How would you beat the Cowboys next year?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TruBlueCowboy, Jul 27, 2005.

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    I know your strategy changes based on your own team's strengths, but assuming you have some decent talent mixed in everywhere, how would you game plan to beat the Cowboys weaknesses starting week one?

    I tell you what I would do....

    On offense against the Cowboys, I'd run the fricking ball! Let Nors brag all he wants about the different looks his linebackers are giving a QB. Who cares? Hand that ball off and ram it down their throats. Specifically, I would be running behind the tackles. With the smaller Greg Ellis and rookie Marcus Spears the probable starters, Ferguson is really the only one who scares me. I don't see many problems with the linebackers unless some of these young guys shock the league in their rookie year. Ware is basically an undersized pass rushing defensive end, all you have to do is run in his direction, treat him like Simeon Rice when he was young. I'd shellshock the new Cowboys 3-4 into submission and force them to play against the run and then open up some passes. I think the secondary is a strength of the Cowboys this year because of the Glenn and Henry signings, what looks to be an improved injury free year for Newman, and of course, the ever intimidating Roy Williams, mixed in with someone who you can't help but feel will do better than Tony Dixon. Why take chances against that secondary and some guesswork against the 3-4, when you can just be conservative and probably win the game?

    On defense against the Cowboys, the story changes. Highly unpredictable unit there. Is Julius Jones going to continue to run over teams this year? Will Drew Bledsoe be the Bledsoe of old? Who the hell is going to matchup with Jason Witten? With Larry Allen ready to kick some arse and Marco Rivera on his side with some promsing young depth, can I stop that oline? I think our offense is going to give opponents more sleepless nights than the defense. (After all these years of offensive blundering, it feels wierd reading that, doesn't it? :p: ) I think I'd probably start out aggressive putting more men in the box and challenging them to beat me with the pass in the hopes that the offensive line hasn't improved and that Drew Bledsoe is still a little shaky in the pocket late in his career. Let's see the slower Keyshawn beat his man, and Terry Glenn come back from injury. It would also help stop Julius from getting any momentum because I think goal one if I was a defensive coordinator would be to stop JuJo from getting his 100 yards. I'd probably blitz a little more where that right tackle is if the Cowboys haven't fixed it.

    What would you do to beat our team?
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    Your probably right about running off tackle, maybe some short passes to backs or TE's as well, really test the LB's and see how they're going to do with the new 3-4.
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    I agree that I would run on this defense. However, I wouldn't be afraid to try the middle. Ferguson is stout, but double him out and you will be going at Dat and someone else who is all likelihood is inexperienced (James) or inexperienced and undersized (Shanle).

    Defensively, I would blitz up the middle taking care to watch for draws and delays, a Julius favorite.
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    Ya know what, Dat is one of the few linebackers on the Cowboys I would not want to challenge. I've had some worries about him making it in an NFL 3-4, but at least he has the pedigree. I'd rather run on those rookies and see what they're made of.
  5. Kangaroo

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    I would run over both tackles the de on this teams are going to be small and the outside lb are going to be young and inexperince. I could try to run a counter to catch the young guys over pursing (which is common for young guys).

    I would test the deep over the middle route with 3wr sets or if i had a te like gates use him FS will be a hole and a place to attack.

    On defense I would play the run putting 8 men in the box and dare Bledsoe to beat me. I would blitz him and even take a penalty to hit him hard. Play a cover 2 because Bledsoe is not know for his completion % and he tends to go for the long ball rotate between those sets depending on down distance and field location

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    In a 4-3, I think it will prove difficult. I'd attack the right side. Chances are decent that we will have at least one rookie playing DE or OLB. I would attack there. I would try to use RLWs natural agression against him. His responsabilities will be different this year and that will take some time to get used to. I think he will be chomping at the bit to make plays at the LOS. I think it can be used against him, at least initially. I would try to do the same thing to Ware. I suspect that he will use athleticisam as much as possible. It can be used against him in situations. It will take time for him to adjust. Lastly, I would expose the FS. I would attack the deep third and stretch his ability to cover. I would isolate him as much as possible. Make sure that any play he makes is either difficult to get to or make him go against a tough WR matchup in every possible situation.

    In a 3-4 set, I'd run right at Ferguson. I'd do it, early and often. I'd wear him down if at all possible. I know he has played NT before but it has been a few years now. NT is physically demanding and he is getting a bit older. I would do whatever I could to get to Glover. I would also knock the crap out of Ellis. Run or pass, I would make sure that he got handled on every play. I suspect that if he gets it into his head that he is wrong for the position, it will effect his play. If you can get into his head, it will come apart on him. Then you start playing against a team with no Vet leadership. I would use plenty of play action and make the young guys diagnose and recongnize. I would also run continuosly at Dat. I think he's suseptable in this scheme. I think he will wear down. I'd play for the 4th quarter on us. Our inexperience and size at certain positions will show in the later stages of the game.

