How's life in Philadelphia?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Seven, Oct 10, 2005.

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    Friends, Romans and Dallas fans. Lend us your ears. I'd like to hear from our fans that live in the Philly area..... How's your Monday?!!! What's the word from the radio to the streets. How's life at the water cooler today? Uncle Bob talked off that ledge yet? Need an escort to get to work? Come on folks you're our fly on the wall today. Fill us in........we deserve it.
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    Wonderful!!! The talk all morning here has been about T.O. wearing a Cowboys' jersey on the way home. That's really insult to injury. The fans are really PO'd about it, think he should never have been allowed on the plane.

    Normally after an Eagles' loss there is optimism but nothing here but wailing and gnashing of teeth. People are calling it a wake up call, saying maybe this team isn't as good as we thought?

    Best of all, the Eagles have a BYE week next week, so they get to stew in this loss for two more weeks!

    I can't tell you the taunting e-mails I got from Eagles fans before the game. They're all in hiding now.
  3. Hoov

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    Life in Philly is sweet righht now for a cowboys fan. Some of the guys i watch football and talk football with are in hiding right now. I called my girl friends brother at work and had him paged over the intercom, "call for Harry from Dallas Cowboys Central Headquarters", i heard him yell, put that call on hold and all the guys he works with were laughing real hard....he never picked up.

    One of the guys i work with is a giants fan so we were both laughing over the game. I play in a fantasy football league on with 11 eagles fans and changed my team name to Cant Cover T Glen after the 1st TD, so they all had to see that everytime they looked at the live scoring page for fantasy football updates.

    I'll add more as the week goes on and i catch up with some of the guys who were talking trash before the game.
  4. scottsp

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    Listening to 610 AM outta Philly today, they are NOT happy with T.O. about that. It's a bitter pill. Also, they're not too thrilled with other members of the team, allowing that to fly. Whatever. It's hilarious to me.

    It seems the mood is one of bewilderment. They don't understand why the Eagles are sitting ten million under while allowing Simon to get out. They don't understand why they can't run the ball. Questions and more questions. Great stuff.
  5. Seven

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    Hoov....Great idea. Thanks for posting. Maybe we could sticky this?
  6. NYCowboy22

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    Can we please spank the Giants so I can feel the hate in NY. All my friends are Giants fans, It would be great to rub it in a few faces. They let me have it in the Monday night loss last year.
  7. Texas33

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  8. sonnyboy

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    It's indiscribable. Rainy and gray but feels like the sun is shinning for all us Cowboy fans.
    I watched the game with good friend and fellow cowboy fan.
    We came to the conculsion that this is our PICKLE JUICE GAME.
    Remember the misery of that game. How it signaled the assent of the Eagles and our demise. This MUST be what the Eagle fans are feeling today.

    I could go on for three or four pages about all the gloating that I'm doing with Emails and taped up office windows.

    LET ME JUST ASSURE YOU THAT I AM DOING ALL THAT IS HUMANLY POSSIBLE TO SPREAD AS MUCH MISERY AS POSSIBLE. I'm taking this open wound of a loss and rubbing acid in it. I am in no way showing any class or even the pretense of being magnanimous.
    Some on this board may not agree with this, but let me assure you... they deserve it! Anybody who does not agree with my approach certainly doesn't live in the Delaware Valley.
  9. Seven

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    Form what I hear and read they'd be doing the same thing, so RIGHT ON sonnyboy!! Release the hounds!!!!
  10. DoomsDayD

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    I am ABSOLUTELY LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!! You should be here to listen to them whining on the radio. I have to admit something to you guys that dont live around here,it is almost worth the price of air fare to fly out here and listen to these fans calling on the radio. I am thinking that they might have to erect a few nets under the main bridges here in town to catch the fans jumping off. What a glorious day. Even though it is cloudy and drizzly here the SUN IS SHINING in my HEART.
    GO BOYS!!!
  11. DBoys

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    That is classic Hoov! :bow:
  12. BigTex

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    This is the best thread..............keep us posted.
  13. Mike 1967

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    I agree with you on all counts !!!!!!!!

    And this was indeed our pickle juice game. An end of a short lived era. Now we return back to the way things should be and have been for most of history :D

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    Can I get an eagles message board link please... somebody!??! :lmao2:
  15. Seven

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    We should post a winner in this thread for the "best verbal abuse" category. Within reason of course. Hoovs was a classic so far.
  16. BigTex

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  17. Dallyjake

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    Go to for a pretty decent Eagle message board. I love hearing them cry on the radio too. You can stream 610am WIP over the internet.
  18. sonnyboy

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    There's obviously alot to be happy about for any delaware valley Cowboy fan.

    For all of the fans outside of this area, let me give you a little insight into the mentality of Eagle fans here.

    These are by far the most obnoxiuos and arrogant fans on the planet.
    What has always killed me is that it is arrogance without merrit!
    To listen to these fans you'd think this franchise has won FIVE SUBERBOWLS.
    They have the audacity to question why the COWBOYS ARE AMERICA'S TEAM, and why the Eagles are not. They can't understand or just simply can't stand all the Cowboy fans in this area. It's almost comical since as we all know they have NEVER WON ANYTHING! They suck as a franchise! That's right I said it... they suck! Lurie with his gold standard what a freaking joke!

    And today reality is crashing down on them. In thier hearts they know it's over.
    And the fact that they were humiliated and dominated by the team they hate most is beyond thier endurance.
    All I have to say is that thier sins are terrible and they should suffer.
  19. Da Hammer

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    Its been awesome listening to 610 WIP and here them cry bout yesterday and how maybe there not the class of the NFC. Loving it
  20. BulletBob

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    The beauty of waking up at 6 AM to listen in to 610 WIP was that it really hadn't sunk in yet with the talk show hosts. They were in genuine disbelief. They just couldn't come to terms with how well our boys played, and all of the discussion centered around how pitiful they played - no props to the Cowboys.

    To be fair, we probably would have reacted the same way back in the day, if we had gotten spanked by a perceived-to-be-mediocre team - the blame immediately gets placed on your own team rather than admit that they were outplayed.

    Finally, though, the chuckle-heads on the morning program did admit that both Payton and Zimmer called an excellent game, and completely outfoxed Andy Reid & Co.

    It is a great day to be a Cowboys fan in Philly Land!


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