How would you evaluate Mo's 2012 season??

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by kirkjrk, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Zordon

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    you think so? i was thinking about this a lot the last few days, comparing him and peterson. both lsu guys, both top picks in the draft. i prefer peterson's athletcism and size. he has almost 35 lbs on him and 2 inches. claiborne has to get in the weight room this offseason. he looked frail to me in training camp and he played like it to. he was a reluctant tackler all season and an average jam corner. i gave him a C+ for these reasons and the lack of playing making abilities...another reason why i prefer peterson. i think peterson in his first season had a lower floor but a higher ceiling than claiborne who was very consistent all season. i just expected more picks. it's disappointing to see two guys drafted after him (jenkins and hayward) surpass him in that category.
  2. LatinMind

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    peterson got abused his rookie yr
  3. Zordon

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    you're right he was bad, particularly underneath similar to claiborne. but you could see the athleticism was there, he was very good on deep routes. i hope clai can make the jump this offseason like peterson did. he needs to become best friends with woicik. i think what really got my expectations up was the quote from jerry that he was the highest rated cb since deion.
  4. dools

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    You are completely off base. He displayed great ball skills in college.
  5. Goldenrichards83

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    After giving this a great deal of thought, I would give him a overall grade of C. He wasn't physical against the run at all. He was pretty good in press coverage but in off coverage I think he struggled.

    Case in point the Redskins were getting big gains running his side because he didn't support the run and most times the receiver had him blocked.

    On Talking Cowboys Broaddus also brought up this point,
  6. Zordon

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    i was disappointed with his lack of physicality all season.

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    i called it at the beginning of the season and everyone berated me and told me i was crazy .
    1 season in and the truth comes out . hes a good man/zone player , not a shutdown corner and terrible tackler and soft getting off blocks .
  8. Wood

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    Considering Dallas traded up - I think he gets C+ because he did start but did not see any of the explosiveness that I saw from him in college. Sometimes rookie CB need that second year to flourish. He certainly isn't a bust and could be steady for long time. I am just don't see him clicking with Rob Ryan and he is more timid than I anticipated.
  9. wick

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    I wasn't overly impressed. I see a guy who doesn't like contact (think Jenkins) and who didn't make any game-changing plays that I can recall. Now he was just a rookie, so you have to temper the criticism, but I saw nothing to make me think he's going to be an impact player down the road.
  10. jnday

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    IIRC he was a WR in high school. His strength was playing the ball and having ball skills which leads to turnovers. He hasn't shown it, but getting the turnovers was supposed to be a big part of his game. If he doesn't have these skills, it was stupid to trade up for him.
  11. Gaede

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    Very unimpressed. Was supposed to the best defensive guy in the draft and only got one INT. He made a few plays here and there tipping balls, but not enough to justify the pick we invested.

    Have hope for the future, because he definitely wasn't bad, but we went after him specifically to make plays. Need to see that next year.

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