How would you beat the Cowboys next year?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TruBlueCowboy, Jul 27, 2005.

  1. blindzebra

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    Run the ball on offense against an undersized 3-4.

    Stop the run on defense and force Bledsoe to make poor decisions.

    Don't give up any big plays on STs that could mess up the plans.
  2. cowboygolfer

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    I love the thread but disagree with Running at us head long. I run at the middle for honesty purposes, but primarily I misdirection and screens, with crossing routs 7-12 yards deep. I think the speed and swriling of bodies makes it difficult for the new guys to grasp assignments. Deep routes against CB's in a new scheme. Screens will make the aggresive nature of these new guys a liability early in the season. late season you have to rethink this whole idea. and try to run up the middle.

    Defensively I agree, try to take Juice out of the game and make Bledsoe beat you.
  3. Sifillest

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    only way to take julius cesar outta the game is to injure him....realisticaly i would have to say on offense test out henry and the fs very early in the game ...if they falter then you know that newman and roy will not be able to effectively carry out their assignments since they will have to cover for henry and teh fs....the run defense....i think is going to be pretty good,and unless you have a dominant center,ferguson is going to take out the center plus at least one guard on his own,so that leaves the two tackles and a guard...the ends may be able to be single blocked(spears may be dominant,who knows)so you have one lineman left to try to block the most effective linebacker.....some full backs can phase out another linebacker,as well as the tight end,but this is pretty rare....the 3-4 would present us with quite a few options of where to strike from and we have the potential to take any offense outta there gameplan pretty much except for the teams that have elite receivers who can dog our cb's one on one...all in all it presents plenty of headaches attacking the defense alone...but all i can think of is to try and test the rookies in the front 7 and hope that parcells lost his defensive touch....on offense its much easier,at least on have to stack the box and do something to force the game into bledsoes hands...if this can occur then you have a chance to let him win the game for you....if not...then your going to get your heart crushed cause when hes able to take his time he can still make prett ymuch all the throws....this was an excellent thread idea by the way....forcing us true fans to go soulsearching with the i cant wait till madden comes out and TC starts!
  4. kartr

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    You can understand this, yet you think me and badattitude are trolls or misguided or whatever.
  5. Nors

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    Go ahead and run it at my 3-4!

    Doom - I'll have Ferguson, Spears, Canty , Ware, Dat in your face and Roy in the box all day everyday. Bring the body bags!

    Beats watching our corners and safeties getting torched.
  6. Nors

    Nors Benched

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    Ware, Burnett and Roy will get McSoup if he starts running!
  7. Tio

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    I would try to score points on offense, and I would attempt to stop them form scoring while on defense. I would make it a point of urgency to score more points then they do using my afformentioned formula. All this would hopefully lead me to victory.
  8. ravidubey

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    Against the defense, Run, run, run. I hate the 3-4 and believe it's an awful run defense because you give up so much size. Against a physical OL it's even worse; I think you need special players to make it work. Fortunately there aren't that many physical OL's left out there besides our own.

    Against the offense, there's no glaring weakness, so I say hit the WR's on every running play since Dallas runs alot and the WR's think they are good blockers. Make Terry Glenn and Quincy Morgan suffer and sooner or later someone will pull a Ricky Watters alligator impression or not make the extra effort to snag one of those long Bledsoe passes. Try some crazy blitz package to try and confuse the RT, RB, C, and FB who are all young.
  9. LaTunaNostra

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    ********** :lmao2: **********

  10. Joe a Cowboys fan

    Joe a Cowboys fan New Member

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    Make Dallas score more than 12 points to win the game. Do it early enough in the game and make it a matter of catch up. Stop the run and make Drew's passing the key to victory or defeat.

    Blitz Drew from every position and on every play. Dallas's O line is weak on the right side so start there. Run blitz on every first down until Dallas makes a pass.

    Throw to whoever is covered by the Dallas FS over and over again. Put a big WR to stick Newman till he backs off the line.

    Run right at every rookie Dallas puts on the D-line with a full back or a TE chipping, ditto every rookie LB.

    Play for field position, make Dallas drives 80 yards long if at all possible.

