How would you rank these LBs in terms of Value?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Woods, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. Woods

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    Here's a list of ILBs and OLBs.

    How would you rank them in terms of pure value?

    C Barwin, OLB Cinn
    Limited experience on defense

    L English, OLB N Illinois
    Hasn't faced top competition

    C Sintim, OLB Virginia
    Mostly a rush LB. Not particularly good in coverage, for example.

    M Freeman, Ohio State
    Would likely be an ILB in a 34

    D Beckwith, ILB LSU
    Again, likely an ILB in a 34

    Paul Kruger, DE Utah
    Could quite possibly play both OLB and ILB in 34 defense.

    L Sidbury, DE Richmond
    Likely an OLB in 34

    Cody Brown, DE Conn
    Likely a rush linebacker in 34

    While quite a few prefer C Barwin, I'm not sure if he'd be my top pick even though he's very athletic. He only has around 1 year of experience playing defense at the college level.

    I'm not as keen on Sintim either. Doesn't appear to be a well rounded LB (from what I've read, at least). While he could fit in the defense quickly, I wonder if his upside is limited.

    I suppose I'd prefer either Kruger because of his versatility (can possibly play both inside and outside) and size (around 6'-5", 265 lbs), or M Freeman because I think he could play ILB fairly quickly if necessary.

    Also, I think Freeman may be more athletic than Beckwith.

    I don't know as much about L English, though most would probably rate him as the top dog.

    The other player I find intriguing is C Brown. Not sure where to rank him. I think he would do really well as a pass rush specialist in a year or two. Plus, he was extremely productive in college and against better competition than L English, for example. That said, I wish Brown was a tad bit bigger. (He's around 6-2 and 242 lbs.)

    How would you guys rate these guys in terms of best value for the Cowboys and our scheme?
  2. Bob Sacamano

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    I'd rank it:

    Barwin (yes, he's inexperienced, but he's a great rush LB)

    English (great rush LB)






    Cody Brown
  3. Woods

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    OK, I think the guys we would have a shot at 51 include

    Beckwith, and
    C Brown

    I'm guessing that Barwin, English, and Sintim are gone - only because nearly every mock has these three going late 1st round and early 2nd round.

    I could definitely live with Kruger or Freeman at 51, if we go that direction.

    I think we could trade down a few spots and still pick up either Sidbury, Beckwith, or Brown.

    Just me guessing, of course.
  4. Bob Sacamano

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    I couldn't complain with that one bit
  5. Woods

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    The hard part for me is then taking the next step,

    Kruger or Freeman OR

    a guy like Duke Robinson (who could slip), Ron Brace (you don't need to answer that!), or Sean Smith at CB/S?

    Let's assume the top WRs and OTs are gone, along with L Delmas at Safety.

    I think I would still go Kruger most likely.
  6. Bob Sacamano

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    NFLDS is pissing me off, they've had this jag-off at 50 for the longest time, now he's moved up to 47th overall on their ranking list


    anyways, I would go with Kruger 1st if he's available at 51
  7. Woods

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    Looks like we're thinking along the same lines.

    I think Kruger's versatility would be significant for Wade - esp since we don't know if Carpenter can effectively back up Brooking (not only in the nickel role), or if Ellis can keep producing, or if Spencer can take than next big step.

    Kruger could potentially fill those concerns.
  8. Bob Sacamano

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    and if Spencer can't stay healthy, he could just move to the rush LB role and Kruger could start
  9. 28 Joker

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    If the Big Tuna doesn't get Ron Brace, I bet you anything that he will look to draft Dorell Scott with his last second round pick. Shoot, he might take him at 44.

    Marcus Freeman had some knee issues at Ohio State, and I think his best value may be at 69, or you could use 69 to move up and get him if you thought he wouldn't make it to 69. Freeman and Ellerbe are the two main guys I like at ILB. 4-3 teams are going to be all over Ellerbe as a middle linebacker (Tampa 2). He will not make it to round 4, imo.

    I say this because, if Dallas is serious about Dorell Scott, they may have to take him at 51.

    Scott could play beside Ratliff in the Nickel and Dime. Plus, he could be the backup at NT. He would be in on goalline and short yardage, too. He could line up at DE some. Ratliff could play a little end as well, and that would get Scott on the field some more.

    I wouldn't take Sintim at 51, but I would consider him at 69.

    I don't know much about Kruger, but he abused Alabama's backups at LTs.
  10. BAT

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    There is no question that Freeman is more athletic than Beckwith, none.

    As good as Kruger has shown on the outside, I think he will be better at ILB, b/c of his ability to read and react so quickly. He does not have great burst or long speed (but is still very natural in coverage), but it is his excellent play recognition that sets him apart. He also has great intangibles, was the D leader for the undefeated Utah team.

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