    The key to defeating us is keeping the game in reach. If our offense scores, it will force teams away from the running game. As long as teams can run at us, I think they have a chance to win.
  7. ChrisZ007

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    Blitz Bledsoe into submission and throw all day long at Henry and Newman.
  8. Chocolate Lab

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    Great idea for a thread, TB.

    I agree with you guys. I'd run right up the gut and and I'd run at Ellis. I'd run to my right and test the Cowboys left side with a rookie (Spears) and an untested Kalen Thornton or Burnett. I'd also throw to the tight end a lot, especially moving a TE or H-back type to Ware's side so he was forced to drop into coverage -- or at least think about it for that half-second.

    Also, if I had the offensive system that called for it, I'd use plenty of shifts and motion. This 3-4 stuff is all new to these guys and it only takes one guy (ahem Bradie James) to make a mistake with the presnap adjustments.

    Passing-wise, I'd find a way to get whoever the Cowboys put at FS in the action. Whoever that guy turns out to be, he's going to be either an average vet who doesn't make many plays (Reese) or an unproven young guy prone to being fooled (Davis or Beriault).
  9. TruBlueCowboy

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    That's another great idea! From everything I read in the scouting reports, it sounds like Ware is still a huge unknown in the coverage department. I'd test it out early and exploit it if it's a weakness. And I can already see Parcells' face now when all these young guys who are getting so much starting time blow it. :p:

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Defensivly, I'd shorten the field. I would cave Al Johnson every play. I'd make JJ bounce every time he touched the ball by creating penatration up the middle. I think Johnson may be suseptable. Other then Glenn, I don't believe our WRs seperate very well. I'd make Bledsoe throw strikes. I'd bring the wood on Glenn everytime I could, I'd take away KJ completely, I'd pray with Witten and I'd give Morgan one on one coverage deep. I'd make him prove he can catch the ball. I'd tease Bledsoe and make him want to hold the ball rather then using the TE and backs. I'd blitz the piss out of the RT on pass plays, I'd speed rush Adams. That should be good for at least two motion calls a game. I would create as much swirl as I could around Bledsoe as I think this gets to him. I think he creates sacks for himself because he gets uneasy and starts watching the rush. I'd make Bledsoe beat me rather then JJ.
  11. Q_the_man

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    Honestly, I don't think theirs anyway to beat the Cowboys, they are just to good to game plan against!!!!!
  12. TruBlueCowboy

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    DING! DING! DING! And you sir have just own the award for most loyal fan of the team in 2005 on CowboysZone!

    "Show him what he's won Don!!"

    "Why yes, he gets a complete collection of jerseys from Gary Hogeboom to Quincy Carter to Steve Pelleur proving that anyone can support this team 100% regardless of the reality! Congratulations to you Q_the_man! :bravo: "
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    Bring a speed rusher off the edge at our O......we haven't stopped it yet. Until we prove we can beat the blitz...that would be my game plan.

    Run the ball until we prove we can stop it.
  14. TheSkaven

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    Excellent thread, TruBlue and good observations. It's great to take this perspective.

    Looking at it from the other side, the defense looks like it's going to be tough. The biggest weakness on this team is the linebacking corps. Therefore I'd tend to agree, rather than go three wide (and face three good cornerbacks), I'd go big with two tight ends and ram the ball down their throat. The 3-4 has proved to be susceptible to that in the past. Double team Ferguson and go straight up the gut.

    On defense, I'd blitz from everywhere, linebackers, safeties, cornerbacks. We know Bledsoe is not mobile, the key is to get to him quick and jam Glenn and Keyshawn on the line.

    This is a great way to look at things ..
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    Oh C'mon... everybody knows that all you have to do to beat the Cowboys is show up!

    I had to do this before the Eagles adn Redskin Fans did it...

    The Eagles fans would continue with...

    Have Mcnabb run around for 15 seconds and then complete 40 yard passes to TO... no one can cover him!

    The Redskins fans... always delusionally optimistic considering recent history...

    Gibbs is a mastermind!... This year he is going to outcoach everyone and Portis will run for 200 yards a game with the new blocking scheme!

    Oh and for the Giants fans...

    Eli can't be stopped! Burress, Toomer, Shockey, Barber!!... How are you going to stop that!! Fughetaboutit!!
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    Same here. And if I had big receivers, I'd really go after Newman. If I had speed receivers, I'd go after Henry.
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  19. LaTunaNostra

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    Good stuff.

    I have concerns about Fergy as well. Of course, he's an experienecd two-gapper, but in the NY 3-4 he was the young'un learning and typically was bookended by two vet warhorses, sure of their technique and assignments. He's been in the 4-3 for four years now, since Parcells left NY, and last year when the Jets started mixing in some 3-4, it was Dewayne Robertson starting at nt, not Butterball.

    Of course, if Fergy blows it, Dat is rendered obsolete, but I expect Nguyen to hold his end up well if the nose does.

    It's the outside backers worry me most tho, whether they have the lateral speed, make quick decisions, and don't over run. Will they be both disciplined and make impact?

    That and the 'scrambling" QBs we face . Like McNabb.
  20. Crown Royal

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    I would score more touchdowns.

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