    We have a young group in our D, confuse them as much as possible. Pre-snap motion and pre-planed contingency calls to keep Dallas from rotating players.

    Any team with a big RB and a decent full back should script the first 20 plays as runing plays.
  11. NorTex

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    I agree with Nors.

    Roy Williams is like having an extra linebacker. If you try to just run the ball at us, you better have two big running backs or they're gonna get chewed up and spit out!

    Short, quick passes might be effective against us, while our young linebackers are learning their coverage assignments.

    I can't wait to see how teams TRY to stop our offense. There is so much balance, its almost scary. In a good way of course.
  12. Joe a Cowboys fan

    Joe a Cowboys fan New Member

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    I guess you must have really liked it last year because it will be the same this year. A-train and yet another retread over the hill QB don't do it for me. I would worry about our lack of a play maker WR but with Drew throwing the ball I guess I can understand why Bill and Jerry didn't waste any picks on the O this year.
  13. junk

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    Well now that we actually have corners, that won't be such an issue.

    It'll be amazing to see what will happen when you add a player that isn't practice squad caliber to start. And a former Pro Bowler as your nickel.
  14. Nors

    Nors Benched

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    Our Front 7 in the 3-4 is bigger than last years 4-3. Same 4-3 past half decade that gets no pressure/sacks and creates no turnovers?

    Lets not change that!
  15. Nors

    Nors Benched

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    No argument from me on having scrub RCB and no FS (less Woodson) in the past. I was all for adding veteran CB's of Pro Bowl stature for a long time.

    Be nice to actually have a PASS rush now too.
  16. blindzebra

    blindzebra Well-Known Member

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    What you always leave out is we'd be replacing Coakley, Carson, and Wiley even if we stayed with the 4-3.

    That is Coakley's 231 for either Burnett at 239 or Ware at 251.

    That is Carson at 292 for Ferguson at 305.

    That is Wiley at 278 for Spears at 307, well actually we are switching Ellis' 271 for Spears 307 and losing a few pounds at RDE.

    It goes up even more if you replace Singleton, too.

    The facts are we have a light 3-4 at 1848 pounds, that is official weight not your weights. We weigh in at 780 in the middle.

    If we stayed 4-3 it would go from 1828 in 2004 to 1893 pounds. 825 up the middle.

    We can have the same players on the field, replacing Shanle with Glover, be bigger, younger and faster in a 4-3.
  17. Nors

    Nors Benched

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    Younger? Glover is getting old in the tooth. Ellis is now 30. We have won ZILCH in their era.

    Read todays press - Its over my man! We are 3-4 Defense base.
    Whine, complain, ***** about it.

    And back to my point - our 3-4 front 7 is bigger than last years 4-3 front 7.

    We were staying 4-3 Coakley still is here, you don't draft Canty, Spears at DE. Parcells as much said Ware can't play the whole game on an NFL Tackle at DE. Heck you stay 4-3 go get Howard. NOT HAPPENING!

  18. Seven

    Seven Messenger to the football Gods

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    1st and 10....I'd punt every time.........End it.[​IMG]
  19. Stank

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    Interesting topic! If if were me, I'd blitz, blitz and blitz on Bledsoe. But if Julius gets into the backfield, defenses are going to have to play honest.

    Still, I'd take my chances.
  20. NorTex

    NorTex Well-Known Member

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    Joe, have you been hiding under a rock?

    We haven't had the chance to see Rivera, Campbell, Glenn, JJ and Bledsoe all with the other guys that played most/all of last year.

    Early last year we moved the ball practically at will. We just didn't score as much as we should have...once the injuries happened, our offense was not nearly the same.

    What sticks in my head though, is the last game. Julius ran great. Our young receivers had a good game and our ancient QB had a great game. We scored 24 points with a very balanced attack. That was without Terry Glenn, Dan Campbell, Marco Rivera, and with an injured Quincy Morgan. Oh, and Key was out of that game in the first half.

    So, yes, I did like our offense last year. But this year it will be very, very solid. If you liked the way Julius ran last year, hold on to yourself, 'cause we're in for a ride!

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