer, Romo, and Dez all new contracts this offseason and way overspend.
  12. Zimmy Lives

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    Unfortunately, I agree with you but not for the same reason. :)

    Spencer has been an integral part of the defense, especially in run support, but he is 29 and rewarding him with a long-term contract that penalizes the team in the future is just not prudent.

    If Stephen can sign him to a cap-friendly, short-term contract then I am all for him staying. If he is looking for security and a contract that would put the Cowboys in cap h*!! if they eventually need to cut him, then I would say thank you and adios!
  13. Star4Ever

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    We also need another WR. I'll probably get bashed for posting this, but Austin should be traded or cut. He's a good receiver, but the team can't depend on him. He's only on the field half the time. Still, OL has got to be priority one.
  14. Oh_Canada

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    I wouldn't mind franchising him one last time. The guy is very solid and his on-field commitment would not be compromised under this situation. On the other hand, this is a deep draft for OLB's so you might want to spend an early pick on the position and find a bargain in FA. Toughest offseason decision by far, but I would vote to keep him one more year.
  15. Zimmy Lives

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    This may be the best and only option if it is cap-feasible. I think it is.

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